Make packing uncomplicated

The whole moving process takes a lot of mental strength. It challenges your nerves like nobody ever did. You know what, looking back, I think I learned a self-control conducting the relocations! Once you get going, you’ll get to know what the hell am I talking about. In case you’re a calm person, we suggest you stay like that during the process of relocation to another home. In case you’re not, we strongly recommend you become calm. At least until you move into your new home. And, certainly, learn how to make packing uncomplicated. If you manage to do those two things, you’ll be the absolute winner of all first-time moving people. You’ll be happy in the end. We can’t help you with the self-control and stay calm. But we can help you make packing uncomplicated. So, let’s move on and find out more. 

Useful tips on how to make packing uncomplicated

To make packing uncomplicated, you must know how to do it
Take care of everything to make packing uncomplicated

Before you call the candidates for moving professionals to find out the moving estimates, there’s something else you need to do. In case you want to save money, and plan on packing by yourself, learn how to do that. And learn how to do that stress-free. Reducing the stress during the moving process is crucial. If you manage to do that, the chances to get everything properly done rise significantly! So here are some recommendations to conduct the packing easily, but keeping the safety for your stuff:

  • Reduce the furniture to pack for your move- You don’t need everything you own, make packing uncomplicated.
  • Pre-packing should be done first- Everything you don’t need at the moment you should pack immediately.
  • Prepare the ‘first to use’ items- Pack the essentials in one place, and have in mind where you put it. 
  • Pay attention to the fragile items- Keep them safe from breaking.
  • Memorize how everything looked like before disconnecting and disassembling- You want everything functional even after the moving day!
  • Label the boxes in the right manner- Make it obvious what each box contains. 

Getting rid of the clutter

This doesn’t mean you should only get rid of useless items. There are probably some useful items you don’t use. Why would you take them with you, and make a chaos of your new home? We suggest you should offer everything to the friends helping you move. Together with the food and drinks, of course. There’s something they need, and you don’t. Besides, even if they don’t want anything, you can sell some of your items. Online or arranging a garage sale. That way you’re making your packing simpler. There is less stuff to move. You also could earn money and raise the budget for the moving day! Is there a reason to move items you don’t use? Especially after we mentioned the things we just said!

First pack what you momentarily don’t need

There are plenty things you don’t use every day. Clothes and shoes for another season. Items you use in different parts of the year. Pack the items from the garage before anything else. It is very probable that you won’t use those stuff until your moving day comes. So why don’t you ease up your packing by packing slowly those items first? It takes almost no effort, and you’re doing such a big favor to yourself by not leaving it for the date closer to the moving day.

The box with essentials packed is a must
It’s very important to pack the box with the essential

Once that day starts to get closer, you’ll realize why I suggested this. It would be better to be glad that you took the advice than to be angry with yourself if you didn’t. As an ex-professional mover, I know that either one or the other thing will certainly happen eventually. Make packing uncomplicated and your life will be much happier.

The box or bag with the essentials is a must

You never know what might go wrong with your relocation. Once in every 20 or 30 relocations, it does happen. When it happens, your moving day will prolong. And your items might be late. Because of your moving company is late with the delivery. So, in order to prevent potential problems during the relocation if that takes place, we suggest you have a box/es with the essentials. Stuff needed to prepare the meal, items for your bathroom and the essential clothes. That way you’re making sure to have everything you need for at least couple of days after you relocate. That’s enough to find the solution for every problem. And make sure you take that box, or those boxes, with you, not in the moving truck

Fragile items require special attention

The items that might break you should prevent from breaking, right? Learn how to do that. Yeah, I know, you buy bubble wrap, some other wrapping materials, heck on some video on youtube and you’re good to go. Well, for the most of the items, it’s true. But to make packing uncomplicated means knowing how to pack every single fragile item. Including fine porcelain, expensive china or any other item you want to be saved from damaging. Get to work and put an effort. I will make packing process easier!

Document how you should reassemble and reconnect your items

Make the unpacking easier by taking a picture of how the cables are connected
Take a picture of how the cables are connected to make the unpacking easier too

For the most of your items needing to be disconnected and disassembled, it looks pretty easy. You pull out the cables and simply use your screwdriver. But are you completely sure you’ll know the suitable place for each piece once you need to reassemble and reconnect it? To prevent the problem of not being able to put the things back the way they were, we suggest taking a picture. It’s simple, it takes almost no time, but it gives you the full information for making your life easier. And that’s what we want by trying to make packing uncomplicated. That is connected to unpacking, reconnecting your electronics and reassembling furniture too!

Do the labeling of the boxes properly

Once you packed each box, label it obviously. So everybody clearly can see what each of the boxes contains. And do that immediately after packing each box. If you don’t label the boxes immediately, after a moment or two, you’ll have several boxes in front of you, not being sure what each of them contains. And that would make you open them and check. Save your time. Easing the packing up means shortening the time for packing, and simplifying the process. Do that by taking care of each of your moves. Make packing uncomplicated, and the most of the stress will disappear. Enjoy the time with your friends joking and having fun while packing stuff. Not worrying if you packed everything or if you mislabeled the boxes. And mislabeling means breaking something. In almost 100% of movings. 

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