Things to know before moving into an antique house

Stairs in an antique house.

Is it time to move to a different house and you have chosen an antique house? Moving into an antique house has advantages and disadvantages and there are some things you should know before making the final step. If you are considering buying an older home, be well informed and know what to expect.

What are the pros and cons of moving to a historic house?

The pros

  • Antique homes are charming and they have characher. You may have a unique fireplace and antique door.
  • They are packed with history, every room has its story, so try to learn more about the house where you will live. Keep the history alive.
  • These houses come in a wide range of stunning architectural unique styles that do not exiting in the modern era.
  • You may get financial benefits when buying a historic house in the USA.
  • If you are moving to furnished old home, you will get a chance to have an antique furniture. If you do not like it, store antique furniture, but you should keep some of the old charm.
Inside of an antique house.
Moving to an older house can bring you a lot of advantages, but you need to be prepared

The cons

  • Antique houses require a lot of work and renovation because they are old.
  • Designated historic districts come with strict rules, so you cannot make all the changes you want to do.
  • The insurance is more expensive than the insurance for a new house.
  • Be ready for some unwanted surprises like asbestos, mold or termites, but not all older homes have this problem.

What to know before moving into an antique house?

It is not only about handling antique furniture and how to decorate a house, it is much more than that. Here are some facts to know to be prepared.

Renovating after moving into an antique house
Be ready to do some renovations after moving to an antique house
  • Get two inspections before you sign any contract for buying an old house. It will cost you more to get 2 inspection, but trust us, it is worth it. Spending $600 more, can save you a lot more money, thousands of dollars. They will check walls, roof, plumbing, electrical instalations, etc.
  • Before moving into an antique house, ask for how long the house was empty. If it was empty for a longer period of time, find out what is the reasons. There must be one.
  • Bats are an endangered species, so you can’t kill them, check the attic. You can only send them out, but not when you want. There is a couple of time a year when you can do it. Having bats in a house is a big problem.
  • Some homes have problem with mold and mold remediation can be very expensive, but it is not a big problem to remove it.
  • Invest money on insulation because if you live in old and big house, you want all the cool/hot air to be inside of the house, not to waste it.

Before you purchase an antique house in the USA, you should know what to expect, so do your homework and prepare on time for moving into an antique house.

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