How to escape moving scams in New York?

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Relocating home never comes in a good moment. With all the stress and tension, you will probably wish you have never decided to move home. Hiring movers will take all that burden of your shoulders, so make sure you hire one. That way, you will have a chance to really enjoy your move.

Moving to the Big Apple brings so many benefits. In one sentence – it has everything you might imagine and is the city that never sleeps, so you can enjoy whatever you like, whenever you like it. Unfortunately, it is also known for one not so popular characteristic – it has a lot of moving companies. This is why we decided to write an article with tips and hints on how to escape moving scams in New York. Read on and make sure your relocation is perfectly safe.

New York at night
Learn how to escape moving scams in New York

How to prepare for NYC moving day?

First, and the most important thing you should remember is – there’s no such thing as having too much time until your moving day. Starting early is the only thing that will guarantee you a successful relocation. When moving to such a big city as NY, you have dozens of activities to take care of before you pack your belongings. Hence, don’t leave anything for the last moment. You definitely don’t want to lack time once your moving date comes close.

To have a decent preparation for your NYC move you should:

  • Hire movers – NYC moving company you can trust will safely relocate your home and do all the hard work, so you don’t have to. Having enough time to spend it with your beloved is something you will appreciate once you move.
  • Make a moving plan and schedule – Having a list of activities with the schedule is essential, so you don’t forget something important.
  • Ask friends and family for help – There are activities you will do on your own, such as packing your belongings, de-cluttering home, cleaning your apartment/house etc. So, additional pairs of hands will come quite handy.
  • Secure job and housing before the move – NYC is an expensive city. Make sure you secure an affordable housing and a decent job before you move there. And also save some money, you will find it useful.
  • Talk to your family and help them overcome the moving stress – Especially if you have children. Relocation will be very difficult for them. Be supportive and help your youngest family members escape depression.

How to recognize moving scams in New York City?

The number of relocations in the USA grows every year. An average American moves 12 times in a lifetime. Which means that everyone relocates every several years. All this increased the popularity of starting a moving business, so there are hundreds of movers in each NYC borrow. Together with this, the number of fraudulent movers also increases. Therefore, keep your eyes wide open. Here are some red flags for a moving scam:

  • The company refuses to provide additional information about their business.
  • Their uniforms and trucks lack company name/logo.
  • The phone calls and emails are answered without the company name.
  • They require large up-front payment.
  • You are asked to sign an incomplete or blank contract.

Besides these most common signs you’re dealing with fraudulent movers, you should raise red flags whenever something seems weird. Ask for an explanation, or just simply walk away on each mover that doesn’t seem reliable enough.

Red flag
Raise red flags for moving scams whenever something suspicious appears

So, how to hire reliable movers and avoid moving scams?

  • Get recommendations for top-quality moving services in the Big Apple. You can ask your friends and family, neighbors, acquaintances etc. The more reliable the resource, the less thorough research of company’s background you will have to conduct.
  • Make sure the company you’re about to hire is reliable, quality and with a good reputation. You can check this with previous customers. So find the reviews and try to get in touch with some of them to make sure those reviews are not false (which is a common situation with moving scams in New York)
  • Compare the prices. If some company offers a low-ball estimate, be suspicious or just walk away. And when you get the quotes for your NYC move, also make sure that you get the list of services you will be provided with. Only that way you can be sure that the moving quote is truly affordable and that you will be provided with all the services you need.

Conclusion, make sure to avoid all potential moving troubles. The first thing you should do in that direction is to avoid moving scams!

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