Move with pets avoiding troubles

Here's how to move with pets

The most pet owners, or shall we say all of you, would decide to move with pets instead of having to give them up. The pets are like children to the owners. This ‘like’ is sometimes needless, being that some pets are treated like kids. Nevertheless, if you decide to move with pets. you must be aware that’s quite a challenging venture. Still, it would definitely be wrong to leave pets you love behind you. So, having that situation, we decided to give you a hand! We’ll talk about how to move with pets, avoiding troubles along the way. To do that, you’ll need to put a lot more effort, but this is inevitable.m Having in mind the strong relationship between owners and pets. Follow the majority of the instructions to come, and you’ll experience no unpleasantnesses. 

When you move with pets, you must prepare well
It takes quite a preparation to move with pets

How to properly move with a pet

At the beginning, let’s give you a friendly advice. Hire a professional for pet relocation. If you don’t want to pay too much, it’s ok. You can always check the moving estimate and pick the affordable pet mover. But anyway, hire professionals to move your pets. Especially if moving long distance. In case you’re moving locally, you could visit pet movers and ask them for some advice. But our suggestion is to hire pet moving professionals in any case. After we mentioned that, let’s start with tips on relocation with your pets without problems. 

Here’s what you should do:

  • Find a pet-friendly home When you move with pets, this is the most important thing at the beginning!
  • Hire or at least contact pet moving professionals- Professionals know how to transport your pet experiencing no troubles.
  • Pay a visit to a vet- Consult the pet experts on the potential special care you should take for your pets.
  • Start preparing your dog for conditions during the transportation ASAP- The more time you have to prepare your pet for moving, the better they will feel during the transportation. 
  • Arrange a comfortable transportation for your pets- The comfort is the most important characteristic of chosen transportation for your pet.
  • Let all the pets documentation travel with your pets- This is essential so you wouldn’t have problems during some of the controls during the transportation.
  • After you get to your new home, dedicate some time to your pets, let them feel like home- Moving is stressful for pets as much as for you, let them feel you care for them.

Pet-friendly home is a must

Before you start any preparations for relocation, you should pick a pet-friendly home. It means that this is the first thing you should do, right after you decide you’re gonna move and where you shall move. I suppose you’d probably remember this yourself, but still, you could forget it thinking about so many things you should arrange when it comes to the moving. Especially if you have so little time for moving. Therefore, we put this on top of the list, so you could think about this first, and hence not make a crucial mistake of not thinking about the life with your pets after the relocation. 

Pet moving professionals

As we said, we suggest you hire professionals to move your pet friends. The procedures seem easy, but it’s everything but easy for you. For professional movers dealing with pets, it’s as simple as breathing. Yet, in case you’re moving locally, you could decide not to waste your money on moving professionals for pets. You could simply move with a pet using your car. Still, at least contact pet moving professionals. Ask them if there is something you should particularly pay attention to, so you’d conduct your pets relocation properly. 

Visit a vet before you move with pets

Take your pets to the vet before the moving day
Before the relocation, take your pets to the vet

The vets will know your pets’ condition. They’ll examine your buddies and check if everything is fine, so you could transport pets. In case they notice something they don’t like, they’ll advise you to delay the relocation or to take some precaution measures so your pet wouldn’t have problems during the trip. However, it’s never too bad to take your pets to a vet. And the information that everything is fine with them will make you released and cheerful. Therefore, you’ll feel more energy for moving!

Prepare your pet for moving, it’s stressful for your buddies too!

Knowing the way your pets will be transported, you better start preparing them as soon as possible. Because if your pets get used to spending time in a kennel similar to the one they’re gonna be transported in, they’ll feel much less stress during the moving day. And feeling less stress during the relocation, they’ll adjust to your new home much faster!

Pick the best way of transportation for your pet buddies

When it comes to the moving, the most of the people look not to spend too much money. Which is perfectly normal. You never know what expenses wait for you right behind the corner of your new home. But, you must make an exception when deciding what transportation to arrange for your pets. If you decided to move with pets, do that right! First look at the comfort and the safety, and then after that, you can pay attention to the cost. Your pets will be thankful!

Pets documentation must travel with pets

Your pets must be put into transportation with all the documentation
Have your pets transported with all the documentation

There are strict controls when it comes to all sorts of pet transportations. Hence you want your pets to have a clearly visible ID, together with the documentation (such as the vaccinations, pet certificates etc.). Ask yourself if you want to prolong your moving day because you took the documentation for your pets with yourself. This is a minor mistake that could lead to a major issue of your pets not being able to start the transportation because of the lack of the documentation. Pay attention to every single detail. 

After the moving day is over, enjoy your new home with your pets 

This is also a necessary step. It sounds like a relaxation. To you, it will be the relaxation. But to the pets, it will be getting to know their new environment. It’s very important to have your pets adjust to your new home immediately. If you leave that for later, it could last for weeks. And it won’t be good for you or for your buddies. 

This was a short list of what to pay attention to if you decide to move with pets. In case that move is within the borders of your country. If you’re moving internationally, there are more requirements you must fulfill. In order to prepare you for such an occasion too, we shall publish another article concerning that subject soon. So, pets-loving moving people, keep following us!

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