Garage packing tips

Garage moving- Check what is allowed to be transported

Moving to another home means relocating your tools and equipment with you. We already said that you can save your money by packing your stuff yourself, instead of leaving it to a moving company. So, if you decide to pack yourself, you will need a guide on how to efficiently pack your garage. That is why we are going to provide you with tips and tricks how to pack a different kind of garage equipment, and also what is not allowed to be moved, so you should get rid of it. Therefore, this is some kind of garage packing guide for those moving for the first time, or moving their garage with no previous experience. Reading this article prior to your garage packing and moving will help you a lot, and make the process of relocation much easier. 

Tips on how to pack your garage or/and a storage


Garage moving- Check what is allowed to be transported
When conducting garage packing, make sure you are well-informed what you may transport

First and the most important thing when it comes to any job is- organization. So we divided the process of packing into stages. That way, you will be able to check how you are doing at any moment, knowing what’s left to be done. The stages of garage packing are: 


  • Decide what’s not worth moving
  • Sort your tools and equipment by size
  • Divide the items you are not allowed to transport and the items you may ship
  • Collect the supplies for packing
  • Do the packing and moving

Not every single tool from your garage is worth moving

Let’s just say that for some share of your equipment and tools the shipping would cost much more than purchasing a new item at your new home place. That is why we advise you to start separating things that are not worth moving to a new place. Unless you are sentimentally connected to some tool item, the most of it is not worth relocating. So when you decide what’s not coming with you, there is another matter. What to do with it. There are two possibilities. Sell it or present it. The most important thing is to decide and act fast, being that this is only the first part of packing and moving your garage. In case you want to find out what tools you might equip your garage when you move it, get recommendations here.

We will give you some short tips what you don’t need to move from your old garage:

  • garbage can
  • Low-quality garage furniture
  • old sheets, towels, and rags
  • baskets
  • cheap tools
Sort your items by size befor garage packing
Sort your garage items by size, prior to packing and moving them

Sort the garage items moving with you by size

After you decided what’s not moving with you and put it out, you need to get packed. The first thing is- put together the items of the same or similar size. If you don’t do this, you will be losing too much time when actually packing garage items. Because it makes a much easier job to pack together the items of similar size. It is also more efficient and less expensive, being that you will be buying much less i.e. packing boxes. 


Separate the items you may not move with your garage from the ones you are allowed

There are different sorts of stuff you are not allowed to transport. They may not be shipped either. Therefore you need the information what are those substances. We will mention some of them: pesticides, fertilizers, oil and gas. For example, if you are moving your vehicle, you may have only 1/4 or less of the tank filled. If you are moving your boat, you need to transport it completely without the fuel. These are the most common items and occasions that people use regularly. The need for other things might arise from case to case, so we recommend you to check what you can’t transport or ship. You should especially contact a moving company that conducts your relocation if you may bring any of these, and if you may, what way to transport them:

  • riding mower
  • gas leaf blower
  • snow blower
  • motor scooter
  • moped
  • trampoline
  • the above-ground swimming pool
  • hot tub
  • satellite dish
  • storage shed
  • swing set
  • jungle gym
  • dog house or kennel

Do that before the moving. Actually, do that before the packing. After you got the information, you may prepare to move your garage and take the steps we recommend. And we recommend that after you found out what you can’t bring, to separate those things from the ones you can. After that, see what you can do with them. Try selling or giving it away, you are not able to use it anymore anyway. 

Get the supplies for garage packing

Garage packing- Storage packing is demanding, get the tools needed!
Packing your storage is a challenging job, prepare the tools!

After you separated your items, sorted them by size and decided what to do with the items you are not moving, you may start the packing. Before you actually start, collect the packing supplies. You need to be equipped to do the packing and moving. Here is the list of the things you might or certainly will need:

  • Boxes of different size- When finished the sorting, measure the size of the groups of items and check what sizes of the packing boxes you need
  • Wrapping material- There are fragile items made of glass or china, don’t let them break when moving your garage or storage. Use bubble-wrap, it is one of the certain ways to be sure the things won’t break
  • Tape- There are various sizes of the packing tapes. We advise you to pick the thickest and widest one. That way you’ll be sure the things stay where you put them.
  • Various sorts of paper- Thicker or thinner, depends on what you are wrapping
  • Blankets- You have different items with sharp edges in a garage or storage you are moving. Secure them, so you or anyone else wouldn’t get injured.

Conducting your garage packing and moving

After you prepared everything you need – there are two possibilities when it comes to packing and moving your garage. You may hire a good and reliable professional mover, or you can do it yourself. It depends on how much money you have, how big the job is, and how far away you are moving. Whatever might be the case, we advise you to at least pack yourself. It may be challenging to transport various things and you should probably let the relocating company do that. But you are completely able to pack your garage. Why wouldn’t you do that and save some money?

After you moved your garage, here’s the idea how to organize it: 

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