How to save money on your local move

Wallet in the pocket

Saving money when moving locally may seem like an easy thing to do but in reality, it is not like that. The only difference between the local and long-distance move is that you will pay a little more for transport. The rest of the tasks are the same. As with long-distance moving, there are ways to save money on your local move. Local moving even gives you more opportunities to do it if you are organized and creative enough. Making a good plan that you will implement on time is the key to success.

Save money on your local move

If you move unplanned, it is very likely that you will spend a lot of money on unplanned expenses. In this case, you will have to solve the obstacles immediately, so it will cost you more. The key trick to saving money during a local move is organization. Make sure to arrange everything on time because that will allow you to save money on your local move. It would be good if you could:

  • Arrange your move at a specific season of the year
  • You provide yourself with more time to moving
  • Agree with friends to help you out with this

If you just put a little more effort into the organization and if you use some great tips to make it easier, you can make it stress-free. In fact, that is the final goal, to achieve what you imagined without nervousness and stress. Finding useful tips can be beneficial in this case for you.

a calculator and a pen to calculate everything and save money on you local move
Make a budget plan and the unnecessary costs

A great way to save on moving company services

Local moving is something you can probably do yourself if you have enough time and money. If this is the case, that is, if you started planning on time and your budget is decent, then it is not worth bothering. Keep in mind that companies move their services during the colder months because they are not overbooked. Take advantage of this benefit.

With enough time, you can do everything yourself

If you are not pressed by deadlines for moving out and moving in, with good organization you can slowly move on your own. If you are lucky enough to have received the keys to your new apartment earlier than the deadline for moving in, you can slowly move things by yourself. This is a great way to cut costs on your local move because you will do everything by yourself.

Make it funny

Moving is generally hard and tiring unless you invite friends. Considering that it is a local move, probably if you mention it in advance, there are friends who would be happy to help you. They can help you partially, for example by loading heavy things or you can organize a complete move with them. Every item you do with them is one less item on your payroll.

Friends talking
Make a deal with your friends

With good organization and the help and support of friends, it is possible to save money on your local move.

How to arrange a relocation in Portland, OR in less than two weeks

A clock

Nobody on the globe enjoys the thought of relocating. Every aspect of the process, including packing and logistics, and hard work, is exhausting and daunting. Most of us have to move while balancing other duties and areas of our life, such as full-time jobs, children, and pets. There’s no way about it: relocating stinks. But it doesn’t have to be as bad as it appears. With the help of our experts from Moving Companies Estimates and their friends, you will be able to do it! Now, let’s see how to arrange a relocation in Portland, OR in less than two weeks!

How to arrange a relocation in Portland, OR

Organizing a relocation in Portland, OR on short notice is challenging, but with the right tools and knowledge, it can be done successfully. We will go over the most important things that you should keep in mind during your move:

  • Get moving supplies
  • Get a moving company
  • Pack

Get moving supplies

Moving supplies and a moving company are the most essential things that you need to have sorted. Since you are moving on short notice, you will need to start with gathering moving supplies. It is crucial to find quality materials and don’t try to get cheap stuff. If you get low-quality boxes and other packing supplies, your possessions might get damaged or even destroyed! That is why it is very important to opt for higher-quality stuff. Plastic moving bins will provide a higher level of protection for your things and it will make loading the moving truck much quicker and easier. Less work is needed to carry those plastic bins compared to bulky cardboard boxes.

A woman packing for relocation to Portland with her child
Getting high-quality packing supplies will keep your items safer!

Get a moving company

This part will be a bit more challenging. If you are moving in peak season, you might find yourself having trouble finding movers. So, during your search include the words “short notice” when googling. That way you will be able to find movers that will be available more quickly. But, because of the short period of time, you will probably have to pay more than you would usually. Before hiring a mover, try to find multiple companies that are available and ask for estimates. And be sure to know which questions to ask your movers on moving day. That way you will be safe from any scams and extra fees that weren’t in the original offer.


Packing will probably be the most stressful part of your move. This requires a lot of tedious work and organizing. We recommend you pack room by room and label all of your boxes or bins. That way you will know what goes where after your move. Start with the things that you won’t need before your move. On the day before the move pack up the rest of your things and keep an essentials pack to help you survive the day after your move.

A dog in a box
Packing will require a lot of focus, so pay attention to everything!

In conclusion

It is possible to organize a relocation in Portland, OR in less than two weeks, but it will require a lot of focus and a lot of work. But, if you follow these tips you will have an easier time during your move!

