Moving in Manhattan: top 5 challenges you’ll face

Pushing a stone.

Are you considering moving to NYC soon? Do you know how to prepare and what to expect after moving there? If you have chosen Manhattan as your future home, what are the challenges you will face? Moving in Manhattan is a big step, and you should learn what it is like living there. We’re offering the answers.

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Pros and cons of hiring professional packers


Hiring professional packers is a very common practice nowadays. Packing surely must be one of the most boring things you need to do before relocation. So, movers thought that hiring a packer might help, and many people love this service. You see they come to your house, pack all your belongings ( and they do it correctly ) and you are good to go.

Hiring professional packers and prices

You can list this under con of course, but they work for the money. Yes, it will cost more if you hire them but can you do the same job in the same amount of time? The answer is probably not, so yes it will cost you more. But take a look at their website or give them a call and ask about prices, they are never overcharging.

It will cost more, but it will be done quickly and properly. So, if you can afford this – go for it.

The convenience

This is for the pro list. Just imagine how this can be a convenient option in case you simply have a lot of things, or if you are in a hurry. It’s also very convenient for people with small children who cant simply dedicate two days to this task. So, yes hiring professional packers is very convenient.

Time management

If you are in a hurry, this will be the best option. They are professionals and they can do it very quickly. Also, you will know that everything is packed correctly, labeled, and ready to go. Your beloved household items will be safe on the road. That is always a good thing.

Do your research

Not all packers are great. So, in order to find good and reliable ones, you must do some research. You can do it online of course but you need to do it. Take a look at their website, take a look at the reviews other people left. That will tell you a lot about their previous work. You should do the same – leave a review after you are done with your packers. That will help others greatly.

doing research before hiring professional packers
Read all about the packers you plan on calling up. Also, leave your experience after no matter the outcome. That will help others who are in the same position you are in now.

“Packers are for lazy people”

You will surely hear that somewhere and that is far from the truth. Relocations are hard work and also very stressful. If you can manage to avoid any part of the hassle that’s only going to benefit you. It’s much more important to spend your time organizing something like a school transfer for the kids than to fold the clothes. So, don’t worry, hiring professional packers will only benefit you and if you can afford it we say – go for it. Your relocation will be easier that way surely.