About Us

What do you need to know about Moving Companies Estimates?

Enthusiasm is our second name! We started this business with the intention to help movers by providing them with the information required for every segment of the relocating process. What do we mean by that? Well, being that we have been connected to the core of the mobbing business for more than 7 years, we can say that we got to know all sorts of problems that might happen while you are moving.


What can you find out using our platform?

We are going to inform you about estimates for the moving process from one location to another. By that, we do not only mean about the financial aspect, which is certainly the most important, but also about the average of time needed for the process to be completed, expected discounts that you could be given and much more. But, we are not going to talk only about the estimates. We are, as I said, a team of experts in moving business, and by that, our knowledge is far more than just knowing the expenses for the moving. We also offer you to collect here the information about top destinations for movers of different , fulfilled with experiences of previous customers- good and bad.


Who should visit our website?

Everyone is welcome here! I mean it. Because, not only if you are moving or thinking of moving, should you collect the information about relocating. Once in a while, everybody gets in the situation that he or she would like or even have to move. So, why would you wait that moment to come, why not having the basic information every single moment? Who knows, maybe you do not think of moving at the moment, but being given the proper information, maybe the desire lying deep inside of you, come outside and put that matter on the table. The lack of quality information could leave you living at the same place for the rest of your life, although you could find a place that is far better for what you are looking for. That is why we are here to make your life better, from the aspect of helping you to decide where to move.


Who do we cooperate with?

clients. We look forward to meeting new partners, so we could exceed the pool of companies that we cooperate with, and therefore offer you more and more quality of information about who should you hire.

What is the price for the information you collect on our platform?

Every information you collect using articles on our website is- COMPLETELY FOR FREE! The only thing we would like you to do is to give us feedback on how was your experience with the company you moved with, and based on the information you got from our website. That is because we would like to improve even further, and to have a clear picture about companies, how do they do their job and are their clients satisfied with them. That will be another source of information for further recommendations.