The costs of moving your office to Pittsburgh

Moving your office to Pittsburgh requires certain costs that you have to understand.

The fact of the matter is that Pittsburgh still remains the industrial backbone of US, with new business branches in the process of development. So the decision of moving your office to Pittsburgh is one that brings the promise of benefit. But the one thing you might be wondering is what the cost of such a project might be? Well, why don’t you rely on professional estimates from experienced parties that understand the concept of commercial relocation?

By understanding the costs of moving your office to Pittsburgh, you have more chance to reduce that cost.
Moving your office to Pittsburgh can be both challenging and costly – which is why you need to learn all you can about it.

The challenge of moving your office to Pittsburgh

The decision to relocate your offices there is definitely a step in the right direction. The only thing you have to do now is find expert commercial movers Pittsburgh to assist you in such an endeavor. Every relocation is a difficult job. Moving your business or office is probably the most difficult kind of relocation. Hence, hire the best moving professionals you can find to help you avoid common moving troubles.

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It’s good that your company is moving up to bigger and better things. But the process of picking up your entire business and placing it back down somewhere new is incredibly complex and stressful. And that’s before money even enters the picture.

What kind of investment should you anticipate when it comes time to relocate? Since there are so many factors that play into the overall cost of a move, we’ll break the process down bit by bit to give you a sense of where you’ll fall in the spectrum of pricing.

What affects the scope of moving your office to Pittsburgh?

The four main factors that affect the scope of your commercial relocation project are:

Compare your offices and plan out what fits where for a more organized office relocation to Pittsburgh.
You have to cross-compare your current and future office space in order to better determine the costs of your commercial relocation.

1. The size of your office. Describing yourself as “small” won’t cut it here. You need to conduct an inventory check. Determine how many workstations need to be relocated. And by that, consider that you have to disassemble and reassemble them. How many desks do you have to arrange and cable together. How many servers are there for the movers to transport?

2. State of your new work space. It’s important that you scope out your new office before moving in. Does it have the required infrastructure to support your office layout and network? Do you have sufficient access points to the Internet and cabling? Is there a need for a server room in the new space? Does the new office space contain a properly configured conference room for meetings?

3. How much of the moving your office to Pittsburgh you’re outsourcing. Will your relocation require the assistance of the IT department? Or can staff members cover that part of the job without issues? Do you or the moving company you hired have a handyman or IT guy that can set up your new workstations?

4. Your existing equipment. Are you relocating your old equipment or upgrading to new hardware? Large scale hardware upgrades don’t boast well with moving your office to Pittsburgh. Doing so makes it difficult to isolate potential errors that might arise during the setup of your new office.

The ultimate conclusion is that the more moving is involved in the task, the more movers will be needed. And the larger the moving crew that you hire, the more money it will cost you to employ them.

How to keep down costs of moving your office to Pittsburgh

Plan, plan, and plan some more. Proper planning and organization can take you far when it comes to lowering costs of office relocation. You have to make a detailed plan well in advance of the actual move date. And it has to cover every last detail, from the setup of the new office to the sitting schedule of your employees.

It usually takes over three months for Internet Service Providers to transplant your connection from one place to another. So you have to give advanced notice to all your contractors:

  • IT
  • Electrical
  • Moving
  • General etc.

After all, they will need time to re-schedule necessary resources. So you should keep them in the loop from beginning to end of your office move to Pittsburgh. That way, you make room for adequate coordination and collaboration between all parties.

What is the average price range for small business office moves?

The average IT portion of an office move will cost a 30-person small business from $5,000 to $10,000. And this is without any hardware upgrades or last-minute coordination. When it comes to cabling and Internet, you will have to reach out to third-party companies for assistance. This is something your IT department does not do. But they most likely have a company that they can recommend from experience.

Waiting too long and losing deadlines is something you should definitely avoid. Such mistakes easily lead to overcharges due to:

  • Expedited shipping
  • After-hours/weekend labor rates
  • Re-doing rushed jobs down the road

But there is some good news. While there are many factors in play with moving your office to Pittsburgh, you are not alone. Your IT provider will be able to look at your systems and give you a customized labor and cost estimate ahead of time. And you can also count on a detailed implementation plan. Office moves may not be a fun experience, but with the right partners, both your costs and your stress levels can be kept to a minimum.

The moving aspect of moving your office to Pittsburgh

  1. Create a list of moving expenses, such as packing, shutting down computer systems and phones, hiring a mover, setting up furniture and installing technology systems.
  2. Avoid any unplanned expenses when moving your office to Pittsburgh by negotiating terms with the movers.
    Carefully work out the terms of moving your office to Pittsburgh with the movers you hire.

    Negotiate a set fee for moving, if possible. Check for any hidden costs that the movers might want to impose. For example, that you will be charged for boxes after your belongings have been packed. Homeowners and small businesses are often shocked at what they are charged for tape and boxes. And this is something you must pay before the moving company unloads your furniture and equipment. In case you decide not to pay for such services, your belongings will remain with them until the dispute has been settled in court.

  3. Get quotes on insurance, beyond what a mover offers, to cover loss, damage or theft that can occur.

  4. Calculate the losses in revenue that you might experience due to the relocation. Don’t forget to add to that the loss in profit form sales that was caused by the relocation process.

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