Costs of living in Miami – get to know them before the move

Costs of living in Miami - get to know them before the move

Miami is a vibrant city that attracts many newcomers every year. Affordable costs of living in Miami, tropical climate, cosmopolitan spirit and sunny beaches are a dream of many Americans. If you decided to move there, you should know that relocating to Florida is the best thing you can do. Miami is a great place to live in and has something for everybody. But before you start to pack your bags, you have to know which are the costs of living in Miami. And ask yourself can you afford them? Read More …

Domestic moving costs in Japan

Glowing Japanese traditional lamps hung above a street.

Japan is old and very traditional country. Having that in mind, you should know how precise and accurate they are. When it comes to doing business, they are highly professional, due to their work ethics and culture. That is no different when it comes to moving services. Here we will discuss domestic moving costs in Japan, so you can have a bigger picture of what to expect when planning to relocate to Japan. Read More …

Estimated cost of moving to the big city

estimate your big city moving cost on time

Moving to the big city is in every young person’s mind. But that’s not the only population which desires to move to a metropolis. Given that there are so many things to consider regarding the big city relocation, and primarily the budget you need for that, we decided to provide you with a few tips on the estimated cost of moving to the big city. And not only connected to the very relocation, but also to different things before and after the move. Before you choose your next residence, make sure you calculate those costs properly and check if your moving budget fits them. Never rush into any decision. Especially not into moving to a big city, because it could turn out to be a disaster. In particular, take this matter seriously when moving with a family.  Read More …

The cost of relocation to Asia

What is the actual cost of relocation to Asia?

Moving to Asia? This continent has experienced a surprising economic and demographic growth over the past few years. Asia is considered to be a real haven for people that are looking for new opportunities and a new life. Relocating to Asia will also allow you to discover different nations, their lifestyles and enjoy an extraordinary quality of life. As the world’s biggest continent, including countries of a great size such as Japan and China, Asia represents a real blend of cultures and religions. Living in Asia is more attractive than it’s ever been. Having a home there is more realistic and affordable than ever, especially if you are making your relocation to Asia with Kokusai Express. Read More …

In-house estimates – Questions to ask a mover

In which period of time do you think that relocating is more prized? During the summer or winter? Moving is already a huge assignment logistically. Besides that, planning for it can be even a bigger burden. That depends on how far your move will be and how large your home is. Use our moving cost calculator and get in-house estimates for your relocation.

Getting estimates

The price is based on all of the factors involved
The movers arrive at an initial price after the cautious examination of the house

When you narrow your choices down to two or three movers, you should call them to give you in-house estimates. Getting in-home estimates that the companies will write and sign is of high importance. This way, there won’t be any disagreement later about what the terms of your agreement have been. Get estimates from at least three different companies. That way you can also compare their services and prices.

If a mover you want to hire is refusing to give you an in-home estimate and claims he can provide an exact estimate online or over the phone without even seeing your items, just choose another mover. Moving consultants are trained to identify any issues with stairs, low hanging tree branches, or other barriers. The mover can offer a more accurate estimate through a visual search.

Be cautious when choosing a moving company

When it comes time to choosing a moving company, you’re going to have to request moving estimates from a bunch of different companies. You will have to compare their quotes and the services they offer. That way you will find the one that best suits your move. In the course of this procedure, you’ll see that the movers are giving you two options –  two different ways that they provide possible customers with estimates for their move. Those two ways are over the phone and in-person.

Choose the in-person estimate and opt for best choice

The surveyor then makes a list of all of your possessions
Let the movers to fully weigh your stuff, so they can give you a fair estimate

The best way possible, in most cases, is choosing an in-person estimate where the moving company comes to your home to gets to value your things. This will allow them to provide you with the most accurate estimate. In-home estimates are recommended in most cases unless you’re making a last-minute move and are on a tight schedule.

You should give the movers a list of things that you will be moving when they arrive at your home. Also, allow them to fully assess your belongings so that they can give you a fair and accurate estimate. You don’t want any surprises on the moving day, which can only work against you. And this will usually make the mover to raise their price.

How to get a reliable in-house moving estimates

The best possible way to obtain a positive and reliable estimate is to have the mover come to your house. Then, they must record every single thing that needs to be movedWith in-house moving estimates, the moving company sends a surveyor to your home. The surveyor then makes a list of all of your possessions. This way the moving company knows exactly what you need to move and how to do it. Then, the moving company should have a plan and tell you precisely how much your move will cost you. In that moment they will be able to give you an exact and precise estimate.

If you prefer the in-house moving estimates, you should try to make it a binding price in the moving contract taht you will get. Be wary of moving based only on a moving quote. This could be a possible moving scam of fraud. Another possibility is that the moving company charges you hidden fees at the end of the process.

How in-house estimates work?

In-house estimates usually are more organized than those that you get over the phone. Also, they are much more accurate. That’s because moving companies can’t always get the full picture of what needs to be moved over the phone. Give the mover a list of your moving needs and with a specific description. However, even then it’s hard to get a firm grasp of the full expanse of the job unless you study it in person.

