Benefits of leaving Broward and moving to Palm Beach County

Some of the most beautiful beaches you get to enjoy when moving to Palm Beach County.

Florida has always been considered as a heavenly place on Earth. Endless sand beaches and wonderful water on a hot and bright day are part of everyone’s dreams. It’s no wonder why it attracts so many tourists annually. However, over the last decade, more and more people are choosing to live there. There are certain fluctuations within the Florida borders, but they depend on the current trends. And, usually are not of permanent character. If you are thinking that moving to Palm Beach County might be your next move, you are not far from being right.

Why moving to Palm Beach County?

There was one simple rule which has turned out to be the truth lately: The closer you get to Miami the more expensive housing options will be. This is mostly due to the fact that various investors are influencing the cost, while wages are still dragging behind. Of course, the closest places are first to absorb this increase, and Broward County is one of them. It becomes very hard to follow the increase in prices and people are starting to feel the pressure. Not everyone is able to afford decent housing so they choose to move to other areas.

While the central Miami metropolitan area is starting to look more like a display of trends and luxury, some of the residents are not satisfied. Once a peaceful paradise is turning into a traffic collapse, crowded streets, and exceptionally expensive region. Fortunately, if you are among people who will move soon, at least that’s an easy thing to do. For example, if you need your items moved at an affordable rate in Tamarac, Broward County, all you have to do is to contact a decent moving company. The rest is up to you, but many people decide to move to Palm Beach County because it retains the old Miami-style spirit.

Palm Beach County

Palm Beach County is one of those places that put a significant amount of effort to remain a fine place. Even though surrounding southern neighbors are experiencing a decline in the number of residents, Palm Beach stays firm. In fact, there is a healthy influx of people over the last few years. Highland Beach is one of those towns that are among the hidden gems. You won’t need too much to fall in love with this amazing town. Also, moving in this Palm Beach town can be fast, effective, and tireless. Palm Beach, in general, has always been a special place that can offer a lot to its residents. For that matter, let’s discuss a few particular benefits of moving to Palm Beach.

It’s still a peaceful place

Mile after mile of coastline provides incredible long beaches that are there just for enjoyment. Despite the “modernization” of southern counties, Palm Beach County is appreciating the peacefulness. Long walks on the shores, jogging on the trails, or hiking in the surrounding area can really recover the human spirit. Nature is simply amazing in this part of Florida and local authorities are trying to keep it up with eco-promotions. Often times, popular tourist destinations can be dangerous to local wildlife and vegetation. However, in Palm Beach, everything is in the sign of preservation of the natural habitats.

Footsteps in the sand.
Take long walks along the shore to calm your spirit.

Perfect for getting up close with animals

Speaking of habitats, Palm Beach is a great place to see both natives and animals from around the world. These are just some of the most amazing places to see them:

  1. Busch Wildlife Sanctuary
  2. Gumbo Limbo Nature Center
  3. Lion Country Safari
  4. Loggerhead Marinelife Center
  5. Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society
  6. Sandoway Discovery Center

Proximity to major centers

At first look, you might get the impression that certain parts of Palm Beach County are partially isolated from the rest of Florida. However, that would not be the case here. The area has a very good connection with surrounding major transitional centers. Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Orlando are all within a few hour’s drive. Also, if you need something faster, there are always multiple airports in the area. Both local and international types and they are always providing top-notch services.

Strong job opportunities when moving to Palm Beach County

Like any other popular tourist destination, Palm Beach can boast with an incredibly strong job market. Especially in the service and hospitality industries. It’s a convenient ground for developing your own business with many benefits from the local business associations. Living and working in a place like this can certainly merge the business with pleasure. Who wouldn’t want to live here? Check the local moving companies like City Movers and send a couple of job applications before you finally move here.

Paradise for seniors

On the other side, people looking for a job are not the only one that comes here. In fact, like with all warm places, you can find a great number of “snowbirds” and retirees here. Guess the climate can be more important than just for comfort. Also, the situation with taxes is, generally, very budget-friendly in Florida.

An older man walking on the shores barefoot.
The weather in Florida is great for seniors.

Cultural attractions and events

Don’t make a mistake thinking that this lovely and serene county is boring. On the contrary, there are various events taking place in the area. Usually, these events are a great opportunity to meet the community in case you are a newcomer. People are welcoming and won’t hesitate to show you around. “Everyone was a newcomer once” is a good saying which applies here, and people act according to it. Save up some money for the move, and visit everything from the Sun Fest to the various theatrical performance. This way, you will fully experience the cultural richness Palm Beach has to offer.

Golf is inevitable when moving to Palm Beach County

Talking about Palm Beach without mentioning golf would be a blasphemy. With over 160 stunning courses, Palm Beach County is bearing a title of Florida’s golf capital. Even though golf is on an admirable level nationwide, new players will always have a place for them. There is no elitism in the most private and public courses because the sporting spirit is high among the population.

Wonderful golf course with a lake in the middle.
Florida is full of amazing golf courses.

To conclude, moving to Palm Beach County has many genuine benefits. Besides the peace and quiet, the place is also a business-oriented hub. Not entirely like some of the surrounding counties, which is actually good. But, just enough to make it stand out. If you decide to move here, you will not be disappointed, that’s the truth.

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