Local’s guide to the Upper East Side

You cannot say that you have truly experienced New York City without visiting the Upper East Side. The Big Apple is made up of many exciting and impressive neighborhoods. Yet, none represents NYC like the Upper East Side. It is a classic representation of luxury, elegance, and excitement. However, just like the city, the neighborhood has a lot to offer, and choosing what to see and do and what to skip can be very difficult. That is why we are here, to provide a guide to the Upper East Side from a perspective of a local. Let’s be honest, no one does it better in New York than the New Yorkers do. So, let’s get started.

Guide to the Upper East Side

The UES is surely one of the most popular neighborhoods in the world. No wonder! It is featured in countless shows, movies, books, etc. It is always presented as the cream de la creme of the Empire State. Of course, in some instances, there are negative connotations linked to it. In the end, whatever the case may be, this neighborhood is always the talk of the town. No wonder moving to the big city sounds so appealing after seeing it on TV or even better in person. If you are among the lucky ones who get to experience NY first hand, make sure you follow our guide to the Upper East Side and see what the fuss is about. It is safe to say, that most likely you will not be disappointed.

A man wearing a mask across his face, crossing the street on the Upper East Side with beautiful autumn colors all around him.
In case you are on your way to NYC, consider yourself extremely fortunate. The neighborhood is gorgeous during fall time when autumn tones start to mix and match in down the streets and in Central Park.

The best museums NYC has to offer

This neighborhood is no New York suburbs. It is alive and moving 24/7. There are interesting places to see and to visit all day long. Yet, while we are talking about daytime activities we must direct you to many excellent museums. We will do a rundown on all of them. One thing is for certain, you will be amazed that that many impressive cultural institutions can be located in one part of the Big Apples. You might not have time to visit them all, but you can choose those that are most connected to your personal interests. These are your options:

  • The Met
  • Met Breuer
  • The Guggenheim
  • Cooper Hewitt
  • The Frick
  • Neue Galerie
  • Asia Society Museum
  • Jewish Museum of New York
  • Museum of the City of New York
  • El Museo del Barrio
The inside and view of all different floors in the Guggenheim Museum.
For only $25 or less, give yourself the chance to experience one of the coolest and most unique looking museums of all time – the Guggenheim.

Shop until you drop

Every guide to the Upper East Side presented by a local will tell you that you are in for a treat when it comes to shopping. Especially, if your credit card doesn’t have a limit. With Bloomingdale’s just around the corner how can you resist treating yourself with a brand new purse or buying countless presence for your loved ones. Once you are done with Bloomingdale’s head on over to Madison Avenue. The street is filled with designed boutiques and stores that have all the latest trends covered. With all this at their disposal no wonder New Yorkers always need extra space in their closets. It makes perfect sense why there are so many storage solutions in NYC. At the end of the day, if the money is flowing, shopping on the Upper East Side is pretty irresistible.

No wonder New York City is considered one of the fashion capitals in the world. the Upper East Side is a great contributor to this cause. Amazing stores can be located all over the neighborhood.

Real Estate and moving to the Upper East Side

Not every guide to the Upper East Side will mention one very important downside. Living in this upscale neighborhood carries a very hefty price tag. Housing is especially expensive. Nevertheless, NY moving company websites such as capitalcitymovers.us, are still flooded with requests for moves to the Upper East Side.

Carve up some time just for nature

You will not have the complete Upper East Side experience if you skip the parks. Of course, there is the infamous Central Park. There are no words to describe how impressive the park is. It is the perfect place for an afternoon rewind. The scenery is excellent for taking pictures and making memories. There is also the Carl Schurz Park. It might not be as known as Central Park, but it is equally impressive and enjoyable. Therefore, make sure you dedicate some of your time on your itinerary for a little bonding with nature in the big city.

Find local assitance when moving to the Upper East Side

Once you visit the UES you just might want to make it your permanent hangout spot. For many, living in such a stunning location can surely seem like a dream come true. When you decide you are ready to make the move any minute now make sure you have some help by your side while you are at it. For any help you may need, engage local moving companies. Professional movers will ensure that you have a quick and hiccup-free relocation. Plus, some companies offer excellent storage solutions next to moving services.

Take the time to soak it all in

Every guide to the Upper East Side will imply where you should go and what should you do. Still, many will fail to mention that time flies. Your Upper East Side extravaganza will be over in a New York minute. Enjoy this one-of-a-kind experience with your entire being. We shared with you our absolute favorites, but there is more where that came from. So, get ready for a truly memorable time and enjoy yourself to the fullest. Make your Upper East Side experience one for the ages.

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