10 Things To Consider When Moving with a Pet

A dog in a cardboard box ready for moving with a pet

Moving with a pet can be stressful. While dealing with finding a new home, packing, relocating, and saying goodbye, you also have to prepare your furry friend. Yes, it will all be worth it in the end. But, the process of the relocation itself is going to be time and energy-consuming. But, do not worry we are here to help you out. Keep on reading for some tips and tricks on moving with a pet.

1. Organize ASAP

When it comes to moving with a pet, you must organize yourself as soon as you set your moving date. Be sure that there will be a lot of tasks to finish until the guys from hilinemoving.com come to relocate your belongings.

2. Contact Your Vet

First things first, contact your pets’ vet. Tell him or her that you are moving with a pet and ask for advice. Maybe your pet needs some additional vaccinations or medications that you did not know of.

A vet holding a dog.
Visit your veterinarian before moving with a pet. 

3. Gather Your Pet’s Medical Records

While you are at the vet clinic, it would be a good idea to get your pet’s medical records. You will need those when moving out of the country. Moreover, your new vet will require those medical records too if you have to move internationally.

4. Find a New Vet

Then, do some research and try to find a new vet. Look for clinics that are close to your new home.

5. Find a Home Suitable For Your Pet

Moving means relocating to a new home. But, when moving with a pet, you must also consider their needs too. Thus, if you have a dog, look for homes that are close to parks. And, if you have a cat, make sure that your new home has a yard.

6. Pack Your Pets Belongings

When packing your household items, do not forget to pack your pet’s belongings too. For example – bed, water, and food bowl, leash, collar, toys, blankets, and similar. These items will help them a lot in their new surroundings.

7. Move Your Pet While Packing

Moreover, while you are packing, it would be a good idea to remove your pet from all the action. They may get in your way while heavy lifting and somebody might get injured. Also, pets do not react well to noises and changes.

A cat sleeping.
Keep your pet in a quiet place while packing.

8. Decide on Transportation Option

When it comes to transportation, you have to decide how will your pet travel to your new destination. If you are flying you must buy a carrier for your pet. If you are driving, you must equip your car for moving with a pet.

9. Stick to Your Routines

Once you unpack the boxes and settle in, you should try to stick to your old routines. For instance, if you and your dog used to go for a walk every morning, continue doing it.

10. It Will Be Worth It

Yes, all the things mentioned so far are time, money, and energy-consuming. Moving with a pet is not easy. But, remember one thing – in the end, it will all be worth it.

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