Everything you need to know about moving to the Wyoming countryside

Horses free in the wild, which will be a common sight if you moving to the Wyoming countryside.

Nowadays our lives are very fast-paced. It seems that year after year, things are only getting worse. Especially, for those that live in cities. Therefore, it is not a big surprise that many are trying to step away from city living, which makes moving to the countryside the perfect place to transition to. In the US there are many states that are known for countryside living, but not many are as popular and beautiful as Wyoming. But, before you get set on moving to the Wyoming countryside, here are a few things that you need to know.

Factors that embody moving to the Wyoming countryside

The Equality State has one of the most beautiful countrysides in the world. Still, before you pack your life away and move to it, you should know some main factors about it.

Winters are extremely chilly

If you have a winter soul and you love snow and whiteness, this just might be the perfect place for you to relocate to. Though, if you are the opposite, you should certainly reconsider moving to the Wyoming countryside. During the month of December, the average temperature is around 17 degrees. Snow falls are heavy, and they can last for a long time. It is perfect for enjoying a hot cup of cocoa in front of a fireplace. Since this time of year supports intense weather, we would advise against moving during the wintertime.

Yellowstone National Park Lake surrounded by mountains and trees covered in snow.
Wyoming winters are especially cold, but also especially gorgeous in Yellowstone National Park.

Be prepared to Giddy Up

The western way of living is alive and well in Wyoming. People often wear cowboy boots and hats and they embody that lifestyle. If you are moving to the Wyoming countryside from the big city, this might be unusual at first. Still with some time you will realize that it can be fun and easy to embrace. In some way you might associate this move with a Texas relocation. Texas is also known as a state that greatly appreciates pickup trucks, rodeos, and everything else western related.

Two pairs of brown leather cowboy boots placed on a wooden deck.
If you move to Wyoming get ready to buy your first pair of cowboy boots. With them you will feet right in.

Small towns and lots of space

Wyoming has a very low population density. Small towns are scattered over the state and there is usually a lot of distance in between them. You can always relocate to your desired town and expect to have a tone more privacy than you did when you lived in the city. There might be only one little downside to this situation. Since there is a distance present, people might be less likely to bond. Your next-door neighbor might not be a few feet away from you. Still, there is a strong sense of community and people are very polite and welcoming.


For those that are fans of colder climates and lots of space with beautiful scenery, moving to the Wyoming countryside is an excellent option. A sense of community is present, and people look out for one another. Surely, there are many benefits when living in Wyoming, but these are without a doubt the most important once.

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