Tips for finding affordable moving services in Minnesota

find cheap moving services in Minnesota

Once you’ve decided to move, found a home and thought – everything is fine, it’s the start of a real headache. After you’ve spent big money on your new home in Minnesota, it is important to find affordable moving services to complete your moving process successfully and above all, economically. With our simple guide, you will be able to choose affordable but also reliable movers in Twin Cities. If you do some research carefully and follow our tips, tricks, and recommendations, you will prove to yourself that it is possible to do it right – both affordable and good-quality.

find cheap moving services in Minnesota
If you think and act carefully, you will move efficiently and pay less

You need to act fast and on time

When you decide to move, you need to think about the time. If you start your search on time, you will have the chance to choose and compare different companies. Furthermore, when you try to find a moving company on a short notice, they can use that situation and charge you more. Even if you need your things to be moved quickly and in a short time, try not to act desperate when you make a deal.

Think about the moving season

In Minnesota, the weather is an important factor that you want to consider. Basically, in winter, it will be easy to find good moving services in Minneapolis & St. Paul. But, you risk moving in extreme weather conditions. But, if you are ready to follow our tips and tricks for moving in winter, it can be an easy task as well. Winter season is the time where you can cut your costs and find movers easily. On the other hand, the most popular season for moving is definitely late May and early June, when the weather is the most pleasant and there is also the Memorial Day long weekend when people mostly tend to do their moving. Generally, the period from May to September is busiest for moving companies, and probably the most expensive for their customers.

Trying to find affordable moving services? try not so popular moving seasons
Moving in winter can be difficult, but also more affordable

The only free cheese is in the mousetrap

Basically, what we want to say – there is no move that is free.  Unusually low price is usually the perfect bait and will lead to a scam scenario. So be careful, because if anyone offers something for a very low price, there is a chance that a scam is just around the corner. So, how to find affordable moving services, that will both cut your moving costs and be reliable and efficient? The thing that you have to do is :

  1. get recommendations –  there is a chance that some of your friends or co-workers moved recently. They can help you a lot with their both positive and negative experiences. Get in touch with people who moved recently to tell you their story and maybe warn you to possible scams and low-quality services. Make sure that it is someone you trust and who has similar financial expectations as you.
  2. read reviews – doing an online research can be a true help when trying to find affordable moving services in Minnesota. Reading other people’s experiences and ratings of mover’s services is a good start. Usually, a good company will not let their online reputation go wrong, so they will offer their best services at good prices. So, internet, and websites about moving is a very good place to read everything that you need to know. But, be careful, find websites that are genuine, because, companies will also invest a lot in marketing, to present themselves in a most positive way. So don’t be lazy and check more than just the first website that pops up on your search engine.
  3. compare prices – before you decide on a moving company, check other options that you may have. This means that you need to select a couple of companies that seem interesting to you, and do a cost estimate for each of these. Be careful not to accept the first offer that comes your way. That can be a mistake you can’t later change. Therefore, think smartly, and request cost estimates of your favorite moving companies, and compare them. If necessary, make a list of their prices, services, and conditions on a paper, so it is easier for you to notice differences. Being organized and careful is extremely important in this situation. You can make categories such as price, offer, demands. Be extra careful with additional services, which usually bring additional costs to your bill.
trying to find affordable moving services? Here are some tips and tricks
When trying to find affordable moving services in Minnesota, you need to be organized

Negotiate when you find affordable moving services

Now is the time to bring your best negotiating skills. It maybe can be a small difference, but every dollar is important. When a moving company sends you their cost estimate, you can try to convince them that you will use their services if they lower their price a bit. Furthermore, mentioning that you got some better deals from other moving companies, can be a good move.

How to reduce costs yourself?

Apart from finding cheap moving services, there are some things you can do to reduce your costs. Even though it seems like a lot of work, the money you can save through this process can really make a difference to your budget. Basically, you need to take some additional steps and make your moving process even more affordable. Here are some great tips for saving some extra dollars:

  1. Find cheaper packing materials – take your time and find free moving boxes from shops, your friends, or collect them as you buy new furniture.
  2. Pack yourself – of course, ask some friends to help you. You can organize a packing day, and offer some drinks or snacks when friends or family come to help you
  3. Move some things by yourself. Not everything needs to go on a moving service list. There are some smaller items that you can easily move by yourself, or with a friend’s van, for example.

It is not an easy task to find affordable moving services. They need to be both reliable and cost-effective. Therefore, we hope that these tips can help you through this process. Good luck!

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