How fast can you move in Kuwait?

A Kuwait flag.

With Kuwait becoming an attractive ex-pat destination there is a lot of interest in that country. With its developing economy and great weather, many decide to find their luck in Kuwait. The country has a lot to offer and it has become quite a magnet for those looking to move in. With its popularity, a lot of people are in search of Information about Kuwait. There is a lot of interest in the weather, entertainment, economy, and visas. But also, people are interested in the moving process, companies, organization and how fast can you move in Kuwait. So, let’s try to answer some of those questions and provide some fresh info.

Why Kuwait?

Kuwait has succeeded in distinguishing itself as an attractive destination predominantly due to its booming economy. Based on the oil reserves, Kuwait is building a strong oil industry that is generating jobs and creating great career opportunities. This is the main factor why so many ex-pats are moving to Kuwait and also moving their businesses there.

Fireworks in Kuwait at night
Kuwait is a booming economy with a lot to offer to ex-pats from all over the world

At the same time, the country offers a high standard and quality of living. High-income jobs that are available and the absence of taxes is drawing in a lot of ex-pats. Kuwait also has some great points that are attracting people:

  • Climate
  • Cheap gas
  • Culture and tradition
  • Healthcare

Climate in Kuwait

As Kuwait is surrounded by desert it has a very warm and dry climate. The temperatures can get up to 50 C in the shade. But its not always warm. During the winter period, the temperature can drop to 0 so you must be prepared. The temperature variations are bearable with air-conditioned housing that is readily available

Gas prices

The gas is very cheap as Kuwait is one of the major oil-producing countries. That part of your living expenses there will be low even when you drive as your primary mode of transport.

Culture and tradition

Kuwait is an Islamic country and life is predominantly ruled by Islamic tradition and culture. Alcohol is banned in the country and you will have to get used to unfamiliar Islamic traditions. However, the country is slowly changing due to the influence of ex-pats arriving there. The country offers international programs, newspapers, and products from different countries and manufacturers. Those moving in with children have the opportunity of going to international schools.


The healthcare system in Kuwait is up to US and European standards and it is available at low cost. All citizens and ex-pats have access to free or very low cost and quality health care which is attractive to those moving in with families.

Moving to Kuwait

Any ex-pats moving to Kuwait must have a visa or an entry permit. Expats can’t work on a visitor’s visa so they have to acquire a work permit and residency visa. The process of acquiring these documents is through sponsorship. The company that the ex-pat will work for is obliged to acquire a work permit and is responsible for the worker. After arrival, you must apply and get a residency visa which is issued only if you get a job offer. At the same time, families moving to Kuwait must acquire dependent visas for family members. The process does not last longer than 3 weeks so moving in Kuwait can be fast. However, your move will take additional activities and how fast you can move in Kuwait depends on you. Before calling in for professional assistance be sure to make your own moving preparation.

A clock on the road symbolizing how fast you can move in Kuwait.
How fast you move in Kuwait depends on you as well.

Make a plan

Make a moving plan, schedule, and checklist will help you organize your move efficiently. It will also help you keep track of all the moving activities you have to take care of. This is a good starting point for inventorying and preparing your belongings for the move. It is important to prepare your belongings and get adequate packing supplies. You can do the packing yourself or get a professional packing service to pack and organize your items for the move.

Find accommodation

Finding accommodation when you move in Kuwait may be a difficult task that will require you to find help. You will need to get informed about both the rental and sales markets. Their prices of homes may vary depending on the economy, luxury, location, and size. The best solution is to find and hire a consultant -a local real estate agent. You can also consider consulting colleagues, local newspapers, and real estate listings, or even visit rental properties and acquire directly. Finding professional assistance may speed up the process and eventually can determine how fast you can move in Kuwait.

Organize your movers

Long-distance relocation to Kuwait requires good preparation and organization. You must be sure to avoid moving scams for such a complicated endeavor. Do some research and only consider hiring professionals who can deal with your relocation to Kuwait. Make sure that the movers are reputable and reliable. This is the only way to be sure that your belongings will be in good hands and safe. Check reviews for the movers online and compare them. Also, try to get moving estimates and compare their prices. Once you are satisfied hire professionals to help you.

Once you have decided on the moving company make sure that you communicate with them. Good communication will ensure that the move goes as smoothly as possible. Give your movers a precise list of your belongings that have to be moved. In this way, they will be fully aware of the preparation and packing work they will have to perform. This will help them prepare the items in the best way possible to ensure the safety and protection of your belongings. It is especially important for packing and transporting furniture. This is a sure way to make your long-distance move to Kuwait less stressful and relaxed.

Conference room looking out to the business district
Kuwait can offer great job and career opportunities

So, how fast you can move to Kuwait depends on a list of factors. Objectively it is not hard or too complicated. The key factor is you and your organization. Make sure you do your research and prepare well. Also consider finding all of the professional help you can. In this way, you will be able to move fast and efficiently. A smooth move to Kuwait will be a good starting point for your new life in Kuwait.

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