Spring cleaning before the move

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There is no better time to move than in springtime. That is the time when everything blossoms, a new life begins and new innovative ideas come to your mind. The mood is changing and everything gets better. You have everything in your favor to start your move. Before the move you have to clean everything that you will leave behind, keeping in mind that someone else will come and live there where you lived. Also, decluttering before you even start to pack for your move would be extremely helpful for you. You do want to make easier your move and a way to do that is if you manage your spring cleaning.


cleaning sponge
You should get as much as sponges as possible for your spring cleaning

So, now that you decided to move, next obvious step is to start packing. But, before you do you should get rid of all the things that you don’t need in your new home. Start with the small things, like sneakers that are worn out or flip-flops that you can no longer wear. Even things that you think that it won’t take too much space in your suitcases or packing boxes you should get rid of. No, you don’t need that skirt you wore on Guns and Roses concert in 1992. And no, you don’t need those jeans that are too small because the last time you wore them was in high school. No matter how attached you are to some material things that you no longer are using, you should definitely remove them from your closet, and extra space in your suitcase will thank you.

Stuff you don’t need

What to do with all those things from decluttering your apartment? There is some coat you don’t want to wear anymore, T-shirts that don’t fit you anymore but they are still good as new. Well, there is a great solution for that. Donations. There is someone who could use the things you no longer need. You will feel good and you will do a wonderful thing, not to mention that you will have fewer things to pack. More place in your boxes and when moving that is the most important thing.

wardrobe illustration
Get rid of the clothes you don’t need

Sorting things in boxes

While you are packing for your move, you should know where and what will you sort together in a box. For example, just pack your shoes in one box, fragile things in another and don’t forget everything fragile put in a piece of paper. You don’t want to break anything, do you? Putting glasses in a newspaper will make that not probable. Every box you should mark with a marker just so you can know where what is and with which box you should be extra careful.

If someone from your friends is helping you move to let them know which boxes they should handle carefully. If you hire professional movers no need for the heads up they will know how to handle your things. But, you should think about how to cut your moving expenses. Then it’s better to warn your friends what is fragile than paying the moving company.

fragile label on the crate
Be extra careful with fragile items when cleaning and packing

Dusting is a must before the move

Yes, you are leaving your old home to move to a new one, but there are a lot of things you should do before the move. Like, maybe the least favorite, and that is dusting. You should definitely clean your current home as a part of your spring cleaning. If nothing else, new people that will come to live in your old home will think, well some very neat person lived here. Point is, just vacuum before the move, or wipe with a broom. Most important parts of your home you should clean are:

  • The living room
  • Kitchen
  • Dining room
  • Bathroom

Just clean all parts of your current place. It won’t take too much time from your move. Because since you won’t be living there anymore it’s not like you have to make everything shine. Also, it is not necessary to clean the rooms in this order. Maybe you should start from the bathroom first since it takes the most time and effort. However, we should mention again that even when cleaning your bathroom it doesn’t have to be spotless especially since there is a new bathroom waiting for you to clean it. The point is to clean your current apartment even with only the broom as much as possible.

Should you clean every room?

Since you are moving you might think that you shouldn’t do complete spring cleaning. But, before the move, you should definitely do the spring cleaning by default. That means that everything that spring cleaning includes you should do even if you are leaving your current home. Why not even paint a little bit? If you didn’t do so for a couple of years and walls got a bit yellowish than you should fix that with one layer of paint. However, that is not a must since it would take a lot of time from your move. And don’t forget one important thing to do, clean your carpets before your move. And just move to your new house with some fresh clean carpets. It will be easier to do that during the spring cleaning than after your move.

Spring cleaning is fun. Do not think of it as a chore but as something that you just have to do and it will be great once you finish it. You will feel great once you see how clean and neat you are leaving the place where you have lived. And you will also feel that your suitcases are lighter because you will bring only the things that you need. Time after your move you should use for rest and thinking about the schedule of your furniture in your new home. So, do your spring cleaning and make you feel comfortable in your new home.

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