Why you should write a moving review after the move

Writing a word "review" on a typewriter

Writing a moving review after the relocation is something we always recommend to our readers. Why? You will find out soon enough even though you already know the answer. Short version – because people want to read your review! Just like you were looking at reviews when you were deciding on movers, many people are in the same position you were in some time ago.

Satisfied customers often forget to write!

This is unfortunately true. People who were not satisfied with the service or had any problem will go above and beyond to write a bad review. People who had a good experience will forget. That doesn’t sound fair at all, we know but that is the case. We know that after relocation there is this process called settling in and it can be tiring so it’s understandable that people sometimes forget to write their moving review. The problem with that is that only the voice of unhappy people is heard. The good work the movers did gets unnoticed. So, no matter if your experience is good, bad, or anything in between – write a moving review.

A person showing thumbs down
Unhappy customers are the first ones to leave a review.

You will be helping others

If you were happy with the service (or services) you received, by writing the review you will be helping your movers to get to more customers. You will be also helping people who are looking for good movers. After all your review is a recommendation. It’s like saying to a friend “Hey, I had a great experience with my Oklahoma movers – you should check them out”.

Help people to avoid scammers!

No matter which website you take a look at you will see that all movers claim that they are the best moving company in that area. That simply can not be true. Not everyone can be the best. Warn people by writing if the movers you worked with are scammers or tell them that this is an honest moving company and your experience was good.

Talk about prices

You don’t have to go into details since the costs of relocation depend on many factors like the scale of the relocation. Just tell them if you think that the price you got was too high. Also, tell them if you think that it was reasonable. That can help people who are (just like you once did) looking to find an honest and affordable moving company.

A man holding a megaphone and talking about a moving review
You have a voice, use it to help people!

To sum things up

It is essential to provide feedback since no one wants to squander time or resources on something that does not live up to their expectations. Reviews are an effective form of social proof, which is a type of persuasive argument. The survey indicates that eighty-four percent of consumers believe the website’s moving ratings just as much as they do the recommendations of their friends. That’s about it! Good luck.

How to arrange a relocation in Portland, OR in less than two weeks

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Nobody on the globe enjoys the thought of relocating. Every aspect of the process, including packing and logistics, and hard work, is exhausting and daunting. Most of us have to move while balancing other duties and areas of our life, such as full-time jobs, children, and pets. There’s no way about it: relocating stinks. But it doesn’t have to be as bad as it appears. With the help of our experts from Moving Companies Estimates and their friends, you will be able to do it! Now, let’s see how to arrange a relocation in Portland, OR in less than two weeks!

How to arrange a relocation in Portland, OR

Organizing a relocation in Portland, OR on short notice is challenging, but with the right tools and knowledge, it can be done successfully. We will go over the most important things that you should keep in mind during your move:

  • Get moving supplies
  • Get a moving company
  • Pack

Get moving supplies

Moving supplies and a moving company are the most essential things that you need to have sorted. Since you are moving on short notice, you will need to start with gathering moving supplies. It is crucial to find quality materials and don’t try to get cheap stuff. If you get low-quality boxes and other packing supplies, your possessions might get damaged or even destroyed! That is why it is very important to opt for higher-quality stuff. Plastic moving bins will provide a higher level of protection for your things and it will make loading the moving truck much quicker and easier. Less work is needed to carry those plastic bins compared to bulky cardboard boxes.

A woman packing for relocation to Portland with her child
Getting high-quality packing supplies will keep your items safer!

Get a moving company

This part will be a bit more challenging. If you are moving in peak season, you might find yourself having trouble finding movers. So, during your search include the words “short notice” when googling. That way you will be able to find movers that will be available more quickly. But, because of the short period of time, you will probably have to pay more than you would usually. Before hiring a mover, try to find multiple companies that are available and ask for estimates. And be sure to know which questions to ask your movers on moving day. That way you will be safe from any scams and extra fees that weren’t in the original offer.


