Can moving house cause depression?

A girl with depression

Although we know that it is a serial health condition, moving house cause depression. At least scientists claim it. There are lots of reasons for it. People with this condition know that there are triggers that cause the starting of this condition. Even with the best moving company, it could be a problem.

  • Moving house cause depression because it is a significant change in life – and people with this problem have troubles to adapt to the new conditions;
  • For some people a new location is big trouble – learn planning your Texas relocation guide step-by-step;
  • People with depression usually have a fear of the new people in their life – they afraid of new relationships, friendships, and even people that will meet every day in the street.

A girl
Depression is serious disease but you can avoid common triggers

Fear of new situation means that moving house cause depression

People with depression do not have a constant fear of everything. In most cases, they live their lives pretty much successfully and readily accept new conditions. However, there are small signs that they will not be able to adapt to a new place or neighbor. It does not mean that they have a problem with a particular move. In most cases, some triggers caused a new stage of depression.

Losing of familiar things

People with depression have trouble adapting to new situations and circumstances. They cannot readily accept the unique location, friends. Moving is hard for them. But firstly, estimate quality moving service. In some cases, a good moving company could make moving easier.

Fear of unknown things

It is for sure that everybody has this kind of fear. It is hard to simply change the place of living and jump into a new life. For people with depression, the problem is even more significant. They must learn to beat that fear and learn to adapt to a unique situation.

Alone person on the beach
Change of the friends and being alone could cause serious illness

Moving house cause depression because of inability to change

Although almost everybody has trouble to change their lives, people with depression have much bigger problems with that. They cannot only move to another place, house, and state. Most of them feel insecure with the new address or changing the home. Luckily, there are ways to avoid being insecure. You just need to have a good psychotherapist and try to relax.

You will find a new love

People could feel confused or nervous when finding new love. It is hard to change everybody in your life. When moving home, you will lose neighbors and friends that were closest to you. However, do not be nervous. Consider it as great new chance in your life.

Constant stress is harmful

Moving is stressful. Even the people who do not have trouble with health could get ill after moving. Just imagine all difficulties with packing, making a list, having boxes. For people with depression, constant stress leads to a new attack. It is essential to learn how to prepare for moving under pressure. And learn how to relax.

A woman depressed
Depression usually occurs when life situation changes

Moving trauma is a condition

It sounds weird, but you can feel like you have survived trauma after moving. It mostly affects elders. There are lots of ways to prevent elder shock. However, all people have some kind of trauma after moving. It is the reason why moving house cause depression. Learn to relax and accept the new phase in your life.

Items you should entrust to movers for a safe relocation

There is a black laptop on a table and a book, a mouse, and a smart phone on the top of it.

When planning the relocation process, some people decide to handle it all by themselves. And yes, truth to speak, depending upon the type of relocation there are certain things that everybody can do with ease. However, if you think twice, you would come up with some items you should better entrust to movers for safe relocation and easy transport.

1. Fragile items- high attention required

If you have ever experienced relocation problems, you know how difficult and time consuming the moving of fragile items really is. First, searching the best possible solutions to protect and pack them properly. And then, reconsidering every single detail for their safe transportation. Well, it’s possible to avoid all this chaos, just if you entrust the whole thing to reliable moving professionals. Almost every moving company has a lot of experience in this area. They will surely know the best tips to relocate your fragile items to the final destination safely.

There is a box with the inscription saying FRAGILE, since those are the items you should entrust to movers for a safe relocation.
Careful handling with the fragile items is crucial.

2. Firearms- the items you should entrust to movers for a safe relocation

When it comes to transporting valuable items like gun safes, for example, you need to make sure that every single step of the process is coordinated with the utmost care and a lot of attention. The relocation of a gun safe box requires special skills. Therefore, it is highly important to hire some people who understand firearms and the importance of gun safety. Experienced moving companies always have a diligently developed plan. They conduct the packing, loading, and the item’s delivery. And what’s the most important thing- they tend to avoid all the unforeseen complications.

3. Musical instruments- valuable and breakable

The owners of musical instruments know how much devotion and care these items really require. Therefore, when the time comes to move them from one place to another, the preparation process and their transportation seem like a nightmare. But, what if those are the things you should entrust to movers for safe relocation? Don’t waste your time thinking. Call to get the best moving service. Make sure your musical instrument will arrive at your new home without a single scratch.

There is a black and white picture of a piano.
Musical instruments are expensive and valuable possessions.

