Best neighborhoods for young adults in Monterey, CA

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There are many young adults in Monterey simply because this California city is very attractive to them. This is one of the best suburban places to live in California. But, since it’s a bit expensive (the whole state is expansive) and mostly Millennials and young adults live here, most residents rent their homes in this town. There are many reasons why young people are relocating here. Some are here for the job opportunities, some like the city and the beautiful neighborhoods – no matter the reason, before relocating here you must choose the best neighborhood for you. The one that suits you the best. So, let’s check them out together, then we can talk about who else can help you in this journey.

The most popular neighborhoods for young adults in Monterey

These neighborhoods you should research and maybe even visit:

  • Del Monte
  • New Monterey
  • Cannery Row
  • La Mesa Military Housing Complex
young adults in Monterey
Deciding which neighborhood is the best for you wont be an easy job.

Del Monte

Del Monte was an unincorporated community in Monterey County but, now is a part of the city of Monterey, California. This place is not cheap – the median real estate price is $715,550! If you are looking to rent the average price is somewhere near $2,590. This neighborhood is very specific because it has a greater proportion of farmers, foresters, or fishers than 96.1% of all American neighborhoods. This is not the only different thing about this neighborhood – Del Monte is also pretty special linguistically. It won’t be uncommon to hear Persian here!

New Monterey

This can be a better pick for young adults since the rent prices are much lower. We are not saying cheap, but lower than in other Monterey neighborhoods. This is an urban neighborhood full of small apartment buildings. In here you have a mixture of owners and renters. If you like the idea of living on the ocean this might be the best place for you. Riding a bike to work is very popular here amongst young adults. If this place sounds like the right one for you make sure to call Mod Movers Monterey CA to help you relocate here.

Cannery Row

A charming place with a colorful history. This is the most popular vacation destination on California‚Äôs Central Coast. One thing to keep in mind – this place can get crowded during the holiday season. But it’s still a very beautiful place and you should at least visit it and check out those amazing waterfront hotels and charming restaurants and coffee shops.

La Mesa Military Housing Complex

This is a military complex for their members and of course their family to live here comfortably. They have very quality housing. Unfortunately, this area is privatized but it’s an amazing and beautiful part of the town. So it’s on the list just if you are in military service or planning to be.

Choosing the right neighborhood and picking the house

This won’t be an easy task. We gave you a head start but now you need to research those neighborhoods yourself if you are looking to become one of those young adults in Monterey. You will be needing some help. When it comes to financing the bank will help you to buy a house. You will be needing a good credit score (the better the score is the better the mortgage rates you will get) and you will be needing a down payment (that’s usually around 10%).

To find a house that suits you best you might want to consider hiring a real estate agent. But you can start on your own by looking online using websites like Zillow, which will give you at least an insight into prices. As soon as you start looking you should also start with packing and decluttering.

How does your dream house looks like?

Young adults in Monterey – relocation

Relocations can be hard for everybody. If you are buying your first property and moving away from your family home then it will be a combination of emotions mixed with a tress of relocation. We have some tips for young adults in Monterey on how to prepare and pack your household belongings:

  • start as early as you can – as soon as you know for sure that you are moving
  • declutter before packing because you don’t need to bring items that you no longer use to your new home
  • buy good quality packing materials like bubble wrap, packing paper, moving boxes and such
  • make sure to label all the boxes
  • pack fragile items first
  • make checklists
  • download some moving apps they will help you a lot
  • if packing looks a bit hard hire movers to help you out they can do this in no time
  • also if you have to relocate in a hurry you should call movers so everything gets done properly and quickly

Settling in your new Montray home

Are you finally one of those self-sufficient young adults in Monterey? If you just relocated engage professionals who can help you out with unpacking and settling in. Local movers can be quite handy when it comes to settling in and you need to unpack as soon as you can. As soon as you are done with those chores you can start with exploring your new neighborhood and meeting your next-door neighbors.

Leave unpacking to professionals.

If you are feeling homesick

Don’t worry this doesn’t mean you are not ready for a life on your own, this is a perfectly normal process and everybody feels this way in the beginning. Give yourself some time to adjust and find new friends here. Soon enough your new place will feel like a home and you will be perfectly happy. Good luck in deciding on the best neighborhood and finding a place of your own! And another thing – don’t worry relocations are stressful but they don’t last very long.

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