Packing will probably be the most stressful part of your move. This requires a lot of tedious work and organizing. We recommend you pack room by room and label all of your boxes or bins. That way you will know what goes where after your move. Start with the things that you won’t need before your move. On the day before the move pack up the rest of your things and keep an essentials pack to help you survive the day after your move.

A dog in a box
Packing will require a lot of focus, so pay attention to everything!

In conclusion

It is possible to organize a relocation in Portland, OR in less than two weeks, but it will require a lot of focus and a lot of work. But, if you follow these tips you will have an easier time during your move!

Single’s guide to Atlanta neighborhoods

Atlanta view at night.

As a single person, you have a lot of different options to choose from when we talk about the new place of living. Simply, you can move more often and experience a lot of new and interesting places. So, in this case, we will present to you the single’s guide to Atlanta neighborhoods. With a population of over 488,000 people, Atlanta is one of the most popular cities in Georgia. This city has a lot of beautiful neighborhoods that can be suitable for you. Before you start organizing your move to a big city, it is important to know which neighborhoods are the good option!

Single’s guide to Atlanta neighborhoods – A list of the major ones

When we talk about Atlanta, this city has a lot of benefits. For instance, Atlanta is known as one of the most hipster cities in the USA. For singles, these are the neighborhoods that you should consider:

  • Inman Park.- Known for historical homes and affordable prices for renting, Inman Park is the first one from the list of the single’s guide to Atlanta neighborhoods. Shopping is something that is a common thing in this neighborhood!
  • Cabbagetown. – Like Inman Park, the prices for renting in Cabbagetown are affordable. This neighborhood has great job options and plenty of outdoor activities.
  • Midtown.- Speaking of Midtown, this is a residential community with affordable prices. There are also beautiful parks that you can visit in this neighborhood.

These are the top 3 neighborhoods in Atlanta for singles! As you can see, each of these neighborhoods offers great opportunities for a living. Be sure that no matter what is your decision, you are going to love your new place of living and you will enjoy your new environment.

A girl holding bags from shopping in one of the Atlanta neighborhoods.
There are great shops near Inman Park.

Hire residential movers who will help you to relocate to your new neighborhood

Now, we have to mention the moving process as one of the things from the single’s guide to Atlanta places. When we talk about how to relocate to some of these neighborhoods, remember that hiring professionals is an important thing. In other words, don’t do it alone. When you have professionals you can rely on, be sure that the entire process will go really fast and in a simple way. Just give them a call on time, so you can define all terms and conditions for your upcoming move.

A moving truck.
Ask residential movers to assist you.

Single’s guide to Atlanta neighborhoods is useful and helpful

To make a conclusion, when you know the single’s guide to Atlanta neighborhoods, you will know what are the best neighborhoods for living in this magnificent city. As we mentioned, whatever is your decision, you can be sure that you are going to love your new environment. Living in Atlanta will give you a lot of new opportunities and amazing chances that you should not miss. Also, you can be sure that you will meet a lot of new people!

How has the pandemic changed the moving industry cost-wise

A question mark on a black board for all the changes that have happened in the moving industry.

The pandemic changed everything even the moving industry. In fact, every aspect of our everyday life has changed since 2019. The global economy was hit hard. Many people lost their jobs. Many businesses had to close their doors forever. Things are looking better and better each year but the fact is that we still haven’t recovered. Maybe we never will. This was such a big shock for everybody and there are chances that some things will change forever. The one good thing that happened is that all of us started to take more care. We think more about our healthcare and hygiene.

What happened to moving industry since the pandemic hit?

When COVID – 19 first hit people stopped moving so much. Also, they stopped buying real estate as much so there was no need to relocate. Airplanes stopped flying. Everything stopped basically so as you can expect moving industry stopped. With the curfew and everything many stopped working and haven’t recovered to this day. The ones that were left standing had to compete. Naturally the first thing most of them did – they lowered prices.