4. Bulky items- not easy to handle

Together with several strong and helpful hands of your best friends and family members relocating bulky furniture and large household items seems pretty possible. Well, honestly, it really is. Yet again, there is no guarantee that everything will go smoothly and that no damage will be done in the process. But, if you get professional movers to take care of everything, there will be no problem. They will know the best ways to protect your bulky items during the move. By using adequate equipment and moving trucks, transportation will be a piece of cake, no matter how large your furniture is. What’s more, thanks to their rich experience in the field, it will be possible to avoid all the potential relocation marks on your walls and floors as well.

So those were only some of the things that movers should take care of during your relocation process. The real truth is that having them by your side everything else will seem like a piece of cake, as well.

Tips for helping your employees settle into their new home

Helping your employees settle is rewarding.

Chances are, you are the owner of your company. Good for you. We hope that your business flourishes. But sometimes being an owner means that you have to do much more for your business than ordinary business stuff. Sometimes, businesses have to hire employees that don’t live nearby. Many employees move because of business, and you have to respect that. However, moving is never easy, especially if it is about moving because of work. Your employees have to deal with both the working stress and moving stress. So, here are some tips for helping your employees settle into their new home. So, without further ado, let’s help your employees!

Recommend them a moving company

The easiest way to move is with the help of a professional and reliable moving company. This is why it would be good if you could recommend a good moving company to your employee. Like in every business, there are good, there are ugly, and there are evil moving companies. You need to recommend them a moving company that’s good obviously. And there is no better company than Professionals need to work with professionals.

Share your experience with them. If they haven’t moved that often before, they might be unaware of fraudulent moving companies.

You should be flexible with time-off requests

Helping your employees settle is stressful.
Helping your employees settle is a good deed. This is why you need to give them some time.

As we said, moving and settling down in a new home is not easy. This is why you need to be flexible with the time-off requests of your employees. Understand that they have been through a lot recently, and you need to allow them to settle properly. For example, sometimes the cable guy will come to your employee’s home in 9 in the morning, and there is nothing your employee can do.

Organize an office lunch

You need to introduce your new employees to their new environment, and there is nothing better than an office lunch to do that. Gather up all of your employees and treat them with an office lunch. That will bring the working atmosphere up, and you will properly introduce your new employee to their new working environment. If you are tight on a budget, there are other ways in which you can introduce them.

Be there for them

Offer a helping hand to your employee. Helping your employees settle will benefit your employee.

A good business owner knows how to be always available for their employees. Your new employee who has recently moved close to work needs to know that there will always be somebody to help them adjust to their new environment. Coming to a new location is not easy, and you need to treat your employees with care and respect. Be available for your new employee, and you will notice changes in productivity and their attitude towards you. You can even offer them to help with unpacking. Also, you can show them where the best places for lunch and coffee are, and so on. If you give respect you will get your respect back.

Tips for moving into a newly built home – LA edition

A new apartment building perfect for moving into a newly built home.

Moving into a newly built home is both exciting and stressful. As it’s newly built, everything is, well, new. Untouched. Zero damage. This makes everyone very careful so that nobody does any damage by accident. And as you have to move into your new home, this is a very challenging task – not damaging anything. You will be carrying boxes and furniture which means that at some point you might do something to your home. A scratch, a bump, a hit. There are plenty of ways for you to do some damage while moving into a newly built home. That is why we decided to give you a couple of our tips.

Final inspection before moving in

Before you actually start moving into your new home, you have to take one last closer look at it. Check every part of your home both inside and outside for any imperfections and damages. If there aren’t any before you move in, if you do some damage during the whole process, you will be aware that it happened while you were moving in. If you don’t check for damages before unloading your belongings from the truck into your new home, you won’t be able to know when and how all damages happened. Check every corner of your home, check the floors, doors, and windows. Every part of your home!

Man with magnifying glass.
Check every corner of your home.

Have a plan

It is very important that you have a plan while moving. This plan should contain all the information and the details regarding your move. This includes the unpacking process. If you want your unpacking to be successful and efficient, having a plan is crucial. You need to have a tactic. But your unpacking tactic has to match with your packing tactic. This all also includes a plan on how you will be loading your truck or how your Los Angeles Transfer and Storage movers will load the truck. This packing and truck-loading plan need to make sense. You need to read tips and tricks on how to do this right. And we have a couple of them for you.

Packing tips for creating a perfect packing plan

When it’s time for packing, you can just begin anywhere. Your home-packing process needs to make sense as we mentioned. This is why you are going to start by packing up your basement and attic if you have these two rooms in your home. Why? Well, this is going to take you the most time to do as most people keep a lot of stuff here. This is also where you will have a lot of decluttering to do. So, it’s best to begin by packing these two rooms first.