6 reasons to move to Boynton Beach, FL in 2022

move to Boynton Beach

Florida has lots of amazing cities where most people would love to live. One of these places is Boyton Beach. It is located in Palm Beach County, 57 miles north of Miami. The fact that it is on the same coast as Miami tells you a lot about this place. For starters, there are plenty of amazing beaches here to explore. But that is just one of the minor things we can say that makes this place a perfect place to live in. And if you have been on a search for a Florida city to move to, your search might end here. Boyton Beach surely is one of the nicest cities in the state to live in no matter what your age is. And we are here to tell you just six reasons you need to know in order to decide whether to move to Boynton Beach this year or not.

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It is a coastal city

For a lot of people just the fact that this is a city that sits on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean is enough to make them want to live here. And we agree with these people. The beaches of Florida are amazing, especially in this part of the state. White sand, palm trees, plenty of beach bars and restaurants, lots of fun beach activities, and many more things make these beaches some of the best ones in the world. And we can confirm that Boynton Beach is not an exception.

There are so many amazing beaches in Boynton Beach where you will find fun things to do no matter what your interests are. If you have children, they will certainly love living here but this is not the only reason why. Also, this is a perfect place for many young professionals that thrive to have some relaxation and fun in between the days slaying at the office.

Boyton Beach view.
Lots of amazing beaches are just one of the reasons to move to Boyton Beach.

Boynton Beach is very safe

If you are moving with children, one of your main priorities certainly is safety. You will be thrilled to find out that Boynton Beach is one of the safest cities in the entire state. Even though this is not a small city at all, it still remains very peaceful. But this definitely doesn’t imply that it is a boring place to live in.

But, if you are moving with children to Boynton Beach, you will have fewer worries in regard to safety. Police patrols through the neighborhoods of Boynton Beach at night. Not because there is a need for that but just to prevent anything from happening. And over the last few years, crime rates have almost been non-existent. If you are already thinking about moving into your new Boynton Beach home, local experts can take care of it. Hiring professional assistance when moving to this lovely place is what we recommend.

Affordable housing

Plenty of young people relocate and settle down in Boyton Beach and one of the main reasons why Boynton Beach is because it has affordable yet amazing housing. There are so many lovely homes here for both renting and investing in. And the pricing is definitely not what you expect it to be. The average price for a home in this beautiful city is just around $450,000. You should also be aware of the fact that it is a place where living on a budget is easily possible.

Beach houses in Florida.
There are lots of beautiful beach houses in Boyton Beach.

When you consider the fact that you are living on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and that you are also living in one of the safest and most beautiful cities in the state, this price is nothing. But just wait until you see what the houses here look like. Most of them are new and modern. You can choose between an apartment and a house. It is also worth mentioning that the pricing of homes in Boynton Beach is on a constant rise which makes now the perfect time to invest in a real estate property.

Beautiful neighborhoods

Boynton Beach is known for having some of the most beautiful neighborhoods. And you will certainly agree when you see what the city looks like. The photos cannot express just how well put together it is. And no matter where in the city you find a home, City Movers can help you move into your new home easily.

Boyton Beach neighborhood.
Plenty of beautiful neighborhoods make it hard to choose one when you want to move to.

Lots of business opportunities

If you are a young professional, you should definitely consider moving to Boyton Beach and starting a business as it is a perfect place to do so. Many things make Florida a good place for starting a business, but Boynton Beach definitely one of the best options.

Boynton Beach has so much potential when it comes to business opportunities. The market is not saturated yet which is why now is a perfect time to start any business here. This is why the city is starting to fill up with young enthusiastic people and it is evolving into something much better and bigger than it was ever before. You also have to consider the numerous pros of owning a business in Florida such as lower taxes. This is why we believe now is the time to move to Boynton Beach.

A nice place to retire

If you already have a family and you are planning on moving this one last time, Boynton Beach certainly is a good option because it is one of the nicest places for retirement. Not only is this one of the best family-friendly Florida cities but it is also a retiree-friendly city. It is safe and peaceful but not boring. You can always go to the beach or spend time in nature. There are some amazing medical centers nearby as well which is just another thing on the list. If you decide to move to Boynton Beach, it will certainly not be something you regret doing.

Convincing reasons to move to Bloomfield as a senior

An old couple talking about the convincing reasons to move to Bloomfield as a senior.

