7 insightful tips for moving your household internationally

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One of the greatest adventures on which you can embark in life is relocation. This is usually the most exciting and the most stressful quest and it can give you all that you ever wanted. You will get the change you need at every possible level. This is especially expressed if you are moving your household internationally. This will require more serious preparation and commitment but the price will be shinier. It is not so hard to find the reason for such a move but have in mind that having only one is not going to be enough and you have to own a good one because you need to be sure when making this huge switch.

1 Jump over every obstacle

The most essential thing is to start on time, with everything. Try to follow some insightful tips for moving your household internationally and help yourself. Unfortunately, it is not just about making a decision and packing your bags. Uncontrary, you are going to need the best plan you can make and the most detailed checklist if you want to do it properly. Waiting time and money is not an option in this case so it is for the best to rely on professionals. Have in mind that professionals can help you prepare without wasting your time and money. They know the best way to pack and move your household internationally. That’s why it is best for you to organize everything in advance and after that start with the execution. Start with the most important things :

  • Finding a new place
  • Provide living conditions
  • Ask about the paperwork
  • Hire the moving company
  • Say a proper goodbuy
  • Make a backup plan
  • Be open minded
Write down everything

It seems like a lot to do and, let’s not be foolish, it is a lot. The positive side is that your life is enriched and changed and that is worth fighting for.

2 Citizen of the world

Once you make a decision to move, and when you realize that you are ready for anything, you will realize that you have the whole world in your palm. It sounds dreamy to choose any place in the world for a living but, in fact, making that choice will require more work than you possibly imagine. Even if we put this in the first place, it should actually be the thing you have to think about while dealing with other things. Your final decision has to be harmonized with all other choices you make and possible, depending on the conditions you will encounter.No matter what you choose, at least you can be sure that you are going to have the right support when moving. When moving your household internationally, you will not be able to do it all by yourself so you should let experts handle the heavy lifting and moving implementation overseas.

Everything you want

3 Something new and challenging

This is a great chance to try something new and to give yourself a chance to fulfill your dreams. This is the time to leave your exhausting job and find something that will fulfill you. The sky is the limit once you make a choice to leave everything. There is a number of benefits to finding a job in advance. The first one is that you will be able to find your dream job. At the same time, you will provide yourself with a living and even the relocation will be much easier if you have a work place. If you are brave enough, you can start your own business or think about the expansion of existing ones on the bigger market, overseas.

4 Passport is not enough

Moving your household internationally will require more than just one paper. Ask about necessary documents. Probably you are going to need a valid passport, visa, working permission, birth certificate, medical and school records, social security documents. Depending on where you go, there may be differences and variations in the required documents. Explore this as best as you can because it will be a problem if you miss something. You will need some time to collect everything so it is best to start on time.

5 Logical choice

No matter how much you want to do it all by yourself,  moving your household internationally is a quest too big for anyone. You can organize your move, that is the fact, but in this case, you will waste your time and money. There is a good reason why people are hiring professional moving companies. Choosing Transparent International NYC is the best choice you can make. They have experience and they know their job very well so you don’t have to worry. You can be relaxed because your stuff is in safe hands.

6 When everything is ready

You can not just disappear from the country and people’s lives. It is important to prepare your loved ones for this change. When you have a clear image and a plan about your next moves, sit with them and tell them the news. Preparation is essential if you have a family. In that case, they need to be included in planning because they will accept the change more easily.

Huged people
Spread some love

7 Have a plan B, and C, just in case

Moving your household internationally is more complicated than it sounds. You will face a great number of obstacles but in order, to have your time, money, and sanity be prepared and have a backup option for any kind of trouble. For example, if you can’t find the right location, hire a real estate agent, have a replacement for a moving company, find several job opportunities that will allow you to compare them, choose the best, and have a substitute if something goes wrong.