A professional mover next to his moving van
Many movers couldn’t compete and work in the conditions that curfew demanded and simply didn’t make it. But some endured.

Lower prices

In order to compete most movers lowered prices or they started adding some special services for free. It became very popular to give free estimates too. On the other hand, while prices were getting lower the hygiene standard was raising. So, that is a plus.

Long-distance relocations

Long-distance relocations became very popular. People started moving from big cities to rural areas. As you can assume the prices for long-distance relocations did not lower. In fact, this area of the moving industry is the only one that is more expansive now.

Going online

No contact relocation became a thing. Of course, the price was made upon the spot for this service and yes it is higher. Many other new services became a thing. The good thing about those is that movers had the liberty to invent new prices. Almost all movers went online. Nowadays this is the only way to stay in the moving industry. You need to have a website.

A laptop as the moving industry is going online
If you own a business today – you need to be online and have a website.

How is the moving industry now?

Everything is slowly going back to the “new normal” and as you can assume the prices are going up too. People are buying and relocating. Movers have more relocations on their hands now. Hopefully, everything will be fine in a few short years but for now, all we can do is wait, and while we are waiting to take care of ourselves and our families as much as we can. And the high level of hygiene in the moving industry is really nice.

Guide to filling out moving quote forms

A contract and a pen

We all know that the moving process requires a lot of things to manage and handle. Simply, no matter where you are planning to relocate, you have a lot of things to do. One of the most important things is doing the calculation of the moving cost on time. Speaking about calculating the costs, you can definitely consider getting a moving quote as one of the most reliable ways for finding out the costs. But, another important thing is filling out moving quote forms. If you are looking to find out how to do it properly, we will present to you some useful tips and tricks.

Tips for filling out moving quote forms

No matter if you are moving to a big city, or you are planning to make a local move, finding out the costs on time is an important thing. Here are the tips that will help you to fill the forms:

  • What is the bill of landing? – This is the primary document when you are filling out moving quote forms. In other words, this is the offical document between a moving company and you. In this document, you will have defined the temrs and conditions of your upcoming relocation.
  • The packing process. – One of the important parts of the moving process is packing your belongings. It is important to define how many boxes will movers pack for you and this is also included in the costs.
  • Transportation vehicle. – Another important thing is how you are going to transport your belongings. For instnace, are you going to use a moving van or a moving truck?
  • Inventory. – In the case that you have some fragile items, it is important to announce that in the form. Not only that movers will pay attention to these belongings even more, but moving this type of belongings might cost you extra.

All these things are considered in the moving quote form. By defining them and filling up the form, you will know how much the entire process is going to cost you before you even start the relocation process.

A moving truck as one of the things that you should define when filling out moving quote forms.
Think about how you are going to transport your belongings.

Always have several companies that you can compare

Now, when we talk about hiring a moving company that can provide you with moving quote forms and quality services, it is important to have several companies that you can compare. In this way, you will be able to check the prices, see the services that the company offers, and many other things. This will help you to get a better image and to make a better decision about hiring a certain company.

A scale with question marks.
Compare the moving companies and pick a suitable option.

Filling out moving quote forms is an important thing

As you can see, by filling out moving quote forms, you will get a better image of the costs and you will know what you can expect from a moving company. Also, when you fill the forms, it will show you if a company is reliable and decent or not. To say it in simple words, the forms will definitely make the relocation process easier and simpler for you.

Moving to a big city: 3 things to consider


Moving to a big city can be quite exciting. It can also be quite challenging. Especially if you never lived in a big city and don’t know your way around it. Also, not all big cities are the same. For example, New York is a huge metropolis that’s unlike any other. Sometimes even New Yorkers find it difficult to handle the noise, the traffic, the constant hassle. But those cities have some perks. For example, there are no better job opportunities, or better nightlife so it’s worth the hassle.

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Factors to consider if planning to start a business in East Village

A person in the office.

