Making an inventory list 101

Making an inventory list

Are you moving to a new home? If you do, you should make sure all of your belongings are safe while they reach your new home. For safety measures, insurance purposes and more effective packing and unpacking process, you should consider making an inventory list. Use our guide to organize everything like a professional and create a list of your inventory with ease.

What to consider before making an inventory list?

Before you dig in and start making an inventory list of home belongings you have, make sure you prepare first. This step requires you to list all of the belongings you will move. But what to do with belongings you don’t plan on moving? It is best to declutter your home before you list all of your belongings for the move. Every item on your list should be a part of your moving cargo.

For this reason, you should get rid of the things you don’t need. If you do, you won’t add weight to your load. This is the best way to downsize your relocation costs, especially if you are using a quality moving service to move your belongings.

Making an inventory list is a part of the moving process that comes before packing your home. In case you are choosing from a wide range of moving assistance options, you may use a professional packing service. If that is the case, your movers will also create a list of your inventory. Professionals movers will always advise you to take inventory before they pack your belongings. When you do, it will be easier to check all of your belongings after unpacking. If anything is missing or broken, you will be sure that the items in question were a part of your moving cargo.

How to create an inventory list?

Creating an inventory list is not hard. It requires your free time and a little bit of effort. Consider making an inventory list using your computer. Excel will be your new best friend when listing your belongings. If you decide to use this program, it will be more accessible to color code the columns and describe each item. Make sure to divide items by rooms and assign each color to a specific room in your home. Later you can use the same colors to label moving boxes after packing. Using your computer for making an inventory list can be quite beneficial. You can always store a copy or print out multiple versions of your list. Also, it is easier to color the columns in a specific order.

person taking pictures on the phone
Consider making an inventory list using various phone apps. You can also take pictures of your belongings and attach files to your list.

Keep in mind that professional moving company you choose for your relocation will take special care of the items of high value. Usually, professional movers will create a particular inventory list for items that are highly valuable. Those items may require specialized packing methods to stay safe while traveling to your new residence. That is why you should consider making another separate inventory list before handling valuable belongings.

Creative ways of listing your inventory

When making an inventory list, you can focus on detail if you have enough free time. You can write down details about specific items like:

  • Weight
  • Price
  • Date Purchased
  • Condition
  • Serial number

You should make sure to write down everything about your high-value items and electronics. In case anything gets broken or damaged, you can use your spreadsheet for insurance purposes. However, that is not the only way to note everything correctly. If you want to be more efficient, consider taking pictures of your valuables before moving company’s professionals pack everything. Pictures are proof that your belongings are in good condition. On the other hand, your photos will be helpful when unpacking your belongings.

When you unpack, you can compare your belongings to your list and check if anything may be missing. In case of any damage, it will be easier to make an insurance claim. With an inventory list, you created before the moving day and pictures you have on file; you will have no difficulty proving the damage.

In case you don’t have a computer on hand, you should consider making an inventory list using your phone app. There are numerous phone apps you can use to list your moving inventory. With your phone or a tablet, it will be easier to list items and take notes. Attaching a picture is just a click away.

Choose a quality moving company for your relocation

We all need reliable and quality moving companies when moving to our new home. Finding movers, you can trust isn’t always the easiest task. However, with our tips, you will find the best moving company that fits your needs. On websites like, you may find more information about the moving services you need. When researching a moving company, you should check the official license and the id number. If the company is listed at the official mover’s database, you found reliable movers. Movers without formal complaints usually take care of their clients and provide the best quality service.

hand writing on paper
Quality movers will always create an inventory list before packing your belongings.

Quality movers will offer you a free estimate of the moving costs before you hire them. That estimate is the official moving quote. After you get the moving quote from a moving company you like and hire them, your movers will agree on the moving services they provide. When you sign the official contract with your movers, they will come to your home to pack your belongings. But before that, movers will be making an inventory list of their own. They make this list for transport and insurance purposes. That is why you should have your inventory list on hand and compare it to the one movers make. If everything matches your movers will proceed to load the moving boxes onto the moving truck.

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