How to organize your moving as a student?

A student carrying a bag and holding a book in his arm.

If you are planning to continue your education to another city at a college or university, congratulations on that! Once you pass the exams and know your future university or college, there are still other things to manage. Do not forget that this means that you need to organize your moving as a student to another city. At the beginning of this process, you should know the major thing: when you are about to make this type of relocation. In other words, you need to plan every step and to make sure that everything goes smoothly. Here is what you should do. Read More …

How to Estimate the Time You’ll Need to Unpack After Moving?

A clock on the road.

When packing for a relocation, one should start weeks if not months ahead of time. We always estimate that we will need quite some time to pack up our belongings in order to move. However, how do you estimate the time you’ll need to unpack after moving? Now that’s the real question! If we actually think about it, it is kind of funny how we don’t really discuss this matter much. We always read about advice on how to pack, when to start packing, how to move your belongings, but we don’t often read about what we do when we are settled into our new home. In all essence, that is when the real work begins.  Read More …

How to cut NYC moving costs?

A New York skyline.

When people start thinking about moving to New York City, probably some of the first things that come to their minds are ‘ the city that never sleeps’, ‘if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere’ and probably living life like those on the movie screens. It is all fun and games until they start thinking about the process of relocation. This is when most of them realize that they will have to spend a lot of money and a lot of time and energy on it. The biggest concern is usually the cost of moving to a big city. Yes, moving to a place as lavish as New York comes with a hefty price tag! But, do not worry, there is a way to cut NYC moving costs. So, if interested, keep on reading for some useful tips and tricks. Read More …

Tips for a zero-waste move

A zero-waste logo.

Our planet has a lot of garbage and plastic. It hurts animals, plants, and people too. When moving, trying to have a minimum waste is a small step for you, but it matters to Earth. One human cannot change it, but together, we can make our planet a safe and healthy place for living. A zero-waste move is possible and easy to do. With only a few tips, you can do a lot for future generations.

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Tips for Renting a Storage Unit for the First Time

warehouse entrance; available place for renting a storage unit

Whether you’re downsizing, renovating or relocating, renting a storage unit is an efficient way of housing your belongings for any period of time. However, if you’ve never rented a storage unit, you might be feeling a bit intimidated by the whole process, your head buzzing with questions. Below are some useful tips for first-time renters that will surely help you with making the right decision.

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How to speed up the relocation process?

Ways in which you can speed up the relocation process and the transportation of boxes

In an ideal world, you will have enough time to prepare for the move and you will finish everything on time. However, you need to be aware of the fact that this scenario rarely happens. But, in order to avoid packing and transporting everything just in the nick of time, we will give you some tips on how to speed up the relocation process. Put them into practice and you will avoid stressing yourself. You will even complete the tasks more quickly than you thought.

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Pros and cons of dumpster rental in Massachusetts

a dumpster

Whether you’re doing the springtime cleaning or relocating, you will notice one thing – there’s a lot of junk in your home. It’s surprising how many unnecessary things we can accumulate in our home. When it’s time for decluttering, renting a dumpster may be the right choice to get rid of your waste. This guide will show you the pros and cons of dumpster rental in Massachusetts.

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10 Tips for Moving to a New Place During Christmas time

Moving is a pretty hard and stressful process at any time of the year. This can also be said about moving during Christmas. Everyone will be celebrating so you will have a big job in front of you if you want to have time to celebrate. But do not worry if you follow some simple tips for moving to a new place during Christmas. Either if your move got booked during the season or you just want to take advantage of the cheaper out of moving season prices. You will be able to enjoy the holidays in your new home in no time.

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Making an inventory list 101

Making an inventory list

Are you moving to a new home? If you do, you should make sure all of your belongings are safe while they reach your new home. For safety measures, insurance purposes and more effective packing and unpacking process, you should consider making an inventory list. Use our guide to organize everything like a professional and create a list of your inventory with ease. Read More …

How to pack your kitchen for the move

A kitchen

When it comes to packing, everyone has a room that seems to be the most difficult one for putting in a box. The kitchen seems to be the most dreaded one by far. All of the oddly shaped, breakable, pointy and sharp objects truly attest to its reputation of being the hardest room for packing. But, have no fear! This simple guide will give you all the necessary information in order to pack your kitchen without breaking a sweat. Read More …