How to transfer utilities when moving

Signing a document to transfer utilities when moving.

Part of the moving process is transferring utilities. Most people are thinking about hiring a moving company, packing moving boxes, looking for a new home, but it is important to transfer utilities when moving too. Why pay double bills (for a new home and an old one)? It is not fun and exciting, but it is a must. The last thing you want is to be without water, electricity, and the internet in your new home after moving. With some simple steps, you will transfer utilities fast and easy. By utilities, we mean water, electricity, gas, internet, TV, and garbage (it is basic).

To transfer utilities when moving, you should start early

Start with moving preparations early, that means to think about utilities on time. Notify utility companies weeks before moving that you will change the address. Contact each provider separately about 2 weeks before, but if you need an installation appointment, then call about 1 month before (for example, cable and internet services). Also, it is a better option to disconnect the gas and electric one day after moving (if you are moving locally), because you might need to come back to finish something.

Signing a document to transfer utilities when moving..
Organize all the moving-related tasks and plan how to transfer utilities when moving in advance

If HOA covers utilities

If you are moving to a community with homeowners’ association, then first check if your HOA fees cover all the basic utilities, so you don’t need to take care of that. It will be easier for you to pay 1 bill at the end of a month, than 5 bills.

Update your address

To organize your moving like a pro, you need to take care of your documentation too. When contacting utility provider you must know your new address. Give them your new home address and you will receive all the bills there.

Also, change your address with USPS, not only with utility companies.

Pay old bills

Do you have unpaid bills? Before moving, you should pay for all the overdue utility bills. If you do not know if you have unpaid bills, ask your service providers and check with them all the info. This way, you will start a new and fresh life and you won’t receive unexpected bills after moving.

Talking to a customer service.
Call customer support and check if you owe something and how to transfer utilities

Meter reading

Before moving, a service provider should come to your home to do a final meter reading for gas, electric and water. Keep a copy of reports and in case you receive any bill, this document will help you solve the problem. You don’t have to pay for services that you did not use, of course.

Confirm transfer of utilities

To be sure that you won’t spend a night in your new home without gas, water, electricity or the internet, confirm transferring with service providers. Contact them a few days before moving and check if everything is ready to go. To transfer utilities when moving, there are some simple steps to take. It is better if you start organizing about 1 month before. Make a checklist, just in case.


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