You need to take your time when searching for the most suitable location for settling down. That is pretty important to handle with care because only then, you will be able to start a new life with ease. So, since that is your goal, it is highly recommendable to check out what Bloomfield in New Jersey has at your disposal! You see, this part of NJ has pretty much everything you might require to begin a new chapter as a senior. And if you are interested to learn how much your lifestyle will change when you move here, you might want to keep reading this text! Below, you will discover some of the most convincing reasons to move to Bloomfield as a senior!

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Most affordable residential areas in Baltimore

Baltimore view.

Changing life, apart from being emotionally exhausting, and physically demanding, is also expensive. These are situations where we have to know what we can do with our budget. The more attractive cities tend to be more expensive in every sense, all but Baltimore. With some effort, you will be able to find the most affordable residential areas in Baltimore and your new home.

Explore the city and find the best option

Baltimore is the biggest city in the state of Maryland. It is an independent city and it used to be an important harbor for trade ships. Nowadays Harbor is known as one of the happiest places to live. It is also most famous for shopping and restaurants and it attracts tourists, but also people who want to have their best life. It is perfect for families because it is possible to find a nice and affordable place to live if you take into consideration residential areas in Baltimore such as:

  • Locust Point
  • Riverside
  • Roland Park

When you plan your budget, don’t forget to include all costs, in detail. With you can arrange everything, so you will be able to calculate exactly how much money you will spend on packing and moving, and how much will be left for buying and furnishing your home.

A calculator, a pen, and some calculations.
Calculate your expenses and find affordable residential areas in Baltimore

Locus Point

Seated at the Patapsco River, Locust Point in the old days was the harbor entryway for Polish, Irish, and Italian American immigrants and has remained until today a multicultural area. This is a true historical gem. Home prices here are low as they can be, but rent is a bit over the national median. This means that you will have a great chance to buy yourself a new home and to furnish it just the way you like it. Just a simple stroll down the streets is an experience in itself and a time travel through American history. This neighborhood is perfect for young professionals.

Riverside is safe and affordable

This area is located close to the heart of Downtown Baltimore. Most homes are row houses and apartments and their value and rent are around the national median. Even if it is close to the Baltimore center this neighborhood is still quiet and peaceful. This is perfect for families with kids but also, this is a great place for seniors. Riverside is a paradise for people who like to walk and explore small markets that exist here.

Perfect place if you want to rent

In Roland Park rental prices is way below the national median so it could be perfect for people who are on a trip, for those who came to explore the city but not stay too long. In case you want to rent a living space, this is one of the most affordable residential areas in Baltimore. Local movers can give you a hand to settle in with no stress. The locals know the area best and will help you move in the easiest way. Also, if you need it, they can help you with packing and transportation, even to remote locations. This is a historic North Baltimore neighborhood, and it is one of the first suburban communities in the entire U.S. Houses are ranging from modern craftsman style to late Victorian. Even some modern age houses are being built.

Monopoly card and house model
This is a time to decide how long you want to stay

When you need to take care of your budget, finding the most affordable residential areas in Baltimore is essential. This city has so much to offer, so it will be possible to find what you need.

6 sights in and around Skokie, IL outdoor enthusiasts must check out

A person who doesn't know which sights in and around Skokie to visit holding a question mark in front of the face.

Illinois is known as a state that is suitable for living and a state that has a lot of different options. For instance, people are constantly looking for the best time to move to Chicago and other cities. But, in this case, we will talk about another charming and amazing place for living, which is Skokie. This place in Illinois is not only great for a living but there are amazing 6 sights in and around Skokie that you should definitely check out. So, in the following lines of this article, we will present to you the sights that you should visit and how to move to Skokie in a simple way!

What are the 6 sights in and around Skokie that you should check?

With a population of over 63,000 people, Skokie is a small, but amazing place in Illinois. Speaking of the sights, you should consider these places:

  • Museums. – The first one from the list of the 6 sights in and around Skokie are museums. In this place and in the surrounding area, you can find interesting museums and learn more about the history and other important events.
  • Nature Center. -Emily Oaks Nature Center is a perfect place to better connect with nature, see animals, and have an amazing time with your family. You can expect that you will see and learn a lot of new things.
  • Parks. – In the case that you want to spend time in nature, you can visit some of the parks. You can go with your family and organize a picnic and have an incredible time with your loved ones.
  • Theater.- Visiting theater in Skokie is also one of the activities that you should see. In this theater, you can expect quality plays.
  • Bike trails. – For adventure seekers, there are bike trails around Skokie. So, if you are into cycling, you can experience Skokie in a better way.
  • Other outdoor activities. – Finally, there are other outdoor activities, such as visiting bars, restaurants, and cafes in this city.

