Car shipping preparation guidelines

A mechanic conducting a car shipping preparation.

When moving abroad or overseas, you need to get your car shipped. To do this you will need to work with an auto transport company. But there are certain things you need to do by yourself in order to ship your car to your new home without it getting damaged. These car shipping preparation guidelines that we have prepared for you will help you do just that. Read More …

Best packing materials in 2020

Moving can be quite a hard process. It takes up a lot of time, energy, and money, and if something goes wrong, it can take even more time, money, and energy. There are a few reasons why something goes wrong in the process of moving, and not using the proper packing materials is certainly one of the most common. Thankfully, in the twenty-first century, moving technology has improved dramatically. Nowadays there are a lot of good packing materials at a reasonable price. So, what are the best packing materials in 2020? How can you get them, and how exactly do they help you with moving? Those are the questions we are going to answer in this article, and hopefully, help you choose what is right for you. Let’s begin! Read More …

Finding a perfect neighborhood for your family in Morris County

Relocate with a family in Morris County.

Morris County is a wonderful place in New Jersey. As you have probably heard, it is an ideal county for family life. Moreover, it has to offer many wonderful things to its inhabitants. If you plan to relocate with your family in Morris County, but you still have not decided where exactly, then this text can help you. Here, you will find some of the best neighborhoods in Morris County that are great for families. Also, you will read some more information about them. In that way, you will be able to decide which neighborhood in Morris County may be perfect for you and your loved ones.

Riverdale is a nice place for family in Morris County

Riverdale is a place in New Jersey. It has several good schools, which makes it appropriate for people with small children. If you decide to move here with your entire family, you should start packing as soon as possible. But, before that, make sure that your current place is completely clean. In that way, the whole packing process will be much easier.

Riverdale is a perfect place for your family in Morris County.
If you have small children, you can relocate to Riverdale in Morris County in New Jersey for it has great schools.

Lincoln Park

The second place on our list is Lincoln Park. Just like Riverdale, this place in Morris County is also excellent for parents with small kids, for it has a couple of good schools. In case you decide that Lincoln Park will be a suitable place for your new home, you should think of all the moving services that you will need when relocating. For example, if you need storage space, you should start looking for it right now. We advise you to search the internet and see what you can find there that is good enough and appropriate for your belongings. Just remember, a good storage unit must be clean and dry.

A girl studing.
Lincoln Park is not a bad place at all for people with families for it has great educational opportunities to offer to kids.


Morristown is a place in Morris County with a humid continental climate. This means that summers there are hot while winter days are not so harsh. If you want a move to any city in the county that is simple, you should definitely hire a professional moving company. Today, you can look for your perfect moving experts on the internet. But, we advise you to be careful and make sure to read all the reviews of the companies you are considering to hire.

In addition, contact more of them and compare their prices and services. Certainly, that will help you make the final decision about which company you should hire. For example, you can check and see what they have to offer of relocation services and for what price. Maybe just this company will be the perfect choice for your move. So, you should not waste any more time. Instead, contact them right now.

Butler is a great place for family in Morris County

Butler is a place in Morris County in New Jersey that has to offer so many job opportunities to people who decide to relocate there. Importantly, this borough has Buttler public schools. All of them are very good for kids. In addition, Butler High School is also an excellent educational institution. Without any doubt, children will be able to learn so many useful and important things there. In case you want to move to Butler, you should organize and plan your relocation process in advance. So, you should make a moving checklist in order not to forget something very important to you. It can be on your mobile phone or in your notebook if you prefer that. Some of the things that people usually forget when moving to their new home are:

  1. Important documents and contracts
  2. Chargers for laptops and mobile phones
  3. Keys to a new house and garage
  4. Medication
  5. Things left in drawers
  6. Sunglasses

Chester Borough

Chester Borough is a place that is perfect for families. And especially for the ones whose members love recreation. Namely, Chester Borough has many trails for hiking and beautiful forests. These things usually attract people who love nature and its beauties. Moreover, there you can find many parks. All of them are great for various recreational activities. For example, you can take your dogs for a walk there, or simply walk with your loved ones and relax. The most famous parks of Chester Borough are definitely Black River County Park and Hacklebarney State Park. Therefore, if you decide to relocate to this place, you must visit them and spend some fun time there. We assure you, you will not regret it.

A park.
Chester Borough will be a perfect place for you and your family members if you love recreation and spending time in parks and nature.