Many people choose to start a business in East Village for numerous reasons. Definitely, this neighborhood in Manhattan has to offer a lot of things that are very useful when something like a new business is in question. Here, in this article, you will read more about the factors in this part of New York City that you should consider before you bring a final decision regarding the future of your career.

If you start a business in East Village, you will have excellent employees

First of all, East Village has many young people who have finished college and university. Also, this neighborhood has young graduates who are very inspired, ambitious, and capable of getting the work done properly. These young people who are starting their careers can be excellent employees for your firm. Some statistics show that the persons who get their first job are willing to work much harder than the ones who are in business for a longer period of time. This is because they want to prove themselves to other people and also see how much they can achieve. If you are determined to start your business here, then you should start planning your family relocation. The best will be to start a couple of months earlier and create the lists of things that you should do. Also, we advise you to make moving checklists with all your belongings. Moreover, plan your budget carefully and see how you can cut some moving costs if possible.

A modern office space.
East Village has many young people who can work in your office.

East Village offers excellent office locations

Secondly, you should know that East Village in Manhattan has to offer many excellent locations for your office or some other kind of workspace that you need for your business. However, you should hire professional help when something like this is in question, just to be on the safe side and be sure that you are renting the right space for your needs. So, we advise you to hire a real estate agent who is reliable and who knows this part of New York City well, for these things are very important. Therefore, you should contact your closest people and ask them for recommendations and advice, and see if you can find and hire a person who lives nearby and is already experienced in his or her work.

Beautiful office space you can get if you start a business in East Village.
Hire an expert to help you find a perfect office space.

Moving and storage services in East Village

In order to relocate to East Village quickly and smoothly with your loved ones before you start your business here, you should look for cost-effective assistance nearby. Surely, you will need moving and storage services, so you should find a company that has to offer everything that you need for a reasonable price. In East Village, there are many experienced professionals that you can hire to help you with your move. Almost all companies have to offer transportation, while some have excellent storage spaces that you can use for your belongings. But, it is important to find the spaces that have ideal conditions for the kind of items that you need to store. The best is to contact the companies in East Village you find okay and ask them all the questions regarding their storage spaces, and other services.

How to find a good moving company for your business relocation to East Village?

If you are afraid that you could make a mistake regarding the choice of the company for your relocation to East Village, you can follow certain steps that can be helpful. Perhaps they will lead you to your ideal experts and prevent you from making mistakes and wrong choices. First of all, you can read the reviews on the websites of the companies you are considering hiring. Secondly, you can contact the people who had experiences with different companies and ask for tips and recommendations. Thirdly, you can contact some companies directly and ask them all that interests you on the phone. And, if one of them seems reliable, you can go and talk to those people in person. Moreover, you can check out Capital City Movers NYC for they can be the perfect choice for you. See what they are offering and contact their representative.

In East Village, you can meet many new business partners

The great thing about starting a business in the East Village is that there are many people from different branches that you can meet. Moreover, many events are organized here and attended by numerous business people. Definitely, this offers a possibility of making new connections and perhaps also finding new partners. All of this is important for your business development and growth. Possibly, good partnerships will ensure you excellent profit that will show in a couple of months.

A handshake.
There are many business people that you can meet in East Village.

Moving to East Village will bring great educational opportunities to your kids

Importantly, this neighborhood in New York City has to offer very good educational opportunities for your kids once you all relocate here. According to statistics, this part of Manhattan has many educated persons. So, if you definitely want to start your business here, then you should also start house hunting on time. There are many nice apartments that you can buy or rent here. But perhaps you would like to have some help. We strongly advise you to look for a real estate agent who is a reliable, open, and experienced person. With the right expert by your side, there can be no mistakes. And, it is likely that he or she will find your new home very soon. Just make sure to clearly explain what you really want. In this way, there will be no misunderstandings.

