Moving abroad – tips and tricks

Moving abroad by plane

Moving abroad is exciting, but at the same time, a very overwhelming change. Local moving is difficult, and moving to another country is even harder. Of course, there are a lot of tips and tricks that can help you organize better and organize your moving budgetIt is a hard task, but you shouldn’t forget that is also a great adventure. You had good reasons for making a decision to move abroad, and you shouldn’t let them out of your sight. Relocating to another country is thrilling and it may be the best decision you’ve ever made.

Things to do before moving abroad

When you are moving abroad, planning is everything. It is time-consuming and it can be stressful. So you can organize it better, here are some steps to help you prioritize the assignments.

Write down everything

Since moving abroad is a big task that requires a lot of organizing, write everything down. When you put it in writing, there is a smaller chance that you will overlook or forget something.

Make a list of everything. Create a budget plan, a list of all the documentation that you have to acquire, the list of your inventory, the list regarding all the moving dates etc. That way, you will have a sense of control. You will be more organized and your relocation will go smoother.


When you are moving abroad it’s important to make sure that you have your paperwork in order Visas are the first thing that you should handle. Do not start planning your relocation to another country if you don’t have a necessary visa.

When you are moving abroad because of business there is a big chance that your employer will sort out your work visa. However, for some countries, you may need an entry visa also. So get informed. Go to the nearest embassy, present your case and see what legal documentation you need to acquire. Make sure you understand the immigration laws, time frames, deadlines for submissions of forms, as well as the rules applying to import your household goods into the country. After you acquire the necessary documentation, you can start organizing your relocation.

Visa approved
Acquiring visa is the first and most important step when moving abroad

Find a reliable long distance movers

Moving abroad is not something that you can do on your own. That’s why hiring long distance movers is crucial.

If you, for example, moving from Dubai to Georgia, let professionals help you move to Georgia. The experienced movers will know how to help you make all the arrangements for your moving abroad.

You should start looking for the reliable company as soon as possible. The best movers usually have a waiting list, especially in the moving season. In order to your relocation go smoothly and safely as possible, hiring good moving company is very important and the time is of the essence.

If you wait one month prior to the moving day it’s possible that the best moving services will already be booked.

a good mover
Choose the moving company that is reliable and has a spotless reputation

Move less stuff

The biggest cost of moving abroad will be the number and weight of your items. Shipping belongings abroad is expensive, so do your best only to bring stuff that you actually can’t live without. The best way to decide what will you pack is to make a full list of your possessions. That way, you will have the clear image of the things that you can do without. The lesser things that you have to move, the more money you will save on the transportation fees.

Follow tips for hiring best cross country movers and start your search for the perfect moving company that is also affordable.

“Packing light” could save you a lot of money


When you are moving abroad, your personal documentation should go with you. ID, passport, marriage certificates, birth/adoption certificates, bank account listings, driving license, medical record, diplomas etc.

Maybe some of them may seem redundant, but you should have them with you just in case. It’s also a good idea to scan all of your important documents, so you will have a digital back up.

Also, remember to certify all necessary documentation important for your work, enrolling in university or school.

Research everything about the new country

When you are moving to another country, you have to think about everything. Besides the moving process itself, you have to consider can you adapt to a new place where you are relocating. The country that you are moving to can be totally different than yours. That’s why you have to know all the important facts about the country itself.

Here are some things that you should explore:

  • Culture – Every country has its own unique culture. It may be similar to yours, but it’s never different. When you are moving abroad, keep an open mind. Do not presume anything. Research to find out what social behaviors are acceptable, and which are not. Learn everything about the customs, history, laws and the local way. That way, you will be better prepared for the inevitable cultural shock.
  • Language – If you are moving abroad to a country where your language is not an official language, you have to prepare for the language barrier. English is spread worldwide, but that doesn’t mean that everybody is using it in everyday life. Show some initiative, and start to learn the language before you relocate. Even the basic knowledge of the foreign language will make your life abroad easier.
  • Monthly costs – When you are moving abroad, you have to know how much money you will need every month. Research rent rates, the price of the groceries, costs of insurance, utilities, healthcare, and everyday life. When you know how much everything costs it will be easier to see can you afford to live abroad?
  • Job market – Explore the job market of the country and see how is demand for your profession. That way you can predict how much time you will be needing to find a new job. Or is there a need to change your area of expertise.

As shown in this article, these are some of the things to pay attention to. Also, one of the things that are worth mentioning is preparing properly for the move according to the current weather conditions. For example, if you are moving during hot summer days, be sure to wear light clothes and stay hydrated.

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