Most affordable Toronto suburbs for big families

affordable Toronto suburbs

Toronto is known to be one of the most expensive Canadian cities. And it has every right to be so. It is an amazing city to live in. Living in Toronto is a dream of many people which is why plenty of people are trying their hardest to relocate to Toronto or Toronto’s greater area. There are so many benefits of living here and many want to take advantage of it. Especially families. Having a family and living near Toronto is one of the best things that you can do. Toronto is a family-friendly city. But it is crazy expensive, as we already said. And if you have a big family, you already have large expenses. This is why you should be searching for affordable Toronto suburbs if planning on relocating. If that was what you were looking for, here is where you can find out more about some of the most affordable Toronto suburbs for big families.

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If you want to live as close to downtown Toronto as that is possible all while living in a very affordable place, you should definitely consider Etobicoke. There are more reasons to move here than just because it is close to downtown and very affordable. This is a very beautiful area to live in. Etobicoke is home to many lakefront parks and golf courses, wonderful walking trails, and a conservatory featuring tropical plants. This is not something you can find just anywhere. But Etobicoke has it all!

It is also a very peaceful suburb. But there are plenty of people living here. This doesn’t make it unsafe. In fact, it is one of the safest suburbs in this area. This is why plenty of families already live here. Another one out of the many reasons why you should move here with your family is the amazing housing options that you can choose from. There are houses both for sale and rent. When you are house-hunting in this area definitely consider using some of our professional house-hunting tips.

Suburban house with a car infront.
Finding a big house for your family in Etobicoke is an easy task.

But if you are moving with a family, we are supposing you are more interested in investing in a home rather than just renting it. If that is the case, you probably want to know more about housing prices. And telling you the average price, in this case, is not easy at all as housing prices in this area vary from just $600,000 to over $8M Canadian dollars. No matter whether moving into an affordable or an expensive home, nearby pros can jump in and make moving in stress-free and easy.

West Humber-Claireville

This lovely suburb is located in the northwest corner of Toronto, near Etobicoke. By this, you can already tell that it is a nice location to live in with your family. But that is not the only reason why you should start thinking about moving here.

If you want your children to go to good schools and live in a diverse environment, then this is the neighborhood for you. West Humber-Claireville is known to be diverse and very welcoming towards anybody who moves to this area. The community is close-knit which makes this area very safe for small children to grow up in. When you add the fact that it is an affordable neighborhood to live in, you get the perfect combination for a family.

affordable Toronto suburbs for big families
If you want to live in a neighborhood where everybody knows everybody, West Humber-Claireville is for you!

This is another one of the affordable suburbs for big families with lots of beautiful parks and open green spaces where you can spend quality time with your family doing plenty of fun things. There are playgrounds for small children and there are grass fields where you can play different sports. If you have a dog, this is a good neighborhood to consider moving to as there is not a lot of traffic and there are a couple of dog parks. If this already sounds like a place where you would love to live in, you can hire to make the relocation simple.


If you are a fan of old Toronto neighborhoods and old houses, Malvern is definitely one of the options for you. It is one of the oldest neighborhoods. Malvern is located in the northeast corner of the city, right next to the Zoo of Toronto. It is important to mention that there is one disadvantage of living in this area but only during the summer months. The smells from the zoo sometimes in each neighborhood but the wind blows the smells away quickly.

But besides this, there is really nothing else bad that we could state about this neighborhood. It is another very safe area which is why many families already live here. The housing here is very affordable when compared to housing prices in some other neighborhoods in the area. Most homes that are to be found here are apartments in apartment buildings but there are some houses on the market as well. This is why this neighborhood is a better option for those who might prefer renting a home rather than buying one.

Toronto from above.
There are plenty of great affordable Toronto suburbs for big families to consider relocating to.


This neighborhood that now goes by the name Rockcliffe-Symthe was once a residential neighborhood located in the former suburb of York. It has an amazing location as it sits just 15 kilometers from Toronto’s downtown city center. You don’t need a car if you live here which means that you will save a lot of money. You can use public transport any time of the day as this area is very well-connected to the rest of the city. This is one of the reasons why young families love this Toronto neighborhood.

This is another place with lots of green spaces and parks. Having them nearby might not sound as important but in reality, it is. You will love living close to a park as you will always have a place where you can get away from all the noise of the city. But this is a very peaceful neighborhood as there isn’t a lot of traffic here. It certainly is one of the best affordable Toronto suburbs for big families.

Affordable neighborhoods in Toronto

toronto skyline at night

Everyone wants to have their own home. A private haven to relax in and enjoy life. However, as the real estate prices continue to climb, you might wonder if this will only remain a distant dream. There is a bit of good news in all of this though. There are still a few very affordable neighborhoods in Toronto for you to live in.

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Should you move to a bigger house this Fall? – Seattle edition

Big house - Learn why should you move to a bigger house this fall.

Should you move to a bigger house this Fall? Perhaps you’re expanding your family, so you need more bedrooms. Perhaps you want more room for a home office and guests. Regardless of the reason, sometimes you just need more space. More space can be the right solution for some, but not for everybody.  

You see, moving to a bigger home somewhere in Seattle can create even more problems. For example, moving to a new neighborhood to purchase a bigger home, may mean you have to switch your kids’ schools. Therefore, before you create a packing supplies checklist, weigh the pros and cons of moving to a bigger house. To help, asking yourself these important questions first. 

Seattle - Discover why should you move to a bigger house this fall in Seattle.
Take your time to find a perfect big house in Seattle that fits your needs.

For starters, how are you planning to move to a bigger house this Fall?

Seattle is a great living place and it offers plenty of housing opportunities. So, if you decide to choose a home here, then according to your priorities you will be able to pick the one that suits you the most. For the next part of moving, you can have someone like Hansen Bros. Moving & Storage Seattle to handle it. Because when you thinking about moving to a bigger house this Fall, then having the right professionals by your side is something you should consider. 

Think about moving locally to a bigger house this Fall in Seattle

If you are already a citizen of Seattle, then you shouldn’t expect to have any trouble looking for a bigger home here. You see, all you have to do is a little research to find a place that fits your budget and your needs. Take your time to get the right real estate agent to help you in your research. After that, it is time to take care of the big relocation to Seattle. Find someone who can help you make the process easy, and organize your items once they are unpacked in your new home. Since you already know the area, then settling in is not going to be difficult. You will blend in and your life in a new bigger house in Seatle is going to be exactly the way you always wanted.

Writing tools.
Start with the plan when you want to move to a bigger house this Fall.

Why are people looking for a bigger home?  

Before you begin the time, energy, and expensive process of listing your home, packing, and moving to the neighborhood, consider whether you need more space. Often, people think they need to move. However, in reality, they need to remodel an existing home. So, consider renovating your current home before listing it. Renovations can take several months, but they’re not as inconvenient as moving to a new home altogether. 


When you are planning on relocating somewhere, then maybe your new location can be a big home in Seattle. This is an amazing opportunity for you and your family. Thanks to that you will be able to live in a place that is more suitable for your needs. And since your destination is Seattle, then you can find a neighborhood and a home you can enjoy in.

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