How to move without problems

It's better to prevent problems than to look for their solution

Moving is a very demanding task. One of the most stressful experiences in your whole life. Hence, avoiding troubles is a number one thing you should secure. You are relocating your family and your belongings, and you want them to be safe. To move without problems, we suggest you get moving help. Professional movers can give you a hand with this. Their experience and handiness guarantee that you’ll prevent the most of the issues while migrating to a new place. Besides this, there are the things you can do to make sure there will be no troubles while relocating your home to a better place for life.  Read More …

The ultimate cost cutting guide for moving

Planning a budget carefully will help with cost cutting during a move.

Moving house usually means a ton of expenses. If you’ve been reading our blog so far, you’re familiar with making a budget for the relocation. However, even after a lot of careful planning, the costs are still fairly high. So, we decided to try and put together a post which will tell you how to save some money, even when relocating. Without further ado, welcome to the ultimate cost cutting guide for moving! Read More …

Moving Overseas: How to plan and pack to move abroad

Moving overseas may sound like a tempting idea. But before making this big decision, you should ask yourself: Do I have what it takes to live in a foreign country? Your moving overseas will be a rewarding experience, but it also requires big planning.

Moving abroad alone is a step which requires a lot of prior preparation. Living in a foreign country takes more than just a valid visa and a plane ticket. Visas, job-hunting, health care and other support systems need to be in place. So, you can make the move from a country you have called home to a new place.

When you are planning your move overseas, you should take the following factors into account.

Moving overseas requires big planning
Moving Overseas: How to plan and pack to move abroad

Have a Plan

I want to move abroad where do I start?

Moving overseas will require you to organize a lot of things. You have to hire a moving company, set in order all paperwork, put your personal items in storage, and pack and ship your luggage. You need to be thorough, careful, organized, and above all, patient.

But even if your finances and your job are taken care of and you chose a place that you can easily adjust to and made a perfect plan to prepare your move overseas, you will need the right mindset and attitude to pull it off.


How to move overseas with no money? It is really hard. Because  financial stability and financial planning are essential elements for your safety and success. A financial cushion is necessary to cover additional or unexpected costs. Even when you move overseas to a supposedly “cheap” country, life abroad can be more costly than you expect. In the beginning, immediately after you move overseas, you’ll probably insist on the more expensive expat lifestyle with every amenity you know from home.

Work Options – How to move abroad and get a job?

No matter what is behind your decision to move to a new country, moving abroad for a year or permanently, you should have at least some work opportunities lined up before you take off.

If you work for a company that has international positions, asking your company for an international transfer is by far the easiest way to secure a position overseas.

If you’re not in a hurry to move to another country, you might consider looking at competitors to see which companies have offices in other countries and if they’re currently hiring.

Another good source for finding overseas employment is to send your CV to a professional employment service, one that considers international candidates. Many of the larger companies have offices across the globe and are knowledgeable about work visas and contract negotiations.

One of the best ways to ensure you can live in another country is to find a job that enables you to live anywhere.

Moving Overseas: How to Get a Work Visa or Permit?

Visa requirements vary widely from country to country but a quick Google search will usually point you in the right direction.

Most work permits are issued by the respective ministry of foreign affairs. Many countries require the approval of the labor ministry and/or the local employment office. So,they make sure that there are no local people who might be better suited for the job. A good number of countries maintain a quota for each type of work permit, such as “highly skilled professional”.

A work visa is always for a specific job that a company offers an individual. Some countries require only a written job offer from a company. While others require a notarized work contract signed by both you and your prospective employer.

Moving abroad alone or with a family is a step which requires a lot of prior preparation.
Moving overseas will require you to organize a lot of things

How to Pack to Move Overseas?

If you move overseas permanently, then taking essentials and items with emotional value, is important. If you’re going to be away for six months to a year, then many of your things can be stored or left with family or friends. Make your packing uncomplicated.

Know What You’re Allowed to Move

Some countries will have restrictions on what is allowed across their border, which often applies to things like plants, flammables, etc.. Find out before you move what you’re allowed to import into your new country and what you’ll need to leave behind before you figure out how to ship your things.

How to Move Your Stuff? Moving internationally shipping

After deciding the key pieces that will moving overseas with you, check into shipping costs and shipping options.

Moving by sea is one of the most popular ways of shipping modes of transportation. When it comes to moving overseas it is most appealing for people who are price conscious and value the safety of the delivery. The goods or cargo that are transporting by sea can be packaged into boxes, cases, pallets, and barrels.

Ships can transport anything from clothing, technological gadgets and shoes to cars, raw materials such as iron or coal and even oils and chemicals.

Moving internationally shipping
Moving by sea is one of the most popular ways of shipping modes of transportation

Sea Transport includes:

  • possibility to ship large volumes at low costs
  • shipping containers can also be used for further transportation by road or rail

Road transports, which are the major modes of international transportation, can be the most flexible option for international business. It is usually quick and efficient. Just like sea cargo transportation, land shipment can transport goods of almost any size. Using trucks to transport goods via land is the most common mean of transportation. Land shipment is good for bringing the goods to the persons’ house.

Rail transport is a cost-effective and efficient way to move goods. It offers the following advantages: fast rail network throughout Europe.