8 Be a nerd

Knowing the language, customs, something about history and culture will help you to adapt more quickly and easily. Besides this, you need to know something about your new living place. At least, nowadays, you have an opportunity to conduct research from the comfort of your armchair, so don’t be lazy.

Moving your household internationally is a responsible task. The better you prepare the easier you will be able to carry it out. The right tips will help you, at least, to focus on the right things.

Smart ways to quickly organize a long-distance move in New Jersey

Woman writing on a box organising a long-distance move in New Jersey.

A long-distance move is both an endeavor and an adventure. There is a big difference between moving locally and crossing thousands of miles to reach your end destination, and that should be taken into account when getting ready for the relocation. But, as they say, planning is half the work. When you put effort into your move and arm yourself with patience, it should be a piece of cake to organize your long-distance move in New Jersey. And besides, we are here to help!

How to quickly organize a long-distance move in NJ

Your cross-country relocation is bound to go great when you rock the preparation stage. If you develop a solid system and get help, you will get there in no time. To assist you with that, we did our research and came up with the following tips for your long-distance move in New Jersey.

A parked moving white moving truck.
A long-distance relocation can run smoothly with a solid plan and help from reliable service providers.

Do your research

Whether it is related to the actual move or your destination, research is crucial when moving home. You will need to look into all the service providers, including moving services, transportation, storage, etc. When hiring a moving company, it is important that you team up with the best ones so you can rely on them to do a good job. 

A couple putting moving boxes into a truck of a car.
Before you are on your way, you should gather all the info about the move and your destination.

When it comes to your new home location, it’s a smart move to inform yourself of the place. Gather details about your new neighborhood, schools, the weather. If you’re bringing a pet with you on your long-distance move, getting the hand on all the necessary ordinances is a must!

Plan the finances

A long-distance move in New Jersey is not just a time-consuming project, it can be pricey as well. That’s why having a good overlook on your finances and finding service providers with reasonable prices is so necessary. 
If you don’t know your budget from the start, you could end up overpaying and spending more than you ever imagined. 

Get a moving quote

Getting moving quotes from moving agencies is a useful way to plan your budget. Most moving companies offer a cost estimate, which can be done both in-person and virtually. If possible, it is best to get an on-sight estimate. This way both you and the movers will know what to expect – there will be no surprises for the move (no surprises on the check as well!).

Make the inventory

When preparing for an interstate move in New Jersey you need to sort out your belongings. The best way to do it is to split it into categories:

  • Move – Goes for the essential pieces that are coming with you.
  • Sell – You cannot bring everything with you, so why not make some money off of it.
  • Donate – Make sure to check where in NJ you can donate your belongings. Things that no longer serve you can make someone very happy!
    Here you can apply the one year rule – if you haven’t used an item for a year, it might be a good idea to give it away.
  • Recycle – Try to find suitable recycle bins, especially if you have bulkier items to throw out.
A guy standing above a moving box, checking things off a list.
Checking things off your list is satisfying and it will keep you better organised for your long-distance move.

When you finish sorting out your items into these categories, a good idea would be to make an inventory list. That way you can check things off your list and keep track of the packing. 

That brings us to the next thing:

Work out a packing system when preparing for a long-distance move in New Jersey

As you can guess – for a move to be successful, we need to pack well. It is best to prepare all the packing supplies in advance, such as moving boxes, tape, packing paper, bubble wrap, etc. Do keep in mind that you are moving long-distance, so some items might need special attention.

When it comes to fragile items, putting them in bubble wrap might be helpful, as a protection for the trip. You might need to think about putting extra care into packing your wood furniture as well.

It is also important to break your packing plan into smaller tasks and set up a timeline to follow.

A hand writing on a cardboard box.
Labelling boxes will make your unpacking job that much easier.

Packing is a demanding task, so if you are feeling stressed, don’t hesitate to get help! Some moving companies in New Jersey, such as Ample Moving NJ, offer packing services as well.

Get a moving insurance

When you’ve packed all your valuables, it’s important to also protect them for your interstate relocation. Some items probably are covered with your home and auto insurance, but when you organize a long-distance move, it pays out to be extra careful.

