Charming places for big families in New Hampshire

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New Hampshire is a very lovely state to live in. There are so many reasons to state why it is a popular moving destination, especially among people with children. Plenty of families from all over the country and lately even from other countries have been moving to different New Hampshire cities. Some families prefer big cities and others prefer smaller ones. No matter what your preference is, you can find a perfect location in New Hampshire for you and your family. As that is the case, we have decided to write this article where you can read more in detail about the most charming places for big families in New Hampshire. So, if you have been thinking about relocating to a different city or state, here is where you can read about just a couple of NH towns we believe moving to is a good idea if you have a big family.

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If you are looking for a city rather than a town, New Hampshire has some good options. And one of them is Lebanon. Lebanon is located in western New Hampshire, south of Hanover, near the Connecticut River, on the border with Vermont. And there is nothing this small city doesn’t have. Somersworth is a town, but Lebanon is the smallest city in the state. And it provides you with all you need.

As it is an old city, there are plenty of historic landmarks to see here. Just walking through the city is magical as the architecture is beautiful. But there are plenty of things that you can do here with your family which is why we believe that it is a perfect place for a big family to move to. You can go to the Montshire Museum of Science for example. This is where people from all over the state come as it is a very lovely museum to visit. There is a natural science center here as well where children can learn a lot about the flora and fauna of the state.

Just imagine your little ones growing up surrounded by unapologetic nature and people that live and breathe in sync with it. Moving to Lebanon would mean giving your kids the opportunity to have the best of both urban and rural surroundings.

HOrses on a field in one of the charming places for big families in New Hampshire.
There is a natural science center in Lebanon where animals roam free in.


If you are looking for a quaint, small town where you have all you need, then Somersworth is the place for you. This is one very small town located in the South-East part of the state on the border with Maine and it is the perfect place for a big family to live in. A fun fact about Somersworth is that it has the smallest area and third-lowest population of New Hampshire’s 13 cities. Just around 15,000 people live in the area which is why everybody knows everybody. Exactly this is the reason why this is one of the safest cities not only in the state of New Hampshire but the entire country as well.

But safety is not the only reason to move to Somersworth. The city has some very nice schools where the community is small private, and most importantly healthy. It has been reported that children from schools in this area have rarely reported any type of bullying. This is a diverse area but mostly white Americans live in Somersworth. This doesn’t mean that the locals aren’t welcoming. In fact, they are very welcoming. No person here feels left aside and that’s one of the many charms this charming place has to offer.

Lovely small house.
Somersworth is one of the charming places for big families in New Hampshire.

If you decide to move to Somersworth, you can reach out to skilled neighbors, but you can also expect your new neighbors to jump in and help when they see you moving in. Everybody in Somersworth is very friendly which creates a perfect environment for small children to grow up in.


Have you ever dreamed of living near a mountain and a lake in the most beautiful nature that you can imagine? If the answer is yes, then Gilford is the place for you. It is locatedĀ on the southern shore of Lake Winnipesaukee and the northern slopes of the Belknap Mountain range where many people come during the winter for vacation. Besides the beautiful sights everywhere, you’ll find a lot of welcoming locals.

This beautiful city is mainly a tourist attraction in New Hampshire but living there is much better than just spending your vacation. The beautiful forests that surround the city have dozens of hiking trails for you to explore. Nature is untouched in some areas of Gilford.

Skiing on a mountain.
If you are a fan of mountain and winter sports, moving to Gilford with your family is what we suggest you do.

A lot of elderly people move to Gilford – this charming place is not reserved for just families with children. Most of them have certain respiratory issues so decide to move somewhere where the air is cleaner. Moving to Gilford is possible with the help of You also might want to know more about the housing in this area. There are plenty of big, family houses in Gilford that you can purchase. Their pricing is reasonable for where they are located and what they look like but you do need a lot of money to own a home here.

More charming places for big families in New Hampshire

If none of the places we have mentioned sound like the place for you, then you should do more research on some of the following places:

  • Concord
  • Nashua
  • Manchester
  • Keene
  • Franklin
  • Dover 
  • Hampton.

The last city on the list is a coastal city. One of just a couple of coastal cities of New Hampshire. It is very safe and beautiful. If you have been thinking about starting a business after moving, then you should definitely move to Hampton. It is one of the perfect charming places for big families in New Hampshire.

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