The cost of moving to another state

The cost of moving to another state might be pretty costy, calculate it before you make your move

You’re searching for the ideal place to move to and enjoy your life. Of course, first, you’ll try to find such a place in your own city. Then in your own state. And, after that, if you fail, you’ll search elsewhere. That ‘elsewhere’ might be another state, another country, or perhaps another continent. Depending on what you like, you will choose what suits you the most. But also, depending on what you like, you need to calculate the expenses of such a venture. We’ll tarry here to the cost of moving to another state. But the things we mention here could as well apply to moving to different country/continent. The basic moves are the same, but the cost of them vary depending on the length of your migration. 

The cost of moving to another state might be pretty costy, calculate it before you make your move
Calculate the cost of moving to another state before you make the first step of relocation

How to calculate the cost of moving to another state

When moving interstate, you need to calculate wisely how much money you need. Although the most activities are the same for moving to another state and for the moving withing the state, the cost varies very much. Therefore, we wrote this article for you to keep in mind what expenses you might have while moving between the states. We can’t tell you the exact amount of money you need, being that they differ too much depending on the distance. But what we can do is to tell you what costs levels you should get to know before you start the preparations for your move:

  • First find out the expenses, and then move to another state
    Do not start the migration to another state before you find out the expenses of such a move

    The cost of hiring a professional mover for your interstate move- The first, and the most important thing when moving interstate is to hire a moving company. Check on their estimates and pick the most affordable mover.

  • Moving supplies price- Regardless of the choice to pack by yourself or to hire packer&mover to do the packing part too, you’ll still need packing supplies. 
  • Accommodation and storage cost- If your future home is still not prepared when you finish your moving, you might be forced to find a place to sleep before it gets prepared. That’s why you should calculate accommodation cost in the cost of moving to another state. Also, if your home isn’t still prepared, so you can’t bring your stuff; Or you anyway don’t have enough space to keep all of your items in your new home, you’ll need a storage.

Professional mover price for your interstate migration

Before we mention the most important things about the price for the moving company, we shall say a few things. First, it’s very important to be careful when picking a home moving service to hire. There are so many moving scams and frauds. So you should choose a reliable relocating company, with significant experience and with high-quality moving services. Only a company with those characteristics is a company good enough for your long distance move. And you should consider those characteristics before you start thinking of how much the moving company price influences your interstate moving cost. 

Picking a reliable relocating company offering top quality moving services with the most affordable price is the way to cut the cost of moving to another state
Pick a reliable moving company offering high-quality service at the most affordable price- it’s the only right way to reduce the cost of moving to another state for this matter

Now, second, after you chose the right moving company for your interstate move, let’s talk about their cost. The most of moving companies charges per hour for a short distance move. And charges per weight for long distance move. Therefore, being that your migration, as an interstate relocation, is probably a long distance, you’ll be charged per kg. Here’s a tip- Throw away, donate or sell everything you don’t need from your previous home. That way you’ll save money, or you could earn it by selling still usable items you don’t need anymore. Also, another tip is to pack by yourself. It’s not too difficult, but it also saves your money for this matter. And saving money makes the cost of moving to another state less burdensome.

Moving supplies costing also might make an impact on the cost of moving to another state

No matter if you choose to pack by yourself, or decide to let the professional movers do it- you’ll still need packing and moving supplies. You need to put your items somewhere. Now, there are companies that include those items in the price for packing, but you pay their packing service. And there are also those not charging you for the packing, but they do charge you for the supplies, which certainly cost more than you would pay if you bought them by yourself. So here’s the tip from the previous paragraph again- do the packing part by yourself and cut down the expense of moving interstate.

Learn how to pack every item, prepare well, and you’ll save money. And also be sure where is everything you packed. Just pay attention when collecting packing supplies. There is a significant variety of prices. What we suggest is to collect previously used, but still usable packing and moving items. That way you could get them for free (if you, i.e. ask the owner of the store in your neighbourhood to save the boxes for you), or you could pay a fraction of the real price for them (by going to some storage or to some, or yours, moving company and ask for the packing supplies package). Either way, you’ll save money, and you’ll keep the good organisation of your items! The tip here is to label the boxes, so you and your home relocating company worker’s  could know what’s in the boxes, to prevent the damage. 

Accommodation and storage expense should be considered seriously when it comes to interstate moving cost

You made a deal with your landlord (or home seller) to prepare your home for the date you set. You organised the moving day on that date. But, something came up and you’re unable to enter your new home. So you’re forced to find some place to stay until your home’s ready. Explore how much it might cost before you start your moving, and calculate that in the interstate relocating cost. If you don’t need it, good, you’ll have some money saved. But if the need arises, you’ll have the money for that. The tip here is to put the annexe to the contract with a landlord or a seller. If the home’s not ready on the date you set, and both agree, then he/she should pay the penalty. And the penalty should rise with the number of days you’re forced to spend in a privately arranged accommodation.

The other expense for interstate relocation is the storage price. You’ll need to put your stuff somewhere until your home’s ready. The professionals for your move won’t accept to take care of it until then. So include the price for the average cost of the storage for a week or two. Just in case you might need it. Also, you should add that potential cost to the penalty the landlord or seller should pay if it’s his/her fault that you’re unable to enter your home. Calculate the cost of moving to another state carefully, so you don’t stay short of money in a crucial moment!

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