How to prepare furniture when moving?

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When moving house, people often forget about possibly the most important part of their home – the furniture. However, moving furniture actually takes quite a bit of consideration on your part. It does not just include asking two-three of your buddies to lug your couch. Because of its bulkiness and weight, your furniture will require particular protection. There are several steps that you need to take in order to prepare furniture when moving. Otherwise, you can end up with damaged furniture, which will simply increase the stress of the move. In case the damage is more significant, you can even end up with having to buy new furniture. Here’s how you can prepare your furniture when moving the right way.

First, make a list

You need to decide what furniture you want to take with you. One of the ways to do that is, of course, to make a list. It doesn’t cost anything to be prepared. And this will ensure that you will not forget anything that you might have wanted to bring. That is why making an inventory list comes in handy.

How to prepare furniture when moving, write in a notebook with a pen.
Making a list of your furniture certainly comes in handy.

Let’s say you are moving from a house to an apartment. That means that you will need fewer furniture pieces, right? Also, if some of your furniture pieces are too worn out, it is most likely that you will need new ones. A good way to reduce the number of your furniture pieces is to organize a yard/garage sale. You can even put an ad on Craigslist or give it away to your friends/family members. Less furniture means less hassle with preparation.

Also, if you are not sure what to do with your furniture, you can always put it in storage. Then you can decide what to do with it later on. For instance, you can easily find a cheap storage unit in North Miami Beach area. It can stay there in a safe environment for as long as you need. And it can receive the maximum care needed for an affordable price!

You need to measure doorways and halls

This is quite a necessary step. If you decide to move your furniture as is, you need to make sure it can actually fit in your new home. Also, if you are moving into a building, measure the elevator. You will most likely not be able to take armchairs or sofas in there, but perhaps chairs or small tables. There is no need to use the stairs for everything. Smaller furniture pieces can be taken in the elevator. That is why it is necessary to measure it. Of course, this applies if you have decided to move on your own. If you have hired professionals, they will make sure to measure everything. Experienced movers will know how to make their job as easy as possible.

How to prepare furniture when moving, measure the walls.
You will need to measure doorways and hallways.

You need to disassemble some pieces

This is why measuring doorways and halls are important. Pieces that cannot fit, but which you want to take with you, should be disassembled. This usually includes beds, closets, and tables. This is another useful piece of advice when you prepare furniture when moving. Here is what you will need to do:

  • Prepare tools for disassembling. This includes mostly screwdrivers.
  • Take pictures of the pieces of furniture you disassemble. That is, take pictures of each step. That way, when you want to put the piece back together, it will be much easier.
  • Put screws in small bags and label them. You need to prevent losing them during the move, which is something that happens often.

First, you need to remove the parts that are easiest to remove. For instance, this includes table legs, bed frames, or drawers (which should be emptied beforehand). Focus on the easiest part of the furniture piece first. But make sure to focus on one furniture piece at a time. Otherwise, screws and smaller pieces might get jumbled.

If you are unsure how to do this, check with professional movers whether this is included in their services. And for that, you will first need to do some online research. For instance, if you visit, you will see that they offer many, many services. Get in touch if you need a specialized, experienced team to help you with the process.

You need to pack furniture pieces properly

Once you have disassembled it, there are a few steps to take to prepare furniture when moving. This also applies to other furniture pieces that you did not need to take apart. First, you will need to get packing supplies. This includes plastic trash bags, boxes, tape, plastic wrap, and newspapers. Other things you can use to pack your furniture includes blankets and bubble wrap.

When it comes to bulkier pieces, wrap them in blankets or bubble wrap. Cover every part, in order to prevent possible damage during the move. If you have removed table legs or chair legs, also wrap them with bubble wrap or blankets. You can secure your covers with tape or plastic wrap. The snugger it is, the better. When it comes to cushions and pillows, put those in clear garbage bags. If you want to prepare furniture when moving properly, you need to take care of even the tiny bits. You should put any smaller bits in clearly labeled boxes. In order to prevent confusion, you can separate items by putting them in plastic bags first. Also, to prevent damage, put newspapers between the pieces for additional protection.

Woman carrying a box
Put smaller bits into clearly labeled boxes.

Additional tips on how to prepare furniture when moving

You may think that once you hire your movers, that is it when it comes to your involvement in the move. However, that is not the case. Some reliable moving companies will tell you that it is up to you to prepare furniture when moving. Some will have this option included in their services. However, you will, in any case, need to ask if it is.

Some more things you can do to prevent possible is to put cardboard on the edges of desks, chairs or dressers. When it comes to fragile items, wrap them carefully in bubble wrap or newspapers. Place them in appropriate-sized boxes. Fill any remaining space with newspapers. When it comes to mirrors, use cardboard to cover it and then wrap it in bubble wrap or blankets. Make sure to secure the cover. Professional movers will know this, but if you are moving on your own, make sure to load the bulkier items first.

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