Why people move to Dubai?

Burj al Arab - reason to move to Dubai

Dubai, with its 70% professional population born abroad, is a haven for immigrants with everything necessary for a successful, safe and fun life abroad. Thousands of people are currently enjoying the good weather, excellent lifestyle and the exciting career opportunities that the city offers. If you are planning to live and work in the UAE, then here are our ten top reasons to move to Dubai.

Hotel in Dubai
Here’s why people choose to move to Dubai

1. Lifestyle and leisure

Dubai is a city of endless possibilities for recreation. There are plenty of fun things to do after you settle in. From camping under the stars in the desert to skiing about 22,500 square meters of covered slopes. Shopping centers of the city are known all over the world. The two largest shopping centers boast not only dizzying stores, but also hundreds of restaurants, from fast foods and cafes to chic gourmet restaurants. There are even cinemas, skating rinks, aquariums, playgrounds and theaters to keep you busy without leaving the air-conditioned comfort of the shopping center.

2. Weather

The sun all year round and temperatures rarely dropping below 20ºC make Dubai a haven for sun lovers. From September to May you can sit in the sun in the park or on the beach at any time. Dubai has an average of 342 sunny days per year, so you can plan a barbecue or picnic without worrying about the weather. British immigrants will certainly notice a marked improvement in climate.

When the weather gets too warm, you can visit one of Dubai’s many indoor attractions with food, entertainment and, of course, shopping. Or why not use some of your generous vacation allowances, usually about 30 days a year, and go to a cool climate. Compared to the unpredictable weather in the UK, this should be one of the top 10 reasons for moving to Dubai.

3. A strong economy

Dubai’s growth may not be well underway at the beginning of the century, but it continues to flourish at a steady pace. The currency of Dubai, the Emirati Dirham (AED), remained stable and strong, especially compared to the US dollar or the euro. This, combined with steady GDP growth of around 5% each year, makes Dubai one of the most financially stable destinations in the world.

4. Tax-free life

For most immigrants, this is an exciting career opportunity, which primarily brings them to the UAE. In particular the temptation to make some extra money. One of the ten key reasons for moving to Dubai for many, a non-taxable salary inevitably means more money in your pocket. This may allow you to increase your savings, enjoy some luxury or maybe take a vacation or two. Since there is also no VAT to pay for goods or food, you may find that you also spend less if you can resist designer shopping. Most immigrants certainly agree that financial incentive is certainly one of the 10 main reasons to move to Dubai.

5. Reliable health, education and transportation

Huge government investments ensured that the infrastructure of Dubai remains one of the most modern and reliable in the world. Health and education standards compete with everyone in the world, which is one of the most important ten reasons to move to Dubai if you move with your family.

Boy in school
There are many excellent private international schools

Health care is incredibly high. Although you will probably need to take out private health insurance, you can be sure that you will receive the best care in excellent facilities that employ highly qualified doctors and nurses. Private healthcare and education can be a difficult financial prospect. Some employers include school fees and medical insurance in your payroll package. And if you want to improve your health, then there are professionals that can help. Dubai Personal Trainers are one of many but come highly recommended. The new metro system in Dubai has invested heavily. And now it represents a modern, fast, clean and reliable alternative to road travel. Planners even take advantage of Dubai’s natural benefits and use solar energy to reduce the city’s carbon footprint.

6. Affordable luxury

Dubai’s designer shops, luxury restaurants, and seven-star hotels are legendary. If you like to pay in cash for the best food, clothes, and entertainment that money can buy, then this is just the scale of a credit card in this charming city. However, if you think Dubai is just for the super-rich, then think again. You can taste great street food from around the world in luxurious surroundings for just a few pounds. If you need to update your wardrobe, whatever your budget, then you will find everything from Hermès to H&M, under one roof. You can also find yourself a personal trainer in Dubai at a reasonable price. As in any popular, successful city, Dubai real estate is in demand. And housing will probably be one of your biggest expenses.

Nevertheless, even those who have limited means can find affordable, luxury housing at a reasonable price. You will probably have to compromise on size or location, but not luxury. Accommodation is usually of a very high standard, clean, modern and well equipped.

7. International cuisine

Dubai’s international culture and a huge number of expats have had a huge impact on the culinary scene. When waves of immigrants from all over the world arrived in Dubai, they brought with them their favorite recipes and favorite ingredients. Today, you can find everyone – from Michelin-starred chefs to street vendors who prepare exotic international dishes. More than 200 different nationalities live in Dubai. And you will find restaurants serving almost all of the dishes, from Lebanese or Greek to Argentinean or Japanese.

8. If you move to Dubai, then you will be well connected

Ideally located at the gateway to the world, you can be almost anywhere in Europe, Asia, and Africa in less than eight hours. Dubai Airport is one of the busiest hubs in the world of aviation. It offers regular flights to all major destinations with some of the most reputable airlines around. This will not only make the occasional journey home quick and easy. It will also open up some exciting and exotic vacation spots.

Beach on Maldives
A mini-break in the Maldives or a long weekend in Goa is just four hours of flight

9. Multicultural melting pot

Dubai has the highest proportion of foreigners born in the world, making it an incredibly easy place for immigrants. Not only do you easily fit into an expat-friendly lifestyle, most likely. Most of your new colleagues also came from abroad. About 70% of the city’s population was born abroad. And there are large groups of expatriates from most major countries. You will quickly find a friendly and sociable group of expatriate friends, thanks to which this factor will definitely be one of our ten main reasons to move to Dubai.

10. Safety

Among the ten main reasons to move to Dubai is the enviably low crime rate in the city. Dubai is one of the safest large cities in the world, thanks in large part to rigorous laws and respected police. While a certain amount of street skills are still needed, the streets of Dubai are generally friendly and safe. Men and women can walk in any public place during the day or night and hardly feel any risk or danger.

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