How to compare moving quotes

Moving to South Florida can be costly. From organizing to packing budget will inflate, and it will inflate fast if you are not careful. You will most likely have to deal with a moving company which will give you estimates on how much your move will cost. But how can you know which estimate is best suited for you? Well here are a couple of hints on how to compare moving quotes. Read More …

Costs of living in Miami – get to know them before the move

Costs of living in Miami - get to know them before the move

Miami is a vibrant city that attracts many newcomers every year. Affordable costs of living in Miami, tropical climate, cosmopolitan spirit and sunny beaches are a dream of many Americans. If you decided to move there, you should know that relocating to Florida is the best thing you can do. Miami is a great place to live in and has something for everybody. But before you start to pack your bags, you have to know which are the costs of living in Miami. And ask yourself can you afford them? Read More …

How much does it cost to move from Chicago to Toronto?

cost of moving

Planning the budget for the relocation is not easy since every moving situation is unique. If you plan to move to Canada, consider hiring Tender Touch Moving & Storage Toronto. A reliable moving company can help you save money and valuable time. If you need help with packing, the moving company can help you with that, too. Before you start to pack, make sure to keep reading this article. It will help you understand the costs of moving from Chicago to Toronto. Canada might be more affordable to live in than the USA. However, a moving process has some costs that go with it. Make sure to think about your financial situation on time and try to write down all of your costs. Read More …

How to estimate the cost of coast-to-coast move?

How to estimate the cost of coast-to-coast move

Moving expenses are usually the very first thing any soon-to-be mover thinks about. If you are planning to relocate, you should create a detailed moving expenses plan in advance. Whether you are looking to hire a professional long distance mover or want to have a DIY relocation, you should start planning your budget as soon as possible. Creating a relocation budget few months ahead will let not overlook any important tasks or costs and help you relocate without any moving stress. In order to help you understand how to estimate the cost of coast-to-coast move, we created a few important guidelines to follow during the budget planning process. Read More …

Moving in the summer – important tips

So many people consider summer to be the best moving season. Others do everything they can just to avoid it. No matter which group of people you side with, moving in the summer does have its perks. Make sure to follow some of the universal tips for summer moving if you want to have a nice moving experience.

The sun, which can be your enemy when moving in the summer.
Moving in the summer can be easily done if you only know how to do it!

Perks of moving in the summer

Before you set your heart on something, you need to know all the facts. The same goes for summer moving. By knowing all of the benefits of such a move, you won`t hesitate to pack your bags in the summer heat and hit the road.

1. The weather is perfect

This one is a no-brainer. It is safe to say that given the choice, the majority of people will choose clear blue skies over blizzards and rain any day. When moving during the summer, you will avoid frostbites, freezing hands, and feet and icy walkways. Instead, you will say hello to perfectly clear, sunny days, which will keep your furniture dry instead of wet and moldy. This is one major perk when moving in the summer. Just ask anyone who has ever experienced moving during the winter.

2. The approaching beginning of the school year

Everyone knows that the new school year begins in fall. Hence, this is one major benefit of summer moving for all of you with kids. First, this is the moment when kids are on summer breaks, so they won`t have to miss any classes because of your move. Secondly, they will also have just enough time to settle into your new life in a new house, as well as a new surrounding. Just make sure to do some research beforehand and choose a good school for your kid.

A kid holding a pen and writing on the paper.
Moving during the summer is one of the best things you can do for your child`s education.

3. Garage sales season

We all know how expensive moving can be. Your brain will be working overtime trying to think of ways to cut your moving expenses. In a situation like this, every penny counts. Garage or yard sales are a great way to make a quick buck. Everyone loves a good old garage sale. And the best time to have one is during the summer. The glorious sun will make sure you have a great turnout. Oh, and one more thing. By having a garage sale you will also get rid of all of the unwanted stuff you were planning on throwing away. See? It`s a win-win situation!


Useful tips when moving in the summer

By following these simple, yet effective tips, you will greatly improve your chances of a successful move! So don`t just skim for gist. Pay attention to each of the items listed below, as they make a huge difference for summertime moves.