We recommended having a sit-down with your agent and working out all the details. Keep in mind that most professional moving companies in New Jersey can also provide additional insurance for you.

Prepare for your movers

If you decide to get help with your long-distance move, it also means that you need to prep your home before the professionals take over. Labeling and organising the boxes is a large portion of the job.
When movers arrive, it’s good to be there to greet them and show them the place. You should provide refreshments and snacks, along with any instructions you have for them. But also keep in mind to leave them to do their job!
You can also tip your movers if you are satisfied with the job done, thus thanking them for all the hard work.

Take a note of the delivery window

When you are relocating cross-country it is difficult to set an exact date all of your belongings will arrive. A reason for that is the many parts of the relocation which are intricate and interdependent. That’s why a “moving window” might even take up to 2 weeks.
You should get an estimate from your moving company and plan around it, meaning having the essential boxes of personal necessities with you.

Having to quickly organize a long-distance move in New Jersey hopefully doesn’t seem so scary now, after you have read all of our tips. The last one is: Don’t forget to have fun with it! You are embarking on this adventure and starting a new chapter in your life. Good luck!

How to make your new apartment seem bigger?

Apartment Small - How to make your new apartment seem bigger?

Sometimes living in a new apartment can feel kind of cramped. But, it doesn’t always have to be like that. There’re plenty of things you can do to make your new apartment seem bigger. Here are some tips you can use to achieve that. 

Choose colors carefully to make your new apartment seem bigger

Dark colors make your apartment feel smaller than it is. But, light colors make space seem larger. So, stick to pale tones for the walls. Try white, cream, light blues, and light grays. Also, use a different color for the rugs for the nice contrast. Plants are another great way to give your space a pop of color. They provide a more tranquil and natural feel for your overall decor. Plus, plants carry the bonus of purifying your air. So, consider these tips if you are moving to a smaller apartment.

Living Room Wall
Paint your walls in light colors because that will make your new apartment seem bigger.

Storage container

If the room is empty and clean, it naturally feels bigger. So, fill your apartment with storage spaces. They can be hidden or visible. You can stock up on storage containers from the store. But also be creative with what you already have. 

Say “No” to clutter if you want to make your new apartment seem bigger

It’s tempting to decorate the apartment with lots of cute little pieces of décor. But, keep in mind that you’re not doing yourself any favors. The crowded apartment feels smaller than it is. So, try to keep as many areas free of clutter as you can. You can use a simple guide for decluttering your NYC apartmentAlso, go minimalist with your decorating. If you want to have a bunch of small trinkets, put them in one specific area. They can sit next to each other on a certain shelf.

Use the right light

If your apartment is brighter, it will also feel bigger. Even though you can’t usually add new windows, try to keep them open, so the light comes in. Also, you can put lots of lamps around. They will give off a much better color than overhead ones. Plus, they help you control shadows that shrink spaces.

Keep your windows clear

Design magazines say amazing curtains and other window treatments will make your home look more beautiful. That works in big homes, but the opposite is true for smaller apartments. Keep your windows clear to make your new apartment seem bigger. Also, regularly clean the glass because that adds the feeling of size.

Window - Make your new apartment seem bigger
Keep your windows clear, it will make your apartment look bigger.

Use rugs to highlight areas 

If you put a different color rug in your rooms and corners, you’ll think about them as different places. That will make you think you have a lot of different areas in your apartment. So, it will feel bigger.


Using a mirror is a classic technique that will make space feel bigger. Think of how many restaurants and hotels take advantage of this. You don’t need to cover the wall with a mirror, but placing a few around in strategic places will give you the illusion of more space.

Other tips that will make your apartment seem bigger

  • Find the furniture that is customized 
  • Use folding chairs 
  • Hang instead of stacking
  • Open door policy

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How to prepare for the movers

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Everything you need to know about art handling

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