Cost effective tips for relocating your Toronto household

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If you think it is time for a move from one place in Toronto to another, but you are worried about the expenses that come with it, we completely understand. Moving a household isn’t cheap, and there is a lot of stress that comes with it. However, the process doesn’t have to be as bad as it seems. We hope that the following cost effective tips help you save some money during your move. 

Declutter your home and sell what you don’t need 

One of the simplest cost effective tips for moving can be quite obvious: declutter your home. If you have things sitting around your home that you haven’t used in a long time, it would be a good idea to sell them off in order to make up for some of the moving cost. It might be hard to let go of some items, but it is important to be realistic with yourself: if you haven’t used something in over a year, do you really need it? Once you decide on what you don’t need anymore, consider making a yard sale or selling these items online. 

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Decluttering your home can help quite alot

Measure access points 

Tying in with the previous one, a rather strange tip for cost effectiveness is to measure dimensions of each room in your new home. Consider the width and height of door frames, measurements of your furniture compared to the measurements of the rooms in your new home. If you live too far away from where you will move to, you could ask your new landlord or the current seller of the home to give you this information in advance. By doing this, you can find what can and can’t realistically fit in your new home, which makes it easier to decide on what you should sell and what you should keep. It also saves you the cost of packing bulky furniture.

Reuse cheap or free packing supplies 

Buying packing supplies can be quite costly. Consider using old boxes you might have. Also, instead of buying all of your supplies, consider going to local grocery stores or supermarkets which might give them away for free. Alternatively, you could consider using household items as packing material for other belongings. For example using kitchen towels to separate plates.  

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Free packing supplies cut down the cost 

Donate what you can’t sell 

Once you know what you want to get rid of, if you find something which you can’t sell, consider going to a thrift shop to donate it. Thrift shops are ideal for donating quickly and effortlessly. Simply drive what you want to donate to a thrift shop and ask for an itemized receipt of what you donated. Certain thrift shops even have drive-up garage access for your convenience. For a donation to potentially save you money, you need the itemized receipt so you can write off the donation on your income tax. 

Take care with delicate items 

One cost effective tip which might sound strange is to be careful with your delicate items. These items should be packed in a way which makes sure they don’t get damaged. At the end of the day, if your belongings are damaged during the move, you might end up at a loss due to having to replace them. Therefore, it is important to take special care, and when hiring movers you should try to find experienced crews to handle delicate items. 

Box labeled fragile
Delicate items need special care

Don’t buy too much for your new home 

Another of the simplest cost effective tips is to not buy too much before moving. You should try to focus only on the essentials: only buy things you will need during the move and immediately after the move. The less you buy for the move itself, the less you will have to actually move during the process itself. On top of that you will have more money for after the move is done, or for supplies you need for the move. More money to spend on supplies for cleaning your new home can also be quite helpful.

Find affordable movers 

A rather important tip when trying to be cost effective with your move is to remember to ask around and find the best movers which you can afford. Asking family or friends or looking online for movers who are experienced and affordable is something which can save a lot of money. Always remember to look for affordable movers, such as Movers Toronto. 

Don’t move during the busiest season 

If you have control over when exactly you can move, it is very cost effective to move during of-season. Scheduling a move during peak season (From May to September) can be quite difficult, and rates are much higher, which makes moving during off-season much cheaper and easier to organize. 

Look around for cheaper providers 

Moving somewhere new is the perfect opportunity for new cable or satellite providers who might be offering a 12-month special. This is a good way to cut your monthly spending, leaving you more breathing room when it comes to financing your move. Of course, you should be suspicious of any deals which sound too good to be true. But you should keep an eye out for any providers who have a 12-month special for movers. Be sure to ask how much the service will cost after the special expires. Consider the terms of the contract in order to compare offers. 

Ask your company for reimbursement 

Before finding a new job offer, be sure to ask your company if they are willing to pay for your moving expenses or if they offer compensation for relocation. Some companies are willing to reimburse their employees very generously. And, if your company isn’t willing to reimburse you, your moving expenses can be tax-deductible if you are in the military. 


While moving can be quite expensive and very stressful. However with the right preparations you can cut down on your costs quite a bit. We hope that this list of cost effective tips helps you make your move that much cheaper and without stress. 

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