As you can see, these are the major sights that you should visit in Skokie. Living in this amazing place will give you other opportunities and great chances that you should definitely use. No matter if you are moving with your family or you are moving alone, you can be sure that you will love your lifestyle in Skokie. Now, if you are thinking about relocating to this place, remember that you should do it properly. In other words, moving preparations are crucial and it is important to do them properly. Speaking of them, we will present to you some useful tips and tricks.

A girl with a bike during a sunset.
You can experience the area by using your bike.

When you know the 6 sights in and around Skokie, it is time to prepare for the relocation process!

As we mentioned, when you are planning to move to Skokie, it is important to be prepared properly. In this way, you can expect that you will have a stress-free move and that you will keep all things under the control. When planning to move to this place, remember that it is important to start the process on time. If you start on time, you can set and finish all tasks in a simple way and without hurrying. To stay on track with your moving tasks, you should create a moving plan that you will follow during the process. This will help you to keep everything under the control and to have a clear image of your process. So, start organizing the process as soon as possible and you can be sure that you will move to Skokie in no time!

Skokie has reliable moving assistance

For every relocation process, hiring professionals is one of the essential things. Simply, when you have professionals you can rely on, you will not have to worry about the process and you will move to your new place of living in no time. After that, you will have plenty of time to discover these 6 sights in and around Skokie that we have presented to you. In order to speed up the process, remember that Skokie has reliable local movers who can help you to move with ease. In this way, you will settle in in no time and you can expect a smooth process. Call them as soon as possible and set all things for your upcoming move.

A smartphone.
Find and call professionals.

Look for a storage unit where you will keep some of the belongings

In the case that you need some time to finish the improvement of your home, remember that you can always rent a storage unit and keep some of the belongings inside. Since we are talking about Skokie, there are a lot of options that you can find in the area. If you rent a storage unit, you will make more space in your home. When looking for quality storage options, just visit the website. From this company, you can expect quality storage service and absolute safety of your goods.

Remember to set the costs on time

Speaking of the relocation process, do not forget that you have to set the costs on time. In this way, you will have a clear image of your budget situation and you will know how much money you will need. On the other hand, setting the costs will give you some other benefits. If you set them on time, you can have a chance to cut your moving expenses and relocate on the budget.

A calculator.
It is important to set the costs on time.

6 sights in and around Skokie will help you to better know the place

In the end, you can see that 6 sights in and around Skokie will help you to get a better image of the place. It means that you will know which places you should visit in Skokie. This will also help you to better adapt to your new place of living. So, move to Skokie and experience all these places that we have presented to you!

Best Indianapolis neighborhoods for seniors

A view at one of the best Indianapolis neighborhoods for seniors

When deciding where to retire, Indianapolis offers a wide range of alternatives. On the edges of the city, there are busy neighborhoods next to calm rural areas. And everything else in between. The greatest kind of place for you will rely on your individual requirements and circumstances. Crime rates, housing costs, the cost of living, employment prospects, public schools, and the recreational facilities available in a region. These are some typical factors individuals create when considering where to settle. Some people only consider a couple of these variables to be significant. The best Indianapolis neighborhoods will have the things you need the most. But be ready to fill out moving quotes correctly. Paperwork is very important when moving. And especially when you think about retiring.

Best Indianapolis neighborhoods for you

There are many great neighborhoods in Indianapolis. But the winner’s place will go to the area that will provide everything you need. You can choose where you will retire and settle in based on your needs. Some of the people’s favorite neighborhoods are the following:

  • Traders Point
  • Wynnedale- Spring Hill

It will be best to do your own research on what will be the best area for you. You can use the internet for this or go the old fashion way and ask around. At the end of the day, it is your life and choice. Therefore, don’t let anyone influence you on doing something you don’t want. Think about every possibility and need you may have. This will help you find the perfect neighborhood. Don’t forget that some of the household items are difficult to pack. So, if you can hire a professional to do that for you. This way you will avoid possible injuries.

A cup of coffee and a piece of paper to make a list of the best neighborhood in Indianapolis for seniors.
It will be best to make a list of things you will need from a place. So, you will always have a reminder.

Traders Point is a small suburban neighborhood

One of Indianapolis’ best neighborhoods to reside in is Traders Point. The fact that it is one of the cheaper options. With housing prices and living expenses below the city average. Is a key factor in this. With a variety of family-friendly activities, low crime rates, and excellent recreational opportunities. It is also a diverse area to live in. Less than 8,000 people live in this lightly populated suburban area of Indianapolis. Traders Point is a great area for both your retirement and family relocation. Just be sure to ask your movers some questions on a moving day. It will make you see the bigger picture.

