10 Gorgeous Beaches In Maryland

10 Gorgeous Beaches In Maryland

City that carries the name of England’s Queen Mary. Maryland is a state in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. The state’s largest city is Baltimore and its capital Annapolis. Now, in case you seek gorgeous beaches then this city is just right for you. There are numerous beaches going on miles with no end.  To be exact 31 mile of scenic waterways and coastline on the Atlantic Ocean and the astonishing Chesapeake Bay. Coastline contains small sandy beaches, but for proper fun Marylanders go to Ocean city, Sandy Point State Park, Assateague Island and North Beach. Now let us dive deeper into those beaches that take your breath away. We will look for 10 most gorgeous beaches in this state for you. Also, in case you are considering a move here your decision is going to be a lot easier after this article.

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Gorgeous beaches number one contender!

Number one beach here is Ocean City beach. Furthermore, Ocean City offers a three mile boardwalk for those who appreciate alternate forms of entrainment. For those living in DC, Maryland and Virginia area my honest advice. Look for Maryland based long distance movers right away since Ocean city is iconic vacation destinations. It is one of the top three beaches in Maryland. Onto the next beach.

The beauty of Sandy Point State Park

Located along the northwestern shore of the Chesapeake Bay. Moreover, the bay possesses picturesque scenes with opportunities for recreation and sightseeing for both your friends or family.  You can take a dip or lounge around the swimming beaches, maybe a picnic with a nice summer breeze. Furthermore, the park provides boat rentals and marina shore. Plus, on the bright side, the state park is minutes away from downtown Annapolis you can consider different moving assistance options.

Gorgeous Beaches In Maryland
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A third part of the gorgeous beaches trio!

Of course, we talk about the Chesapeake Bay. Location right next to the North beach, and is one of historic beaches of Maryland. They are known for the old architecture and mesmerizing structures. That which makes this favorite for many and possibly you is that is quiet as North Beach. You can walk on Chesapeake Beach Railway Trail or a visit to waterfront restaurants for a delicious meal. It is up to you!

Cherry Beach- underdog of top ten gorgeous beaches!

Cherry Beach is a bit more specific, since land belonged to a donor who donated it to the town. All for the purpose of public recreation, and today the park possesses a fishing pier, a boat ramp. Moreover, a big picnic pavilion with picnic tables and an amazing beach area. Now since 2009 the park got a kids pavilion and a pleasant walking trail. In my quest to sway you to make a move here. I can suggest you some high-level movers Allstate Moving and Storage Maryland that is.

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Cunningham Falls State Park

Quite a unique destination in the Catoctin Mountains with more then plethora of scenic and recreational areas for it visitors. Also, water activities such as fishing or in case that’s not your thing canoeing is available in addition to swimming. But the main event here is the Hunting Creek Lake, you can find three designated swimming areas. And let me assume that you are a family man, what could be better than an opportunity for a picnic. This State Park is a top choice for hunting and hiking or camping. All activities that can surely bond you with your friends or family.

Deep Creek Lake State Park beach!

Covering about 3,900 acres, and on top of that, it is man-made. There are a number of opportunities alongside swimming like boating, kayaking, even fishing. During the hot summer days I strongly recommend swimming. This lake came to be as a result of the damming of Deep Creek. This is a place for a proper adventure with friends or family at heart that many beaches in Maryland do not offer.

Next one in line- Matapeake Beach

Now in case you seek to your pet on your vacation spot, then look no further then Matapeake Beach. Both you and your lovely pets can enjoy gorgeous views of the Bay Bridge. Since it is located on the Chesapeake Bay it possesses a swimming beach as well as separate dog beach for the pups. You can let your dog roam along the pet trail or play with other furry friends on the dog beach. But in case you do not have any pets there is a proper picnic area.

Assateague State Park

A quick question for you, what gorgeous beach has more then 2 million visitors each year? That’s right Assateague State Park is the answer for both that question and the question of your next vacation spot. It is home to many diverse wildlife animals that you can spot and photograph.

North Beach

Nothing is more attractive, then a small town by the shore and North Beach is your valid beach town. You can find antique and novelty shops lining the streets and a plethora of food options from burgers to ice cream to fine dining restaurants. The heart of town is within walking distance of the boardwalk and beach.

Closer of top ten gorgeous beaches in Maryland!

A final step of this article and the top ten beaches is Calvert Cliffs, State Park. Truly, the impressive backdrop to the shoreline of Chesapeake Bay. Beach with a location in the state par is a quarter mile long with plenty of open spaces for swimming and sunbathing.

This is just an attempt to sway you to move to Maryland, in case you discuss moving to someplace else. A place for countless possibilities for adventures for a thrill seeker or a bonding with your family. Maryland can provide everything you could seek. So with that in mind consider it!


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