Air transport for international trade

This type of shipping offers a number of valuable advantages for international moving. It is ideal for long distance, and as it is the quickest method it also saves you time for when moving over a long distance. These services can also deliver almost anything except extremely big items that may not fit in the plane. This form of transportation is usually the most expensive.

Other tips for moving overseas:

  • Learning the language of your destination country may assist your transition.
  • Get an International Driver’s License
  • Visit the doctor. It is important to get all your necessary vaccinations once your plans are finalized. Some immunizations take awhile to kick in and you want to be 100% covered when you hit the ground.
  • Find out more about culture shock
  • Moving internationally checklist
  • Think about the cost of international relocation  

Move with pets avoiding troubles

Here's how to move with pets

The most pet owners, or shall we say all of you, would decide to move with pets instead of having to give them up. The pets are like children to the owners. This ‘like’ is sometimes needless, being that some pets are treated like kids. Nevertheless, if you decide to move with pets. you must be aware that’s quite a challenging venture. Still, it would definitely be wrong to leave pets you love behind you. So, having that situation, we decided to give you a hand! We’ll talk about how to move with pets, avoiding troubles along the way. To do that, you’ll need to put a lot more effort, but this is inevitable.m Having in mind the strong relationship between owners and pets. Follow the majority of the instructions to come, and you’ll experience no unpleasantnesses.  Read More …

How to pack and move in just one week

You got fired! But you were prepared for that, so you searched for another job. And you got it! Great news! But you start in just one week, and the job is in another city. What to do when you have to pack and move in just one week? First, don’t panic. Panicking always takes you away the precious time. So be reasonable and see what options you have. Freeking out won’t bring you anything good. So approach to the preparations seriously, focused and prepared to invest a lot of energy. Don’t worry, after the moving ends, you’ll feel so good. Every hard work pays out. This will make you proud of yourself that you managed to end such a demanding job in just seven days. So, let’s begin with how to pack and move in just one week.  Read More …

Make packing uncomplicated

The whole moving process takes a lot of mental strength. It challenges your nerves like nobody ever did. You know what, looking back, I think I learned a self-control conducting the relocations! Once you get going, you’ll get to know what the hell am I talking about. In case you’re a calm person, we suggest you stay like that during the process of relocation to another home. In case you’re not, we strongly recommend you become calm. At least until you move into your new home. And, certainly, learn how to make packing uncomplicated. If you manage to do those two things, you’ll be the absolute winner of all first-time moving people. You’ll be happy in the end. We can’t help you with the self-control and stay calm. But we can help you make packing uncomplicated. So, let’s move on and find out more.  Read More …

3 tips on how to become an expert at labeling moving boxes

Labelling moving boxes- mark the items so you could unpack them easier

Relocation is a very demanding process. It brings so many tasks to your current and also to your new home. Because your job starts before and ends way after you do the actual transportation of your items. Having that in mind, you surely may conclude by yourself that the organisation is the key to success when it comes to the moving. The organization is more or less key to the success of every project. So do consider your moving as an important project. It actually is ending one and starting another life chapter. Prepare for the transition and conduct it smoothly. One of the most important things, when we’re talking about the relocation, is labeling moving boxes. You could wonder why, but if you don’t label moving boxes properly, you’d end up stressed because of the mess. Here we are to help you do that right. Read More …

How to pack furniture for the moving

How to pack furniture for the moving- Get the know-how

You found a perfect place for your new home! It’s just what you wanted. You are very excited, but now, prepare for moving there. Before you start the regular operations conducting the packing and moving, learn how to pack furniture for the moving. You have three choices:

  • Hiring packers and movers to do everything
  • Packing things yourself, and hiring a mover to do the transportation
  • Conducting the complete relocation all by yourself

Our advice is to avoid the third option. There are many reasons, and the most important reason is that you don’t have the experience required. Besides that, you probably don’t have the equipment. Furthermore, you would need to provide an insurance for the items yourself. Also, it is very dubious if you have the skills to transport your valuables alone. Therefore, we suggest you do the packing and leave the rest of relocation to the professional mover. Read More …

Garage packing tips

Garage moving- Check what is allowed to be transported

Moving to another home means relocating your tools and equipment with you. We already said that you can save your money by packing your stuff yourself, instead of leaving it to a moving company. So, if you decide to pack yourself, you will need a guide on how to efficiently pack your garage. That is why we are going to provide you with tips and tricks how to pack a different kind of garage equipment, and also what is not allowed to be moved, so you should get rid of it. Therefore, this is some kind of garage packing guide for those moving for the first time, or moving their garage with no previous experience. Reading this article prior to your garage packing and moving will help you a lot, and make the process of relocation much easier.  Read More …

Potential problems during the relocation day

If you’re not that much experienced when it comes to the moving process, we advise you to read carefully the text standing in front of you, and by that prevent some problems that might occur because you didn’t realize they could have happened. We are prepared to share with you what the experience of ten years thought us could be the problems while conducting the home relocation, or in other words when moving your home elsewhere. First of all, have the idea where you want to move, what company you would like to hire, how much money you can afford to pay for the moving services and how much time you have at your disposal. All of the aforementioned must be done before you even start thinking about how you are going to move, and when it comes to the moving day or days near it, here are some tips on what might go wrong with your home relocation, and what you should pay attention to so you could avoid it. Read More …