Tips and tricks for moving to Seattle


So you think moving to Seattle is the right choice for you. Maybe you’re looking to find new job opportunities, maybe you’re applying for a scholarship at the prestigious University of Washington located in Seattle, maybe you’re looking for open-minded and diverse people, or maybe you never want to be more than a block’s distance away from a Starbucks. Whatever the reason, this article seeks to help you make a smooth transition into a new chapter of your life.

Tips for adapting to the weather when moving to Seattle

The weather in Seattle is honestly notorious. Waterproofed shoes are a must, every household has an umbrella per member, and rain jackets never go out of style. While downpours are rare, occasional spouts of rain are almost a constant. The amount of rain per year might fool you, because it does not seem like much. However, it’s very spread out because it drizzles nearly every day. Look up the differences in weather between your current residency and Seattle. That way, you can decide what clothes to bring and what clothes to throw out or donate. Remember, temperatures that don’t sound like a problem might be if you aren’t used to them.

A girl with an umbrella.
Moving to Seattle without an umbrella is a bad idea.

Make sure your outfits incorporate an outer layer – covering up that fashionable short sleeved shirt is better than getting soaked. The rumors are true – sunny days are rare in Seattle, so the entire city goes outside when they happen, like it was a massive party. Make sure to supplement your vitamin D if you experience a dip in your moods.  Summer days are very long – it does not get dark out until 10 PM. True Seattle summers start in July till September, and rarely ever get above mid-70 Fahrenheit. The winters are milder than average, and it rarely if ever snows in Seattle.

Landing a stable job when moving to Seattle

One of the most important things before moving to Seattle is to secure a stable job to support you when you get there.  The job market is competitive, so updating your CV and 

A man in a suit.
Try to get a job lined up before moving to Seattle!

contact information is very important. Try to answer quickly! If you wait too long, a faster candidate might get the job. If you can’t get a job in your field, you can get a temporary job. You might have to live on a tight budget after the move, but it will be worth it. Retail and the food industry is always hiring, and Seattle has a $15 per hour minimum wage!

  • Update your CV and contact information.
  • Make sure your email address is professional
  • Make sure to save up enough money to get you through at least a month in Seattle.
  • Research the place you’re applying to and the expected hourly wage for your job. Come prepared and ask questions! This lets the company know you are excited to be here.
  • Dress professionally and neatly, even for an online video interview.

When at the interview, ask them if they have any questions about your fit in their company. Make sure to have the answers – this shows you are dedicated and active. This will leave a strong impression, getting you that dream job for moving to Seattle!

Seattle culture

Seattle is known for the Seattle International Film Festival, which lasts twenty-four days. It also has the Seattle Symphony Orchestra, performing at Benaroya Hall – a must-see for anyone who likes that music! For people who like plays, 5th Avenue Theater is proud to stage Broadway-style shows. However, to know what the town is really like, you must go beyond tourist attractions. So, seek out local plays with local talent. It’s a great way to meet people! Seattle has over one hundred theater production companies with over two dozen venues. Many of them do fringe theater, which makes Seattle an artistic town. If you want to meet every part of Seattle, the Underground tour is your best bet.

Keeping stress-free when moving to Seattle

First, have a long-term plan in mind when moving to Seattle. Start early if you can! Decide if moving in the summer is for you, or if you prefer moving in winter. If you’re using a moving company, find out how to use a moving cost calculator properly. Having a schedule and sticking to it will help you with managing stress. When you break your tasks down in small chunks, they will appear easier to do. That should help keep things from being overwhelming. You might try food for reducing stress while moving too!

Pack carefully for your move to Seattle.

Start on time. If you spend half an hour or less daily on packing, it will add up. Before you know it, you’ll pack everything stress-free. Much better than running around trying to cram everything in a day’s time. Plus, you’ll realize on time if you run out of packing supplies, making it easier to get new ones. Make sure you have enough space for every box, either on the moving truck or in storage.

Make a checklist, and make sure you sort your things properly. Put your winter and summer clothing separate, so you don’t have to think about reorganizing your clothes on top of everything else. Think about what you’ll need right after moving to Seattle, then pack those things in an easy to reach place. You don’t want to dig through a bunch of boxes to find your phone charger, right? Think about labeling your moving boxes, as that way you will know exactly what’s inside. It should help against misplacing them, too!

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