Chatham is a good place for family in Morris County

The next place on our list is Chatham. You must know that this place is ideal for people with children. It has many excellent schools. Moreover, The School District of the Chathams has six schools. And, that is not everything. Furthermore, Chatham also has a private school and an excellent library. Its private school is called Saint Patrick School and many parents are satisfied with its teachers and their way of work. If you find Chatham perfect for your new home, we advise you to start with your moving preparations right now. For example, you can sell all the things that you no longer need on the internet. Definitely, that will lower your moving expenses for you will not have to pay for their transportation. And not only that. In addition, you will have a chance to earn some more money also. Of course, you can use it to pay your professional movers.

How to pack a storage pod

Moving containers.

Portable storages are a great way to keep your items wherever you want and/or to move them with ease. But, there is a question – how to pack a storage pod successfully and not to damage your items? There are many different uses of a storage pod and no matter what the reason for renting one is, packing is an unavoidable step.

A moving dolly to pack a storage pod.
It is easier to load and pack a storage pod with the right equipment such as moving dolly

Tips to pack a storage pod like a pro

You need to spend time packing for a move and don’t underestimate it. Many people think packing will go fast, but if you have a lot of items, you will need maybe a couple of weeks to finish everything.

Putting items into a portable container

You need to know how to fill your container properly.

  • Large PODS have 4 tiers, medium have 3 and small have 2 tiers, so work through 1 tier at a time.
  • Furniture that is large and heavy must be distributed evenly because of the balance. Disassemble furniture that can be disassembled to pack a storage pod better.
  • To stack boxes easier, use similar size boxes. Buy enough cardboard boxes because they should not be overpacked when packing for relocation.
  • Heavier items and heavier boxes should be on the bottom, while lighter boxes should be on the top.
  • Items you need to unpack and unload first, put at the front of a storage pod.

Maximizing the empty space

What to do with empty space between boxes? How to use it? Don’t rent a PODS that is too big because you will pay more. On the other hand, don’t rent too small.

  • Use soft materials such as pillow and bags with clothes to fill up space between boxes. This way, boxes won’t around the container and your items won’t be damaged.
  • Narrow items should be near the ceiling such as bikes or golf equipment to use that space between boxes and container ceiling.
  • Also, you can put framed photos between boxes or other thin boxes to fill up empty space.

A box with fragile items.
Spend more time packing fragile items because even the smallest mistake can cause big damage

Protecting your items

No matter are you moving or you need just to store your items when removing home, all the items should be protected.

  • Wrap furniture and appliances such as washing machines with an air bubble foil or moving blankets if you don’t have foil.
  • Especially pay attention when packing fragile items. All fragile items must be properly wrapped and packed, in order to keep them safe.
  • To secure boxes more, use straps and ropes around boxes. Most storage pods have hooks where you can secure ropes.
  • It is not a bad idea to add moisture absorbers to prevent mold, especially if it is rainy season.

To pack a storage pod, you will need the right equipment, supplies, and help from a couple of friends if you need to pack large and heavy items.

Tips for Saving on your Packing Supplies

Cardboard boxes on a pallet.

Moving and relocating, in general, can create more than a few expenses. The process can quickly become pricy if you are unorganized. This is where our tips for saving come in handy. Moreover, packing is one of the more important tasks of moving! However, it is beneficial and cost-saving if you are organized and prepared ahead of time. Continue reading to get our tips for saving when it comes to packing supplies and other things moving.


There are a few ways to save some money when moving. One of the biggest contributors to things becoming more expensive throughout relocation is time. The better organized you are with time, the better the chances are for saving money and staying within your budget. One of the tips for saving, outside of packing, is to start early and make sure you follow the timeline. Time is money, therefore be prepared, stay organized, and continue being efficient.

Tips for Saving on Your Packing Supplies

We always emphasize the importance of organized packing, because it truly does make a difference. The more organized and efficient your packing process is, the simpler it will be to unpack once you relocate. To maintain organization throughout this process, ensure to have all of your packing supplies prior.

Piles of coins and a jar full with coins which symbolize the success in saviing money on packing supplies.
Time is money. Therefore the better organized you are with time, the more you can save down the road.

