How to compare moving quotes

Moving to South Florida can be costly. From organizing to packing budget will inflate, and it will inflate fast if you are not careful. You will most likely have to deal with a moving company which will give you estimates on how much your move will cost. But how can you know which estimate is best suited for you? Well here are a couple of hints on how to compare moving quotes.

You need to be thorough if you want to intelligently compare moving quotes.

Before you compare moving quotes

Different types of moves cost different amounts of money. Knowing which one you want will save you a lot of time when comparing prices. When moving there are a lot of things to take care of.

  • Packing
  • Loading on a truck
  • Storing items if necessary
  • Driving the truck
  • Unloading items

And every one of them can be done in different ways. The difference boils down to how much of the work you want to do yourself.

Writing a moving plan
Making a plan is vital when comparing moving quotas

Before the move

Assuming that you know where you want to move, packing is the biggest problem before the move itself. You can hire a company to help you pack, but since they charge a couple hundred bucks for that, we suggest packing on your own. Giving yourself enough time to pack and inviting a couple of friends to help you will make packing an easy job. Plus, you can save a lot of money if you are smart during packing.

During the move

Will you load the truck yourself or will you need people from the company to help you? Will you hire and drive a truck or do you want a professional to do it? Can you do your move in a day, or do you need a container for your stuff? All of these things need to be figured out when figuring out how much will your move cost. If you want to save money, you might think that it’s smart to do everything yourself, but be warned. The amount of work and time required can heavily outweigh the cost of hiring professionals. And even if you are ok with that, moving on your own can cost you more than moving with a professional if you don’t know what you are doing.

After the move

Can you unload the truck by yourself? Is anything broken? If it is, do you have insurance? Some unforeseen details can cost you a lot of money, especially if you are new to moving.

General types of moves

Since you can choose different ways of doing each of the assignments on our list, there are numerous ways in which you can move. And you will probably be able to find a company to accommodate your wishes and give you a price. But if you are still not sure, here are the most custom ways of moving and how to compare their moving quotes.

Full service moving

Full service moving is the most popular way of relocating to Florida. There are big differences between local moving and moving between states. In both ways, the timing of your move can impact your price. If you are moving outside peak moving season (during summer and at the end of summer) the prices can be 30% higher than moving outside of season.

Moving between states

When moving long distances, the most common way of figuring out an estimate is by weight. There are ways in which you can figure out the weight for yourself and then compare moving quotes. Also, compare Insurance that is provided by the company. Long distance moving tends to ruin items more easily, especially if the items are stored improperly. Proper storage will keep your things safe and dry and is worth spending money on especially on long distance moving. You should look into South Florida storage units if you want to learn more. Companies will send a representative to try and calculate the weight of things that need to be moved, but there is no way in which you can be 100% accurate. And you are paying for the weight that is moved, no the weight that is estimated. So if a company under-estimates the weight, you will end up paying for the difference.

Online estimates

Companies that offer online estimates of the weight shouldn’t be trusted. They may intentionally under-estimate your items just so you would hire them. And once they take away your stuff, they will tell you the real price you will have to pay. Only this time you have no choice since your possessions have been taken, hostage. So picking the right mover is vital. Luckily you can inform yourself on how to pick the right interstate mover in Florida.

Moving truck
Moving company will either make you or break you.

Moving locally

For local moving in Florida, quotes are estimated by the number of people, size of the truck, time and materials. Moving companies will factor in that and then charge you by the hour. They usually calculate time by adding the period from company to your old home, from your old home to your new home and back to their location. Coffee and lunch breaks should be factored in as well. You will just get their hourly rate from them. It’s up to you to try and make them work as short as possible.

If they give you an estimated amount of hours, don’t fall for it. You will still be charged for the total amount of time it took them to move you. Also, the day in which you are moving can impact your moving cost. If possible, try to move during working days and calculate your move to avoid traffic jams and rush hour. Since most people like to move during the weekends, companies like to encourage weekday moving by offering lower hourly prices.

Renting a truck

Whether it’s a long or a short distance move, renting a truck can be the most cost-efficient. But you will have to do all the heavy lifting by yourself. Both literally and metaphorically. Consider inviting some friends to help you pack, load and unload all your stuff. When comparing this quote with others, remember to add fuel cost and rental truck insurance to the cost. When renting, leave room for mistakes by figuring out how long you will need the truck and adding one day extra.

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