In-house estimates are typically carried out in next ways:

  • A customer will call up a moving company to request a quote. The sales agent on the phone will then set up an appointment. He will tell when the movers can come out to the customer’s house. The first time they’ll come to take a look at the items that will move.
  • When the movers arrive at the client’s house for the estimate, they will do a checking of each area very meticulously. Usually, they will write down everything that is a part of the move. They will estimate the total weight of your inventory as well.
  • After they carefully examine the house, the movers will let you know the price. They will charge you according to all the elements that are involved. There are three different types of estimates: a binding, non-binding, or binding not-to-exceed estimate. These are the options that you will have to debate with the movers when the time for that comes.

Top Questions that you have to ask a mover

When the movers arrive at your home to provide you with an estimate, it’s also an excellent time to ask the movers any questions. Maybe you have some questions about the estimate or moving process. Here are the most important questions you should go over with the movers:

  1. What kind of estimate will I be receiving? A binding, a non-binding, or a binding not-to-exceed estimate?
  2. Will the estimate be provided in writing after the assessment of the move and my belongings?
  3. Are there any other fees or charges that I should know about? (e.g. extra charges for long carries, stair carries, etc).

    If you like the in-house moving estimates, then you should try to make it a binding price in your moving contract
    Ask if there will be any extra charges
  4. Do you have a US DOT number? Can you verify your license and insurance?
  5. How long has your company been operating for?
  6. How will you handle my goods during the move? What kind of safety precautions do you take to ensure that my belongings are moved safely?
  7. Do you have a claims process for any lost or damaged items?
  8. When will my belongings be delivered?

The cost of international relocation

Calculate the cost of international relocation

International moving is a big step in life. You probably took everything important into consideration before making a decision to move abroad. This is especially important when moving to another continent. The matter of very different culture and completely different life should be on your mind. But, we’re sure none of you is moving internationally without thinking it over. So, after you make such a decision, you’d probably want to know the cost of international relocation. Because, as you could assume, it is not anywhere near to cheap process. But, that’s what you figured out by yourself. Hence, you’ll get our help in the calculation. Reading this article will let you know some of the most important factors when calculating the cost of international relocation. There are big differences in cost among different moving agencies. Get well the information and save your money! You’ll need it! Read More …

How to estimate required moving budget

Relocation to Asia- how much does it cost?

The relocation hasn’t even started, and the potential headache is already there. You know that the moving could be very expensive. That’s what bothers you. But it doesn’t necessarily be that way. You just need to focus on the problem. When you do that, it’s much easier. Before you start the search for a decent and affordable moving plan, you need to estimate required moving budget. That’s the amount you think you’ll need for the relocation. So that’s why you need to calculate it precisely. Collect the information and start doing the math. It looks complicated. But actually, it isn’t that much. If you put an effort into the calculation. Besides, we’re here to help you estimate required moving budget for your migration! It never hurts to have an extra moving expert on your side while planning the relocation! Read More …

Piano moving estimate: Calculation help

Piano moving estimate is essential part of your overall moving cost

When moving somewhere, the last thing you think about is your piano, right? Well, you might want to think about that again. Every person owning a piano considers it very important in their life. So, you, as piano owner, wouldn’t want your piano damaged when you enter your new home. And that’s perfectly clear and understanding. But what you should understand is that it’s gonna cost you. Being that you should do it hiring a professional piano mover. That’s the only right way. They know how to do it with maximum security, ensuring safety for your piano. So you possibly might move all of your stuff with one mover. And choose completely another for your piano. Another important thing to you is the cost for the moving. That’s why you should calculate piano moving estimate prior to your relocation. And add that cost to overall moving estimate you get. Read More …

Components of moving companies estimates

Moving. Besides it’s complicated and causes stress, it might get expensive. So there isn’t any question whether you should or should not think about the moving cost. Actually, it’s probably the first thing that comes to one’s mind. Right after the decision to relocate somewhere. Being that it’s that important, we’ll give you here components of moving companies estimates, so you could roughly have the idea of how much will it cost to move your home. You’re the one knowing what you’re moving, and we know how to do it. So let’s put all those information together, and form an important unity to estimate your moving cost! That way you’ll be able to approximately calculate the cost for your moving, and compare it to the one you get. So you’ll know if someone is trying to rob you or to set you up giving you the too cheap estimate.  Read More …

The cost of moving to another state

The cost of moving to another state might be pretty costy, calculate it before you make your move

You’re searching for the ideal place to move to and enjoy your life. Of course, first, you’ll try to find such a place in your own city. Then in your own state. And, after that, if you fail, you’ll search elsewhere. That ‘elsewhere’ might be another state, another country, or perhaps another continent. Depending on what you like, you will choose what suits you the most. But also, depending on what you like, you need to calculate the expenses of such a venture. We’ll tarry here to the cost of moving to another state. But the things we mention here could as well apply to moving to different country/continent. The basic moves are the same, but the cost of them vary depending on the length of your migration.  Read More …