Would you step into the kitchen and start cooking without all the ingredients? Probably not. The same idea applies to packing. Gather everything you might need or that you think might come in handy before you start the process of packing. Also, if you first write down everything you require for packing, you can have a visual of how much you will spend. It will help you plan better, and consider it another one of our tips for saving.

Packing Supplies

Before you go out and start spending on packing supplies, one of our next tips for saving includes being resourceful. Look around your home or your local stores first. For example, instead of buying new wrapping for fragile items, consider using old clothing or towels as damage precautions. This will save you money on buying a packing supply, and you will use something you already have.

A man carrying a pile of cardboard boxes and some more cardboard scattered around.
Visit local shops for free boxes!

Moreover, when it comes to boxes or containers, visit your local shops. Stores will receive a daily shipment of new produce and merchandise and most of the time, numerous boxes get thrown out. Ask if you can take and use the ones they don’t need. This way you are spending zero money on boxes for packing, and are technically recycling.


The key of all these tips for saving is to simply be resourceful and to think outside the box. You don’t necessarily need new packing supplies to have an efficient move. At the end of the day, your household items can pretty much do the trick as well. Therefore, as you plan your relocation and organize your packing, scope out your house for money-saving packing supplies.

Moving in with your kids – tips for seniors

An elderly couple walking hand in hand.

Moving in with your children can be exhausting, just like any other relocation process. We understand if you feel stressed out and worried because you are not sure what you need to do. However, there is no need to feel like that. We are here to help you with our tips for seniors. Soon you will see that moving in with your kids is not so complicated as it first may seem. If you follow these steps, you will have nothing to worry about.

Create a moving checklist

In order not to forget anything important, we strongly advise you to create a moving checklist. You should write down everything that you plan to do regarding your relocation. After you finish with something, simply cross it out. This will be extremely useful when packing. For you will know which things you have packed, and which you still have to.

A checklist on the blackboard which can be very useful to prepare for moving in with your kids
You should make a checklist in order not to forget something important when relocating.

Make sure to get rid of all the things that you do not need anymore before moving in with your kids

Before you start packing, you should first declutter your home. In that way, you will be able to see which objects you do not need any longer. You can give them to charity, simply throw them away or sell them on the internet. Each of these steps is better than spending money and space on relocating something that you do not need.

A green garbage can.
Throw away all the things that you no longer use before relocating to your kids’ house.

Find help with your relocation

Moving in with your kids can be very stressful, especially if they live far from your current place. For this reason, you should find some help. Maybe the smartest thing that you can do is to hire a professional moving company. Nowadays, everything that you need to do is search the internet in order to find professional movers. For example, you can check out, for they are very organized and responsible professionals.

See if you have some packing material at your current place

If you want to save some money on packing materials, you should check what you already have at your home. For example, you certainly have at least scissors or tape. So, you do not have to buy those things. When it comes to moving boxes, you can go to your local supermarket and ask the workers if they can give you some cardboard boxes that they no longer need. That is a great way to save some money on your moving process.

An elderly woman sitting in her garden.
Consider hiring professional help when moving to your children’s place.

Call your kids to help you pack

If you need some help when packing, you should call your kids. Surely, they will come immediately to make your relocation easier for you. For that reason, do not hesitate to call them right now. If you let them know that you need help earlier, they will have enough time to organize and come.

How to save on your Seattle move

a man in a suit holding a small white piggy-bank.

Moving budgets are very often tight. It is more common to break your moving budget than the other way around. This is why you need to be very careful during your relocation preparations. Even when you have financial freedom, you would still prefer to spend less money on your Seattle move. There are so many more fun things that you can direct your extra cash towards. However, it is good to know that there are a few things that you can do to save on your Seattle move. So, here are a few ideas that can keep a few bucks in your pockets. Read More …

Moving guide for college students

A person holding a book in front of a school board.

Going away to college is going to bring about some changes in your life. It might be your first time leaving away from your family and you will find that you have many more responsibilities. But this is a good thing. You will learn a lot about everyday life and how to handle different situations. There are many lessons to be learned, but first, you need to relocate. Read our moving guide for college students and get to know what you will need to do. Read More …

How to help your elderly parents move internationally?

Senior pair walking on the country road..

Living abroad can be an exceptional experience for many people. If you plan to help your elderly parents move internationally there is research to be done. You should consider important things such as health care, health insurance, banking, and taxes. Knowing solid facts about the place your parents are considering moving to can make their move stress-free and rewarding. Read More …