1. Wear something light

This is a major one, the one that can make or break the success of your summertime move. First of all, there are several clothing rules you must follow when it comes to summer moving:

  • avoid wearing black when moving in the summer.
  • wear loose-fitting, breathable clothes.
  • bring a hat or a cap, whatever will help you protect your head from the sunrays.

Secondly, don`t be fooled. Moving in the summer heat can be extremely dangerous if you are not careful. Such high temperatures can cause your body to overheat, which is something you want to avoid. Be aware of the symptoms, such as high body temperatures, dizziness, nausea and general confusion, and don`t hesitate to seek medical attention.

A woman wearing a black jacket while sitting in front of the computer.
Avoid wearing black and dark clothes by all means when moving in the summer!

2. Bring lots of water

Water is essential for life, there is no denying it. But water is particularly important for our bodies during the summer when we tend to easily get dehydrated. That is why you need to bring liters and liters of water when moving during the summer heat. Of course, the amount depends on how far away you are moving. Another thing to keep in mind is that the more athletic you are, the more water you will need to sustain you. So don`t be frugal and stock up on water. It will not go to waste!


3. Turn on the air conditioning prior to the move

Think about it like this. You have two options. One is to move into an extremely warm house and try to survive moving day on such temperatures, and another one is to move into a cooled down house, one in which you can comfortably transport all of your belongings. Everyone in their right mind would without hesitation choose the second option. And the best thing is that it is easily achievable, if only you remember to switch on the AC before the move. So make it your top priority!

4. Sunscreen is a must

We`ve almost reached the end. But before we get there, we have one more important tip for your summer move. Always wear sunscreen! We are all informed of the damage skin burns can make. While moving, you are extremely exposed to the sun, as you will be entering in and out of the house/car/moving truck. That is why you need to cover your body from head to toe in sunscreen. And when choosing the correct one for you, always look for SPF 30 or higher. Moreover, make sure to pick a sunscreen that is water resistant, and apply it at least 15 minutes before the moving time.


And with that being said we conclude our list of ultimate tips for moving in the summer. This will probably not be the easiest thing you will go through, but it definitely doesn`t have to be the hardest one. Just think about how much easier it is to prevent, or at least alleviate, difficulties in the summer than in the winter when you have to deal with ice, snow, and hailstorms. Yikes! So good luck to you, may the temperatures always be in your favor!

How to cut your moving expenses

Moving is expensive, and everyone knows that. Sometimes, it’s just too much strain on our meager budgets. Alas, we cannot just give up. This means that we have to cut our moving costs. Something unpredictable happens and there you are on a tight budget. Without further ado, let’s have a look at some steps that you can take to cut your moving expenses: Read More …

Cost-cutting tips for living on a tight budget after the move

Have you packed your boxes and said goodbye to your old home? If so, you must be excited to get on with your new life and settle in, in your new housing. But where to start? The whole moving process, especially long distance relocations,  can get very expensive. Therefore, it might be that you will need to adapt your lifestyle and get to know the ways of living on a tight budget after the move. Read More …

How to estimate required moving budget

Relocation to Asia- how much does it cost?

The relocation hasn’t even started, and the potential headache is already there. You know that the moving could be very expensive. That’s what bothers you. But it doesn’t necessarily be that way. You just need to focus on the problem. When you do that, it’s much easier. Before you start the search for a decent and affordable moving plan, you need to estimate required moving budget. That’s the amount you think you’ll need for the relocation. So that’s why you need to calculate it precisely. Collect the information and start doing the math. It looks complicated. But actually, it isn’t that much. If you put an effort into the calculation. Besides, we’re here to help you estimate required moving budget for your migration! It never hurts to have an extra moving expert on your side while planning the relocation! Read More …

Moving companies quotes and estimates

Find out the moving companies quotes and estimates

Great way to start a new chapter in your life is to relocate somewhere. Find the new surrounding that suits you the most. The new beginnings always bring something good. At least you learn that you can change your life. And that your life depends on you. Not the opposite. Fine, now that we made it clear, it’s only up to you to decide on the place to move. But it’s not just about the decision. That’s why we’re here. The moving might be very costly. So it’s very important to take care of your finances. The first thing you could do, regarding that, is to get the moving companies quotes and estimates. By doing that, you’re holding your destiny in your own hands. And never, I emphasize, NEVER, hire a professional for your move before getting moving companies quotes and estimates! Read More …