Top-rated places for seniors in Pinellas County, FL 

Sign that says Florida, learn about the Top-rated places for seniors in Pinellas County

When moving to the Sunshine State, there are many beautiful areas where you can settle down as a retiree. A plethora of choices can overwhelm you and prevent you from choosing the best town for your needs. We think you should retire in Pinellas County. Moving Companies Estimates will tell you about top-rated places for seniors in Pinellas County, FL. 

Top-rated places for seniors in Pinellas County – Gulfport 

Gulfport is a small city in the south of Pinellas County with 12,029 residents. It is one of the best-rated places for seniors because they will have a lot of company there

Around 33% of the population is over 65 years old in Gulfport. When people get older, they have a hard time finding company. Their kids and grandchildren do not spend time with them but come to visit during holidays. So if you were to live in Gulfport, you would not find it hard to make new friends. If you want to move there, locals are there to assist you – Gulfport movers. They will take care of your items and get you to Gulfport fast because they know the area. 

person walking
Gulfport is walkable, so you can stay healthy while visiting your favorite places in the city.

You will not only have company but have somewhere to go with them. There will be no need for you to drive anywhere because Gulfport is very walkable. You walk to the Gulfport Waterfront and beach, remember to bring sunscreen because the sun can burn you fast. Besides the beach, locals gather at the Tuesday Market every week to buy fresh goods from local sellers. Because of all of the above, Gulfport should be one of the places to consider when planning your next move

Top-rated places for seniors in Pinellas County – St. Petersburg

We told you about a small city in Pinellas County – now you need to know about a bigger one. The most populated city in Pinellas County, with 258,000 residents – St. Petersburg. 

Choose St. Peters if you want to be around a younger crowd and a lot more active. Only 19% of the residents are above 65 years old in St. Petersburg. It is not as walkable as Gulfport unless you live in the center. 

There are a lot of activities in St. Petersburg, but we will recommend some: 

  • The most popular beach in the city is Clearwater Beach;
  • There is a museum dedicated to Dali.
A beach near the ocean
Clearwater beach makes St. Petersburg one of the top-rated places for seniors in Pinellas County.

So if St. Petersburg appeals to you, look for a moving company to get you there. Florida has a lot of choices, you should contact to see if they meet your needs or explore other options. 


These are the top-rated places for seniors in Pinellas County. If you like any of them, begin moving and when you hire a moving company, be careful when filling in the moving quote form.

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