After you are finished with packing these rooms, move onto the other ones in your home. The next room you should pack should be the one you don’t need as much on a daily basis. You definitely need your bathroom and bedroom but you don’t need your living room, dining room, or guest room to live. You see, now your packing process makes sense.

A notebook, a pencil, and a crumpled piece of paper.
Having a plan makes you more organized which is what you need to be when relocating.

We also have some truck loading tips but we think that it is best to hire a crew experienced in helping people settle into their new homes. Loading a truck is a challenging task and if not done right, bad things could happen. Things could break and get damaged. And it would be a real bummer to have your belongings broken while in transport on the way to your new home. So, instead of renting a moving truck, hire a moving company.

You need proper packing supplies

Not only do you need a detailed plan and a professional crew helping you, but you are also going to need the best packing material you can find in order to pack your home for relocation. Packing supplies doesn’t just protect the things you are moving. It also protects both your old and your new home. This is why you need to make sure that the packing supplies you are purchasing are durable and good-quality.

One of the things that you must get is boxes that won’t break during the process. A lot of both cardboard and plastic boxes can break or open up during relocation. This might not sound like a big deal but you never know to which box is something like this going to happen. What if it happens to a box where you put your expensive china? As you never know, it’s much better to be safe than sorry.

Packed bag. next to a chair.
You can’t just use anything for packing your home for relocation.

Here is a list of all the supplies you are going to need:

  • boxes, both cardboard and plastic ones
  • bubble pack for protecting fragile items
  • packing peanuts for filling the empty space inside the boxes to prevent damage while tumbling
  • wrapping foil for protecting for furniture and securing the boxes
  • tape and tape dispensers.

You also need to protect your newly-built home

Packing your belongings well is not the only thing you have to do. You also have to protect your home. You are going to need some supplies. Blankets and thick plastic covers are a must-have. You are going to cover the floors with blankets and then cover them with the plastic cover. This way your floors will remain shiny and scratch-free.

You also need to protect your walls and doors. If possible, cover the walls with the foil too. But have in mind that this isn’t something you have to do if the rooms in your new home are big. This is only necessary for small rooms as you are more likely to damage the walls in them. If you want to add some extra protection to your doors while moving into a newly built home, you can use double-sided tape and stick mattress foam on them. This works great! You also need to make sure that you do your best to avoid damaging your home while moving out.

Hottest neighborhoods in Arvada Colorado

House - Make sure to pick one of the hottest neighborhoods in Arvada Colorado.

When planning on moving somewhere to Arvada, you must do lots of things. For starters, you have to inform yourself very well about everything you are planning to do. You have to learn how to pick the right home, how to find one of the hottest neighborhoods in Arvada Colorado, and how to prepare for the big move. After that, you will be ready for the home changing process.

Why you should move to one of the hottest neighborhoods in Arvada Colorado?

Arvada is a place that is perfect for anyone who is looking for something different to start a new life. And if you are wondering where and how to settle after an interstate move or a short one, then this city should be your address. This place is located in Jefferson County, and it’s quite close to Denver. Here lives a little bit more than 123,000 people. When it comes to the costs of living, the median income is $82,819, and the median home value is somewhere around $403,328. 

People here have the opportunities to enjoy quaint neighborhoods, a robust mix of businesses, and strong civic guidance. Arvada is great for some other things too. You should know that this place has an extensive trail system. It connects residents to the larger regional trail system. All of that includes 125 miles of hiking, biking, and horseback riding trails. Also, Arvada is just minutes from DIA, downtown Denver, and some popular mountain communities. 

Make sure to find the best house for you in one of the hottest neighborhoods in Arvada Colorado.

Olde Town Arvada

Welcome to Olde Town Arvada, one of the hottest neighborhoods in this city you should consider moving to. Olde Town Arvada is known for its creative and vibrant streets. It is a pedestrian-friendly community. Also, whatever you want to do just name it. You see, hare whether you’re dining, sipping, shopping, or strolling, this place have you covered. It has over two dozen outdoor dining options and one-of-a-kind shops. Olde Town Arvada remains dedicated to offering authentic experiences while making safety a preference. So, if you like this neighborhood, then consider relocating here with Homegrown Moving specialists.

