Tips for a zero-waste move

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Our planet has a lot of garbage and plastic. It hurts animals, plants, and people too. When moving, trying to have a minimum waste is a small step for you, but it matters to Earth. One human cannot change it, but together, we can make our planet a safe and healthy place for living. A zero-waste move is possible and easy to do. With only a few tips, you can do a lot for future generations.

You should work with supplies you already have. Do not buy new materials. It will also help you save money, not only the planet.

There is already too much plastic in the world and it takes hundreds of years to degrade

Donate if you want a zero-waste move

Declutter before moving and you will have fewer items to move. That means you will need less packing supplies. Also, helping someone is nice and does not have a price.

No matter where you live, there are plenty of organizations where you can donate your furniture, clothing, books, office equipment, etc. Go through each room in your home and decide what to donate and what to move. This way you will also save some money and have a more affordable move.

Sell items

On the other hand, you can sell your household items and earn money. Fewer items to move, means less packing supplies to use. Organize a garage sale or sell them online. Promote your sale online and in traditional way with flyers and banners. You will move some items, of course, but try selling some of your belongings anyway.

People love garage/yard sales. It is exciting and they never know what they can find. If you will organize a yard sale, notify people to bring their own bags to put items inside, instead of plastic bins and bags.

Go to a recycling center

There are many eco-friendly moving solutions you can choose from. Today more and more people are aware of pollution and too much plastic that is not biodegradable. So, recycling centers become more popular, which is good. Your city has centers too, for sure. Some items cannot be recycled in the blue bin such as broken items, electronics, spray cans, hard plastic, etc. Drop off all those items to a recycling center in your city and they will take care of it.

Use recycled boxes and reusable bins

You will move some of your items, of course. But, when packing try to use eco-friendly materials. Zero waste principles are really simple and not hard to understand. Avoid plastic bags that cannot be degradable. Use old boxes for heavier items, and for clothing and soft items you can use Rubbermaid bins. When it comes to paper tape, try to find compostable tape. It is not expensive and not hard to find in stores.

Ocean pollution made by people who didn't care about nature enough to have a zero-waste move.
Let’s help the Earth together

As you can see, having a zero-waste move is not that complicated. Teach your kids too how important it is to have minimal waste. Take some small steps and you will make a huge difference.

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