Renter’s guide to the most affordable neighborhoods in the Bronx

The Bronx.

Searching for a perfect neighborhood in the Bronx in New York City can sometimes be a very tiring and difficult process. However, if you know exactly what you want from your new home, it will make the whole thing much more simple. Here, in this article, you will have a chance to see which are the most affordable neighborhoods in the Bronx. So, without further ado, let’s see what they are!


The first neighborhood in the Bronx on our list is Kingsbridge. This place has it all: affordable housing, access to public transport, and beautiful parks. When it comes to homes, you can choose among family houses, apartments, and condos. All of them are cheaper than renting and buying a place in some other parts of the Big Apple. If you are moving with your children to a new home in the Bronx, you must organize the whole moving process carefully and patiently.

Kingsbridge is one of the most affordable neighborhoods in the Bronx.
Kingsbridge in the Bronx has affordable flats that are very nice.

Relocation should not be so difficult

Moreover, the relocation process should not be so difficult if your planning skills are good. If you believe that only high organized people are successful at planning, you are wrong. Everyone can organize everything if starts earlier with the whole process. All you need to do is use a planner in any form and prioritize the tasks. For example, choosing a moving company, like Roadway Moving should be a priority. Then you can continue with minor tasks for hiring a company that can make the whole thing much more simple.

Riverdale is one of the most affordable neighborhoods in the Bronx

The second neighborhood in the Bronx that is perfect for people with kids and retirees is Riverdale. This place is very safe and has a very low crime rate when compared to other locations in the borough. If you find your ideal apartment here, you will live very close to Riverdale Park which many people consider perfect for recreation and family time. Also, if you prefer single-family houses to modern flats, Riverdale has to offer numerous homes of that kind. And, all of them are pretty affordable, even the ones with more spacious backyards. Plus, Riverdale has very nice bars, restaurants, cafes, and a nice playground for children.

Moving into a new home in the Bronx can be very simple

Furthermore, relocating to your new home in one of the neighborhoods in the Bronx cannot be so difficult if you hire true professionals to help you out. So, you need to team up with reliable people who have all the services that you are looking for. Today, searching online for a company that suits you perfectly is something usual and practical. Therefore you should not hesitate to start your research as soon as possible when you find the right family home for your loved ones in the Bronx. This borough has very skilled and experienced moving experts that will be there for you at every moment.

Country Club

Then we have a Country Club in the Bronx that many people love. This neighborhood is well-known for its amazing green spaces. A great number of both young families and seniors are moving here because it is safe. When it comes to housing options, Country Club is offering apartments in rowhouses and single-family homes in Colonial style that are pretty affordable. This Bronx neighborhood has good public transport, nice restaurants, and bars. However, since living in New York City is never cheap, we strongly advise you to start saving money for your family months prior to your relocation to the Bronx.

Woodlawn is among the most affordable neighborhoods in the Bronx

One of the very affordable Bronx neighborhoods that are at the same time very friendly is Woodlawn. It has flats that are not expensive and houses that you can afford as well. Moreover, Woodland has green spaces where you can walk your dog or have fun with your whole family on weekends or afternoons. If you love reading, then you will be glad to find out that Woodland has a very good library. In addition, this neighborhood in the Bronx borough of New York City has a great swimming pool, restaurants with delicious food, and cozy coffee shops.

Woodlawn is a very affordable neighborhood in the borough with a wonderful library.

Morris Park is also one of the most affordable neighborhoods in the Bronx

Finally, the last neighborhood in the Bronx on our list where renting a family home is more affordable is Morris Park. The most interesting thing that this part of the Big Apple has to offer is the Bronx Zoo which children adore. When it comes to food, Italian restaurants are excellent here and you must taste their specialties when you have a chance. Morris Park is well-known for great Columbian food, sweets, and cocktails. If you like bowling, then moving to this neighborhood in the Bronx borough cannot be a bad idea. Surely, living here is cheaper than in many other locations in the city that never sleeps. Plus, it is not boring and everyone who has moved here enjoys their new beginning.

Morris Park is one of the most affordable neighborhoods in the Bronx with amazing Italian restaurants.


To conclude, there are pretty affordable neighborhoods in the Bronx borough of New York City. For example, Kingsbridge has a very good connection to public transport, amazing parks, and inexpensive housing options. Then there is Riverdale which has a very low crime rate and that the majority of people find very safe and perfect for families and senior citizens. Moreover, we have Country Club which is well-known for beautiful green spaces, safety, and nice bars. The last neighborhood is Morris Park with amazing Italian and Columbian restaurants, the Bronx Zoo, and good housing.

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