How to declutter before moving to a smaller home

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Undoubtedly, moving is a serious endeavor. It causes stress, anxiety, and uneasiness due to a vast number of errands to be completed before the moving day comes. When you move to a smaller home, the level of stress increases even more. What should you do with all those items you cannot find a place for in the new home? We can help you go through this change more easily. Here are some tips on how to declutter before moving to a smaller home. 

If you can’t do it by yourself, find help

The most important question you need to answer before the moving process begins is which moving company to hire. Professional assistance is of utmost importance for a smooth move. The best you can do when it comes to this aspect of your move is to check out Master Moving Guide! There you can find various professional movers who are both decent and reliable. Also, you will find the option that suits your budget in no time. Once you make your final choice, get down to detailed organization and planning.

Moving plan and organization includes decluttering before moving

The plan should contain a moving strategy and some other things:

  • Creating a checklist
  • Finding a moving company
  • Making an inventory list
  • Decluttering
  • Sorting your items by the criteria you choose (type, room, size, etc.) to prepare them for packing
  • Creating a packing order
  • Label all the packed boxes and bins
  • Organizing a garage or yard sale, which is a convenient way to get some more cash for the relocation
  • Donate the items you don’t want to sell – you might make someone really happy
  • Prepare everything for the movers
a checklist
Creating a checklist is the first step when organizing a move.

Create a checklist

Make a checklist to make sure you’ve done everything you thought and planned. The checklist is very useful not to forget anything because you can always tick what you have done and see what else you have to do. Thus, it is vital when you want to organize for the move.

Find a moving company

We have already mentioned that having professionals by your side when moving is a great advantage. Consequently, the vast majority of people decide to hire a moving company. Although a DIY option seems to be much cheaper, it can cost you much more if you make a mistake and damage some of your items. Moreover, you still need some help, but can your friends, family or neighbors assist? Think about all the options seriously before making a definite decision.

a finger pointing to a five-star customer experience
Having professionals by your side when moving is a great advantage.

Prepare everything for packing and declutter before moving

Certainly, it’s your job to sort and prepare things for packing. Once you complete this errand, you can continue by putting things into boxes. Another option is to simply hire professionals for this as well. Their experience and knowledge make them qualified to perform the packing of your items flawlessly. However, do not forget about the inventory list. The list will help you to check whether all the things you need are packed and ready to move. Also, you will easily check whether all your items have arrived at the new home address later on.

Sell, donate or throw away unnecessary things

When talking about unnecessary things or things that you will discard, think about organizing garden sales or garage sales. The moment has come when it’s time to get rid of used furniture, and other things you will not be able to use so, do it because you are moving to a smaller home. There is no place for all of them. Moving companies charge their services according to the weight of your items and the distance of your new home. Thus, do not take anything you do not need in your new residence. You will pay much more for the move. In addition, you will have to face a serious problem of not having enough space for your items when the move is over.

Yard sale or garage sale will help you to declutter before moving

If you have the opportunity, organize a yard sale, or a garage sale. You can benefit from doing this in two different ways. Firstly, you will get rid of the unnecessary items and hence reduce your moving costs. Secondly, you will earn some cash, which is highly needed when moving.

various items for a garage sale which is a perfect solution when you want to declutter before moving
A garage sale is a perfect solution to declutter before moving.

You can donate

Donate things you will not use anymore. There are a lot of local humanitarian organizations that will be grateful for your donation and your heart will be fulfilled with pleasure and joy. Why not making someone happy when you are in the position to do so?

Of course, you can throw the items away

In any case, you can always throw away everything you don’t need. If some of your belongings are too old, too worn out and cannot be used anymore, there is no reason to keep them. Throw them away and declutter before moving.

Stick to the plan

Moving is a hard job. The key to performing it successfully lies in proper planning, good organization and having professional assistance. Whatever type of relocation you need to go through, it is essential to declutter before moving. unnecessary items can increase your moving costs and make the whole process considerably more complicated and difficult to arrange. Bear in mind that each relocation is a new beginning. Use your chance to improve the quality of your life and your living space as well.

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