How to make your new apartment seem bigger?

Apartment Small - How to make your new apartment seem bigger?

Sometimes living in a new apartment can feel kind of cramped. But, it doesn’t always have to be like that. There’re plenty of things you can do to make your new apartment seem bigger. Here are some tips you can use to achieve that. 

Choose colors carefully to make your new apartment seem bigger

Dark colors make your apartment feel smaller than it is. But, light colors make space seem larger. So, stick to pale tones for the walls. Try white, cream, light blues, and light grays. Also, use a different color for the rugs for the nice contrast. Plants are another great way to give your space a pop of color. They provide a more tranquil and natural feel for your overall decor. Plus, plants carry the bonus of purifying your air. So, consider these tips if you are moving to a smaller apartment.

Living Room Wall
Paint your walls in light colors because that will make your new apartment seem bigger.

Storage container

If the room is empty and clean, it naturally feels bigger. So, fill your apartment with storage spaces. They can be hidden or visible. You can stock up on storage containers from the store. But also be creative with what you already have. 

Say “No” to clutter if you want to make your new apartment seem bigger

It’s tempting to decorate the apartment with lots of cute little pieces of décor. But, keep in mind that you’re not doing yourself any favors. The crowded apartment feels smaller than it is. So, try to keep as many areas free of clutter as you can. You can use a simple guide for decluttering your NYC apartmentAlso, go minimalist with your decorating. If you want to have a bunch of small trinkets, put them in one specific area. They can sit next to each other on a certain shelf.

Use the right light

If your apartment is brighter, it will also feel bigger. Even though you can’t usually add new windows, try to keep them open, so the light comes in. Also, you can put lots of lamps around. They will give off a much better color than overhead ones. Plus, they help you control shadows that shrink spaces.

Keep your windows clear

Design magazines say amazing curtains and other window treatments will make your home look more beautiful. That works in big homes, but the opposite is true for smaller apartments. Keep your windows clear to make your new apartment seem bigger. Also, regularly clean the glass because that adds the feeling of size.

Window - Make your new apartment seem bigger
Keep your windows clear, it will make your apartment look bigger.

Use rugs to highlight areas 

If you put a different color rug in your rooms and corners, you’ll think about them as different places. That will make you think you have a lot of different areas in your apartment. So, it will feel bigger.


Using a mirror is a classic technique that will make space feel bigger. Think of how many restaurants and hotels take advantage of this. You don’t need to cover the wall with a mirror, but placing a few around in strategic places will give you the illusion of more space.

Other tips that will make your apartment seem bigger

  • Find the furniture that is customized 
  • Use folding chairs 
  • Hang instead of stacking
  • Open door policy

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