Surviving Florida on a tight budget – is it possible?

Empty pockets.

Are you thinking about moving to Florida, then first you should consider some important facts. First of all, what is your budget? If it is not that high, you must create a way to live on a tight budget. But, is it surviving Florida on a tight budget possible? Yes, it is! With some tips, you can achieve that simple and easy.

Affordable places in Florida to live in

Your dream of living in Florida must be fulfilled. Even if you have a small budget. When you are moving to Florida, then choose a place which is affordable.

Stressed women because if surviving Florida on a tight budget
Do not be stressed out. Find an affordable place in Florida, manage your budget, and you will succeed.


This place in Florida has affordable homes. Cost of living in Kissimmee are low, so you can live there on a tight budget. It is a tourist attraction too, but it not the only thing Kissimmee has to offer. The economy is growing and the unemployment rate is lower and lower.

Fort Meade

The average mortgage payment per year is about $3,100. The average median income is $43,170, which is great and very affordable for Florida. It is a small city but it has it all.

Palm Coast

You can find one bedroom apartment for $600. Prices in Palm Coast are perfect if your budget is low, so do not worry. The community of Palm Coast is great. Florida is known by hurricanes, but this city is less touched with them because it is located in the upper east coast, so the location is perfect.

Cape Coral

Cape Coral is a beautiful city with more than 350 miles of canals. Tampa and Miami are near, so you will enjoy it. The average home prices are about $180,000. And also, you do not have to spend too much money on fun.

Beach in Fort Lauderdale. A view from the sky.
Fort Lauderdale has amazing beaches. Visit it, maybe you will want to live there.

After choosing your next city in Florida, Fort Lauderdale moving specialists can help you relocate to Fort Lauderdale or somewhere else in Florida. Fort Lauderdale is also another affordable place in Florida to live in. So, visit the city and make a decision.

Tips for surviving Florida on a tight budget

Money and costs of living are a major factor for most people. So, here are some tips and trick which are proof that living on a tight budget in Florida is possible.

Moving on a budget

Stick to the budget when you are moving. You must save your money for life after moving too. Do not spend all your money on relocation.

  • Do not move all your items to Florida, especially not winter clothing. Get rid of items and then calculate your budget for moving. 
  • Try to avoid moving in the summer months and save money on surviving Florida on a tight budget.
  • Collect free boxes in supermarkets, local stores, etc. Also, you can use newspapers for wrapping.
  • Many people think that hiring a moving company will cost more. But, when you calculate all the DIY costs (especially for the long-distance move) and risks, hiring a mover is more affordable. If you are searching for a reliable, experienced and affordable mover visit website They can offer you a great deal for your move.

Get a roommate

Wherever you want to live in Florida, living with a roommate is more affordable than living alone. You will spend all your costs in half, and that is a big advantage. So, if you are moving alone, without a family, find a roommate.

Stick to your monthly budget

Make your budget for one month, and try your best to stick to it. When your budget is small, you must count every dollar. Track your incomes. You should have a plan at the beginning. If you need to make a big shopping, plan it. But, it is important to separate things you need and want. Making a plan and sticking to the budget include that you must cut some things off. 

Easy with spending money

If you just moved to Florida, try not to spend all your money immediately until you learn how to manage your budget. Do not make quick decisions on what to buy in a store. In Florida, you can find many affordable stores where you will not spend too much money on clothing or furniture. Also, you do not need to eat outside every day. Make your coffee and dinner at home. Instead of going out and spending too much money on nightclubs or movies, invite your friends home.

Golden piggy bank.
Try to save your money and no to spend too much on things you do not actually need.

Try to save money to increase your budget

If you can, try to make more money. Florida has a lot of opportunities, so use them to increase your savings. Surviving Florida on a tight budget can be easier if you find another source of money. If you cannot find anything yet, use coupons, do not spend too much electricity, water, etc. You can exercise at home or jog in the park. There are so many ways to cut your expenses in Florida. Cost-cutting tips for a tight budget are essential if you want to survive in any country, not just in Florida.

Enjoy the beach and spend time outside

Use the amazing weather in Florida and spend time on a beach, free museums, parks, etc. Florida has plenty of places where you can enjoy for free. You can exercise in the park walk on the beach, visit the Holocaust memorial in Miami, Biscayne National Park, Everglades National Park, enjoy at a free jazz shows and many more. Surviving Florida on a tight budget and having fun at the same time is possible. You only need to do research about free or cheap places in the Sunshine State.

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