Best Ontario cities for young families: 2021 edition

Parents walking their child in a park

If you plan on moving to Canada anytime soon, you are probably aware of the fact that Canada has been ranked as the 3rd best country to live in the world. Living in Canada comes with many pros. For instance, if you live here, you will have access to one of the best healthcare and education systems in the world, you will be able to get a great job that pays well, and you will be able to live in your dream home. These are just some of the things that Canada can offer you and your family. If you have not made up your mind yet, consider moving to Ontario! According to many types of research, it is one of the best provinces for starting and raising a family. With that in mind, here are some of the best Ontario cities for young families.


Toronto is definitely one of the best cities in the world to live in. And, according to many families living there already, it is a great place for raising children. Moreover, if you do not have a family yet, but intend on having one in foreseeable future, you will be glad to hear that Ontario is one of the best cities for singles in Canada too! Even though it is highly populated (around 2.9 million people live there), the crime rate is close to 0%. So, safety should not be your concern. Another thing that should not be your concern is finding a job as the unemployment rate is also close to 0%.

While you are at work, your children will be able to attend some of the best schools and extra-curricular activities. And, on those days off, you can all go out and explore Toronto – there is a lot to see and do! This is why Toronto is one of the best Ontario cities for young families.

Two boys playing in one of the best Ontario Cities for young families
Your children will always have somebody to play with in Ontario!


If living in a big city like Toronto is not for you and your family, do not worry there are alternatives. The city of Bradford is a great combination of urban and rural – you will be able to enjoy the small-town feel and nature, but still have all the big city amenities. If you found a job in Toronto, you can even commute as it is just an hour away.

In Bradford, you will be able to have nature at your doorstep. All possible natural and sports activities are welcomed here. And, it does not have to be an ‘active’ activity, here, you can just enjoy nature by itself. The best part is that everything will be right at your fingertips – office, school, park, supermarket, bank, etc. So, if you like what you hear, consider moving to Bradford and finding reliable partners to help you settle in.


When looking for the best Ontario cities for young families, you are probably thinking that Ottawa is something that should be avoided. It is understandable – Ottawa is the capital city, and thus, people think that it is not a good place for starting or raising a family. However, they are wrong! Ottawa is a great place to call home! It is far from busy and hectic – quite the contrary. It has a kind of suburban charm, it is safe, and most importantly, it is full of fun activities for the whole family to enjoy.

The only con of living in Ottawa (and in Toronto) is the price tag. Being the capital city, the prices of everything are higher when compared to other cities in Ontario. But, there is nothing to worry about – even though the standard of living is high, so are the salaries. Thus, do not let this information stop you from moving to Ottawa – after all, there are many ways to cut costs for your upcoming move.

Two boys running.
Your children will love growing up in Ottawa!

St. Catharines

If you are a fan of Niagara Falls, you will love living in St. Catharines. This is the largest city in the Niagara region, but still one of the best Ontario cities for young families. You will be able to find a good-paying job, your children will go to great schools located in safe communities, and you will not have to spend a fortune on your new home. Thus, hurry up and find some movers to help you relocate. You are in luck again – the moving service is great in the city, thus finding reliable and affordable movers will not be hard.

Another thing that makes St. Catherine one of the best Ontario cities for young families is the fact that this city is full with parks, gardens, forests, trails, and almost all ‘natural’ things you can imagine. So, do not worry about what will you do on those weekends.

A mother holding a child in her arms and smiling in a prak.
Your children will grow up loving nature here in St. Catharines.


Last but certainly not the least city on our list of the best Ontario cities for young families is Waterloo. It is located in the southern part of Ontario, so let us tell you right at the beginning that winters in this Southern part are bad. So, if you do decide to move here, do not forget to pack a lot of winter clothes and equip yourself with the best packing materials. However, that is the only con. Everything else regarding the city is amazing employment opportunities, amazing schools, great healthcare, a favorable climate during the other three seasons, safe neighborhoods, and affordable real estate options.

What is more, the city of Waterloo is home to a lot of immigrants. People from all over the world come here to live. This means that your children will grow up meeting people from many diverse nations. And, who knows, maybe they will grow up understanding many languages too!