Easy way to speed up your winter relocation

A cozy winter home, representing an easy way to speed up your winter relocation.

Relocating during the winter is a good way to catch a cold. With so many tasks to be completed, you will probably go in and outside of your house a thousand times. It is only natural that you wish to speed up your winter relocation and wrap up everything quickly. For that reason, check out these handy tips!

Easy way to speed up your winter relocation

Reducing the risk of a disastrous relocation is easy if you hire reliable movers. I know that relocation specialists cost money, but they are worth every cent if they can help move your family quickly and without issues. Still, even when you are in good hands, there are ways to speed up your winter relocation. That especially counts if you are moving long distance.

1. Planning a long-distance relocation

Having a plan in your life is important, no matter what you do. Just because you decided to hire movers does not mean you should just sit back and relax. If you wish to have control over the relocation, you must plan your long-distance move as if there are no movers. You never know what might happen. Furthermore, it does not hurt if you overprepare.

2. Check the details of the schedule

Another way to speed up your winter relocation is to always know how things are going according to the schedule. Since we already agreed that a lot of things can go wrong, you must keep yourself informed. Be in touch with your movers, and keep checking all the details. That way, if something is not going according to the schedule, you will immediately know.  That will give you time to prepare, or find an alternative solution.

A clock, symbolizing delays.
It is important to always check your schedule with movers, avoid delays at all costs.

3. Prepare your items for relocation

While the movers can pack your belongings, you will help them in the process if you sort out everything before they arrive. There is a number of things you can do that will greatly speed up your packing process:

  • prepare designated place for packing
  • take all wall-attached items from the wall
  • sort out your belongings for easier packing
  • separate everything that should not be packed to a different room
  • clean and defrost the refrigerator
  • empty all the cabinets
  • cover your floors to protect them

Avoid doing these things when the movers come. You will simply be in their way. Consequently, that will create delays in the relocation.

4. Always know how the weather will be

It is of utmost importance to keep checking the weather as the relocation day comes closer. Even though winter is better for moving since the movers cost less, it is also known to cause traffic jams. Furthermore, during the winter, the weather can change in a heartbeat. It is the most unpredictable part of every relocation, and it can cause major delays.

5. Check the snowplow schedule

Snowstorms can cause blockage on the roads. That’s when you need snowplows to come and save the day. It is important to know when will they be coming to clear the path in front of your home. If the movers come, they need space to load the items to the truck.

6. Clear your sidewalk and driveway

While a snowplow will clear the street, you are responsible for your sidewalk and driveway. The best way to help your movers and speed up your winter relocation is to make sure the pathway to your home is cleared out. Not only this will reduce the time, but you are also removing the risk that someone slips and falls down if the path is icy.

A shovel in a snow, next to a dog.
Clear the snow in front of your house, and remember to move the pets somewhere where they won’t be in the way.

7. Turn off the heat

Before you leave the place, you should turn off the heat in the house. The best way to do this, and not forget one valve, is to make a list of all heating devices you have. That way, you can do it one by one, until everything is off. Do not leave this for the last moment.

8. Heat one room

Since it is winter, if you turn all the heat off, it will be cold in your home. For that reason, you should always heat up one room, usually the bathroom because it is small. That way you can jump in for a couple of minutes to warm yourself up between the tasks. Do not allow the cold to crawl inside your bones, you might get sick.

9. Take care of the pets

If you have pets, the smartest thing you can do is to make sure they are not in the way. Since people will be coming in and out all day, find a good spot for them. Furthermore, you must take into consideration that the place will be cold since you turned the heat off. If you don’t want to keep your pet in the bathroom, my suggestion is to look for a heated kennel where you could put your pet for a couple of hours.

10. Take care of your antiques and items you will not relocate

I mentioned before that you should separate all the items you don’t wish to pack. That is a good way to speed up your winter relocation. If you keep your household items in a safe storage unit until you are ready to take them, they will be well protected. And, you will avoid unpacking the boxes if something that should not have been packed is inside.

11. Prepare towels and sheets

Towels, sheets, and blankets are for the case if it starts snowing while you are loading boxes or furniture to the truck. Water might damage the wooden surface, or damp the boxes. You are risking a lot if you allow this to happen. If the boxes are damaged, that could ruin all of your belongings inside.

A cup of tea on a wooden table.
There is nothing like a cup of tea in the winter, and your movers will appreciate it.

12. Prepare tea or hot chocolate

While you are doing everything you can to speed up your winter relocation, it is important to keep yourself and the movers warm. Hot tea or hot chocolate is something that everyone will appreciate. Since your movers are doing the heavy lifting, it will mean a lot if they can stay warm. That will keep them energized and on their toes!

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