Grandma and grandchild baking in the kitchen
When you retire, a whole new world will open up to you. You will have time to spend with your loved ones.

Wynnedale – Spring Hill is family-friendly

Marion County is where Wynnedale Spring Hill is located. There are about 6,000 people living there. And it has a thick suburban vibe. Families are drawn to this neighborhood because it has many family-friendly activities and highly regarded schools. The low crime rates are only one of the aspects of this community that appeal to all groups. The large range of activities available to residents, the diversity of the community, and the variety of housing alternatives. Not to mention, the affordable cost of living. These are some of the other reasons why people choose this neighborhood to settle in. You can retire here with your family or alone.

When relocating to the best Indianapolis neighborhoods be ready

When you are done with thinking and have a place in mind that you picked. You will need to pack all of the belonging that you gathered through the years. Luckily for you, pros can help with that. They can pack all of your items without any trouble. This means that your belongings will be professionally packed. Therefore, there will not be damaged in the process of moving.

6 tips for surviving a summer relocation in Virginia

Woman surviving a summer relocation.

Relocation is stressful and exhausting as is. Imagine then what it feels like to be doing it in the middle of the summer. If you don’t prepare properly, it won’t be good for you, that’s for sure. However, there are six useful tips for surviving a summer relocation in Virginia that can make this process a bit easier. Besides, there are also things you will need in your first apartment, and many other obligations waiting for you. A good preparation here is a must. Don’t try doing things on your own, or even experimenting. That would be a big mistake. Read these tips and organize everything according to them.

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Things you’ll need in your first apartment

A living room.

When moving to an apartment, there are a lot of things to organize and prepare. No matter if you are moving to a big city or to a small town, the process is the same. On the one side, you have to organize the moving process and prepare properly for it. But, on the other side, it is important to know the things you’ll need in your first apartment. By knowing them, you will make the entire process a lot easier and simpler, and adapting to your new apartment will not be a problem at all.

A list of things you’ll need in your first apartment

So, here are the most important things that you will need when you move into your new place:

  • Kitchen supplies.- Some of the things you’ll need in your first apartment are kitchen supplies. It means that you should move pots, pans, coffee makers, etc.
  • Cleaning supplies. – Remember that you will have to clean your place So, bring supplies for cleaning.
  • Bedroom belongings. – Pillows, lamps, curtains, etc. are some of the belongings for your new place of living.
  • Furniture.- When moving furniture, remember to hire professionals who will assist you with it.
  • Food. – Bring food and put it in the fridge as soon as possible.

These are things that you will need when you move into your new place of living. Before putting them, you can also think about making some improvements and changes. For example, you can make your new apartment bigger and more comfortable for a living. When improving your place, remember to take your time and to make sure that you finish all tasks properly.

A pot as one of the things you'll need in your first apartment.
Have pots in your new home.

Prepare for the moving process and stay calm

Once you have made a list of things you will need in your new place, it is time to be focused on the relocation process. It is not only about the organization. The relocation process can also be emotional and you have to mentally prepare for the process. Remember that leaving your family home can be tricky. So, take a deep breath, take your time, and be focused on the upcoming process. You should look at this situation as the beginning of something new and different. Even if every beginning is hard, remember that you will in a short period of time love your new place of living.

"Change" sign on the door.
Be prepared for the changes.

It is important to know the things you’ll need in your first apartment

As you can see, by knowing what things you’ll need in your first apartment, you will organize the entire process really fast and in a simple way. By putting these things, you will make your new place functional and suitable for a living. Also, remember to be mentally prepared for the process and to look on the bright side. Once you finish everything, enjoy your new place of living and your new beginning!

Tips for finding a starter home in Florida

A white and red wooden miniature of a house

Buying your first home is a big decision. Especially when you’re young, inexperienced, and risking all of your savings. That’s why it’s so important to study the topic before you even start your search for the perfect one. First of all, you have to think about location. Then about the costs and the budget, you can afford. But don’t worry! We’ve got your back. As per location, our suggestion is Florida. If you look into it, there are more and more people moving to thy sunny shores of Flo. And if there’s one thing to make you go there it’s the coastline. But feel free to explore other adventurous sides of Florida. And when it comes to choosing and searching, we’re there too. Here are some of the most important tips for finding a starter home in Florida to fulfill your dreams. Let’s begin!

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