Towns in Texas that will take your breath away

Texas flag on a pole

As the second-largest state Texas has a lot to offer and it draws in people from all over the US and the world. The lone star state has amazing natural beauty and many towns in Texas are charming and can take your breath away. If you are moving to Texas your best option is to pick one of these picturesque places to call your home.

Why Texas

The lone star state has it all. Texas is considered to be one of the best states to live in. If you are considering moving to Texas you can be sure to find a good home there. The job market is strong and there are many career choices to choose from. Families will find a good place to raise and educate the children and not break the bank as Texas is also affordable. The beauty of Texas is also in its nature, landscapes, history, and diversity. Picturesque rolling hills, lush nature, and perfect climate are also its selling point.

A street in one of the small towns in Texas.
Small Texas town are quiet and have a particular type of charm

It is no wonder that Texas is drawing people in not only from other US states. This is why the moving industry here is developing. Popular demand leads to the development of international moving services in Texas. As a result, now you can easily reach Lone Star State from any part of the world if you want to.

Towns in Texas that you will love

While there are many big cities to choose from, the particular charm and beauty of Texas can be sensed in smaller towns. Luckily Texas has plenty of them to offer. Here is a list of the best and most beautiful towns you can consider:

  • Jefferson
  • Katy
  • Marble Falls
  • Spring
  • Fredericksburg


This town is considered to be the gem of east Texas and the most romantic town. The town is full of history and heritage and is known for over 70 landmarks, Caddo Lake State Park, and a Historical Society Museum. The town has great nature and a preserved old Texas charm.

Old Villa in in one of the towns in Texas.
Small Texas towns preserve the old ways, history and heritage of the area


Kathy is a charming small town that offers plenty of diversity. The schooling system is one of its strong suits that draw in families. At the same time, there is pristine nature that is preserved in a multitude of parks spread through the town. The town is still developing as people are moving in even long distance. Local movers are easy to find and you can always ask reliable people to help you move in.

Marble Falls

Marble falls is located between 4 lakes and some of the best wineries in Texas. The spot is perfect for exploring and enjoying nature. The sightseeing opportunities are perfect. And the town offers a traditional way of life and cuisine.


Spring is a beautiful suburb of Houston that is in a wooded area. Its charm is in its nature and lush greenery. The proximity of Houston makes it perfect for families and commuting professionals. This is why there is interest for Spring from other states. Long-distance movers have great experience and can provide moving crews you can rely on if you are moving here.

Nature in Texas
Lush nature and picturesque landscapes are a staple of Texas


The town is German-influenced and has a particular charm. The city preserves its rich history and offers stunning landscapes. It is a vine country that attracts a lot of tourists. This small town is a perfect place to call home.

So, with so many small towns in Texas to choose from the decision is difficult. They are all charming and affordable to live and move to, most importantly. Do your research and you will find the place that is perfect for you. Texas is waiting!

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