Scenic Heights is for sure one the hottest neighborhoods in Arvada Colorado

When it comes to a place like Scenic Heights, you should know how amazing it is. This family-friendly neighborhood is very quiet and safe. Also, it is great if you have pets, because it has parks and beautiful outdoor spaces where you can take them. For an affordable price, you can find the perfect home in no time. So, if you agree with this, then all you have to do is to start working on moving to a new part of the city stress-free

Club Crest

Club Crest is an established neighborhood and an amazing place for living in Arvada Colorado. It is great for so many things. People who are living here have opportunities to enjoy many interesting activities. For starters, there is the Indian Tree Golf Course. It is located in the southeastern quadrant of this beautiful neighborhood. Also, if you are looking for single-family homes, then you are in the right place. Here you can find different house styles ranging from ranch, bi-level, to multi-level.

Use google search to find one of the hottest neighborhoods in Arvada Colorado.
Learn everything you can about your new neighborhood. And if it is possible, visit it before you move.


Oberon is another great neighborhood you must check out when looking to move to Arvada. It is amazing because here can find anything you want for an affordable price. So, if you considering moving to Oberon, just make sure to visit it before you make a decision.

Some other hottest neighborhoods in Arvada Colorado you should consider moving to

  • Lake Arbor
  • Paradise Acres
  • Hillcrest
  • Happy Valley
  • Maple Ridge
  • Marin
  • Park Ridge
  • Wood Run
  • Trailside
  • Spring Mesa

Prepare for the big move to Arvada Colorado

Well, after you find the right house and pick one of the hottest neighborhoods in Arvada Colorado, it is time to prepare for the next step. That is relocating. Now, for this part of the moving process, you must be well organized and 100% ready. Also, you have to find a team of relocating professionals who will assist you in your project. Once you create a moving schedule, you will be able to track your movements. Put everything on the paper, and make sure to complete step by step. Don’t forget to add some tips and tricks. For example – how to pack efficiently, how to transfer utilities when moving, how to prepare the new home for moving in, etc.

Moving boxes.
After you find a place for moving, it is time to prepare for the big move to Arvada.

After moving it is time for settling down

Once you unload everything your own from the moving truck, it is time for unpacking. But if you are not interested in that right now, you can use that time to do something much more fun. For example, you can simply go out and start exploring yours along with some other hottest neighborhoods in Arvada Colorado. Get to know the are and meet new people. 

And if you decide to leave Arvada and relocate somewhere else, then the process of looking at the right house, neighborhoods, and preparing for the move are the same. Check out some of these places to consider when planning your next move, or you maybe already have something much better on your mind.


When choosing a place to move to, you must be very careful. Collect plenty of information to make sure you are ready for this task. That is the only way you will be able to prepare for the next step. Picking the right house and getting one of the hottest neighborhoods in Arvada Colorado is one thing. But when it comes to relocating, this is whole another thing you must take very seriously. Make sure to get lots of help, because this mission requires lots of tasks you need to complete!

Guide to cleaning and disinfecting your pet’s toys

Disinfecting your pet's toys is not an easy task.

Nothing is better and more fun than playing with our pets. Many pets have their favorite toys, and they get very excited when they see it, many of them are even sleeping with their toys. However, this can also be a problem. Pets tend to move their toys from one place to another all the time, putting them in all kinds of dirty places. This is not only unhygienic, but it can also be dangerous since there is a chance that your pet will get something like a parasite or bacterial infection. This is why it is so important to clean our pet’s toys regularly. And this is why we have written this guide to cleaning and disinfecting your pet’s toys. So, without further ado, let’s begin! Read More …

How to find decent furniture movers in Bergen County

A woman looking up online in order to find decent furniture movers in Bergen County.

You need to start moving, but you’re not sure how to find decent furniture movers in Bergen County? Well, there is really a lot of companies out there and they all seem like a good choice, at least on the first look. However, this is not really true, unfortunately, so you need to know how to pick the best movers for you. And keep on reading to find out how to do it.

How to find decent furniture movers in Bergen County

The first thing you’d do is probably lookup for furniture movers online. But, the list that you would get would probably be much longer than you expect. You would have to make a choice among all these companies. And this is not the choice that you should make uninformed. If you do so, you could end up maybe even without all of your belongings. So, here’s how to find a decent moving company in Bergen County.

Get all the answers

Before beginning to find your movers, it’s important to know what kind of services you need and if a certain moving company provides these services.

  • Are they a local or a long-distance moving company?
  • Are they experienced in transporting specialty items, like pool table, pianos, or art?
  • Do they offer storage services as well, if you happen to need these services?
  • Do they offer packing services and are those included in moving costs, or are they charged extra?
  • Do they offer moving supplies, like boxes and packing materials? If they don’t, you’ll have to buy them or reuse old packing supplies.
  • Be getting an answer to these questions, you’ll be a step close to finding decent furniture movers in Bergen County.

