A DIY interstate move: Pros and Cons

So, you are going to give a DIY interstate move a try? Fair enough. Let’s go through some of the crucial DIY interstate move steps, shall we? To begin with, are you ready for what lies in store? How ready are you? Is the moving day just around the corner? What have you done about it? Have you thought about the most affordable moving option? Are you aware of the calendar? Have you ever thought about moving scams? Are you fit as a fiddle so as to move on your own? What about the back pain? How would you tackle unforeseeable problems? Would you be able to put yourself together in case of a series of problems? Prior to opting for a DIY interstate move, it wouldn’ t hurt to go through its pros and cons just in case.

A DIY interstate move - pros and cons
A DIY interstate move – pros and cons

The advantages of a DIY interstate move


Before anything else, a DIY interstate move is the most cost-effective means of a move. You won’t have to tighten your belt due to a plethora of individual tasks. Packing and unpacking, to begin with. If you do it single-handedly, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Next, renting a moving truck is a budget-friendly option. The only additional expense is fuel. Then again, it is a lot cheaper compared to hiring a moving company. You may also rent either a moving container or a freight trailer. Plus,  the freight trailer price is a linear foot-related. 

You are in charge of the schedule

When it comes to a DIY interstate move, the schedule depends on you. You need to come up with a moving timetable that is in accordance with many aspects of life. Firstly, you should carry out a daunting task of decluttering. Get rid of the belongings you’ve been accumulated your entire life even though it might be tough. It is even more difficult for the elderly.  Furthermore, you need to choose the most suitable part of the year. If you have kids, you must pay attention to the school year. Moreover, you ought to take care of moving boxes and packing supplies: the specific boxes, protective coverings, etc. Subsequently, you should get down to packing. Selecting the items can be exhausting. Once it’s done, it’ loading time. Lastly, transport your items. In a truck. On your own. How do you feel about it?

A DIY interstate move - pros and cons
A DIY interstate move schedule 



Fraudulent companies might endanger a moving process. They mislead you to believe they are an actual moving company. And they ensure you they have everything under control. They talk their way in your wallet and before you know it they take your nest-egg and vanish into thin air. A DIY interstate move is scam-proof. You avoid getting in touch with a predatory company. In addition, you don’t have to waste your time making sure a company is legit. You won’t get a splitting headache investigating a company. A DIY interstate move prevents you from diving into a vicious circle of moving company scams. You don’ t have to require and check:

  • licenses
  • insurance policies
  • recommendations
  • reviews

Besides, no opportunity to get double-crossed gives you a piece of mind. Hiring reliable movers is of paramount importance. By opting for a DIY interstate move, you save a lot of time and nerves. Otherwise, you would be knackered by the amount of information you would need to pay attention to.

A DIY interstate move - pros and cons
A DIY interstate move is scam-proof

The downsides of organizing your own interstate move

It is physically challenging

A DIY interstate move is physically demanding. It requires a lot of heavy lifting. You expose your body to immense pressure thus risking injuries. Constant labor might cause back pain, shoulder dislocation, broken fingers, toes, feet, etc. Negligence and minor mistakes might severely harm your body in the long run. Even though you are positive you can handle it, you should consider asking for help. Your friends, family, relatives may be eager to land you a hand. Additionally, you can hire professionals. Unlike you, they implement proper moving techniques on a daily basis.

One potential problem after another

A DIY interstate move seems fairly straightforward. First, give away the junk items. Then, organize the essentials. Next, rent a truck. Load. Unload. The end. However, it turns out a DIY interstate move is not a piece of cake. To give up on your items was heart-breaking. Their sentimental value was too much to deal with. When you finally got over it, you realized the boxes didn’t match. They were either too large or too small. In addition, you almost broke your back while lifting. Not to mention the truck pulled over in the middle of the high way. On top of it, some of the boxes began to fall from the track due to the wind. Eventually, you admitted a DIY interstate move was a huge mistake fraught with downsides of self-moving.

The conclusion

To summarise, a DIY interstate move might be nail-biting. If you are willing to pull it off nonetheless, you should be wary of many chores you need to do. If you don’t have money to burn, you should stick to a budget you are not willing to compromise on. Also, you should think of the best period of the year to move depending on traffic, weather, school year. Plus, you have to rent a truck, get fuel and actually drive it. With the belongings on it. They need to be safely packed and loaded. It would be nice not to get hurt while doing so. You might not have to worry about moving scams, but you do need to worry about everything else. The question is if you can cope with it. So, can you?

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