A woman and a question mark.
Be sure to get all the important answers

Be sure to ask yourself these questions when you’re on the quest to find a moving company. But, you should still be careful of some hidden expenses they won’t reveal to you at the start. So do your research and ask all the possible questions that come to your mind about the services and fees.

Get referrals

The best way to find good furniture moving company in Bergen County is by hearing about it from someone you trust. If they had moved successfully with the help of a certain moving company, there are good chances that the company is reliable. So, try to get a referral from:

  • Family member
  • Friend or acquaintance
  • Colleague
  • Message boards

However, you should definitely be careful about the last group. Be aware that business owners or their employees can tout their own business online. Which brings us to the reviews.

Check the online reviews

Try to find reviews from the people who had some experience with a moving company. This will give you a picture of how this company does their business and if there is any reason for caution. The Better Business Bureau is a reliable source but you can take a look somewhere else too. However, you should be very careful – it’s possible to fabricate these stories, so beware of who you trust.

Getting the estimates

The first thing that you should know is how much a full-service move costs. Then it’s time to get the estimate, and there are several ways to get the estimates, video or in-home estimates. Also, some companies also offer online estimates or estimates over the phone. However, while this isn’t bad, it’s good that your company knows the amount and the kind of items that they need to transport. And the best way to do this is to get a free estimate. Also, you should try to get a binding estimate. This means that they won’t be able to change it once they come and see all of the items they need to move and charge additionally.

It would be good to get a binding estimate

Do they have the license and insurance?

When trying to find decent furniture movers in Bergen County, check if they are licensed and insured. These movers need to have the US DOT number, so check on their website or ask them about it. Other than being licensed by the US Department of Transportation, check if they are a member of the American Moving and Storage Association. Also, check the kind of insurance they provide and ask the costs that will apply to that kind of insurance. Even though you probably won’t get full coverage, you should know what kind of insurance they offer.

If they require a large deposit

You should be careful if the movers you are considering require a large deposit. Movers should require more than 20 percent of the moving estimate for the deposit. A lot of them won’t require a payment until they store your belongings. However, if they won’t return your belongings until you pay them more of the agreed amount, try calling the police. Anyway, you can also try filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau or with the American Moving and Storage Association.

Years of experience

Their time and experience of the market can also speak for the quality of their services. After all, you need a company that you can trust with your precious belongings. A decade of more of the experience is definitely considered as a good track record. Also, if they care for the community, it should be a sign that you can trust them. So, if they’re involved in the community of Bergen County, you might want to consider them. And don’t forget to treat your moving crew properly, once you choose them.

Trust your intuition

So, now you believe that you’ve managed to find decent furniture movers in Bergen County. And everything just seems great, at least on paper. They seem like a good company, and there’s no reason not to choose them. But, there’s something wrong about them, you just can’t put your finger on it. You might not like their tone, or they seem unprofessional, or there’s some other reason. Well, this is the moment to trust your intuition and keep on looking for the next company. There are plenty of companies out there, why would you leave yourself wondering if you’re making the right choice if your gut tells you otherwise. Now that you can make an educated decision, you should also trust your intuition.

How to predict your residential relocation costs without contacting your movers?

Information - Make sure you know how to predict your residential relocation costs without contacting your movers.

When it comes to residential household relocation, two things are for sure. You need to make sure that you have found the right house in the right neighborhood, and the other one is getting the right movers. Both of these tasks require good preparation and organization, and most importantly – the budget. So, before you hire movers and start house hunting, you have to take some time to calculate the relocation costs. You can do that without contacting your movers by learning how to predict your residential relocation costs. Read More …

5 reasons why you should live in Oakville, CA


Canada. We already love how it sounds. However, there are some things you’ll need to learn before you decide to live in Oakville, CA. Moving isn’t that hard. Yes. It will take some time, energy and money. But, moving to a place such as Oakville comes with some serious benefits. Keep on reading and learn more about them before you start packing Read More …

How to Estimate the Time You’ll Need to Unpack After Moving?

A clock on the road.

When packing for a relocation, one should start weeks if not months ahead of time. We always estimate that we will need quite some time to pack up our belongings in order to move. However, how do you estimate the time you’ll need to unpack after moving? Now that’s the real question! If we actually think about it, it is kind of funny how we don’t really discuss this matter much. We always read about advice on how to pack, when to start packing, how to move your belongings, but we don’t often read about what we do when we are settled into our new home. In all essence, that is when the real work begins.  Read More …