Best places to retire in the US

The two elderly people are looking into each other, smiling.

Everybody dreams about that one day when they will be able to wake up in the morning not thinking about their jobs. That one day when the stress about work will be gone, and when daily plans will be based mainly on the search for joy. Every employed man dreams about retirement. It is true that many people would choose not to change their place of living after they retire. However, there are still some who would be ready to take a step forward in the search for better life opportunities and would decide to move somewhere else. And although it is true that there is no place in the world like home, these adventurous people are willing to meet new places. They still want to know what life has to offer to them. In order to make the choice easier, here is the list of some of the best places to retire in the US. Take a look and start your journey.

Thinking in advance

Being prepared is always a good option. Whatever new situation you are supposed to meet, it is always smart to think in advance. The same goes for retirement plans. Having an idea about what to do with your life when the well-deserved pension days come, means making in advance plans which can bring nothing but good. Furthermore, if you have an idea of moving to some other city or country after retirement, a good plan would always serve. You can choose the best place which suits all your needs and preferences. Or find a good and reliable moving agency like Moving Kings FL, and save enough money for the move. And all that on time. You’ll have free space to prepare yourself well.

Baring in mind the importance of health care, housing affordability, taxes, and better living standards and happiness, we have some places to offer:

  • Fort Myers, Florida
  • Ashville, NC
  • Lancaster, Pennsylvania
  • Sarasota, Fl

Choose Fort Myers, Florida- one of the best places to retire in the US

Fort Myers, Florida is considered to be one of the top retirement destinations. The proof this is the most desirable place for retirees is the fact that people aged 60 or more make more than one-third of its population. A place far away from the buzzing crowds and stressful traffic jams. It definitely seems like a perfect place for aged people who want to run away from every day’s bustle. Rich with plenty of parks, museums, and restaurants where you can spend some relaxing time, recharging your batteries and entertain yourself. What’s more, Fort Myers is said to score a very high level of happiness and joy among its residents. And when it comes to expenses, the prices of homes and taxes are pretty affordable. So, start saving your money on time, and move to Florida.

A beautiful sunset you will enjoy if you move to one of the best places to retire in the US.
Florida is said to be one of the best places to retire in the US.

You like a healthy way of life- Retire in Ashville, NC

Another very catchy place to move to after your retirement is definitely Ashville, NC. You are open to a healthy way of life? You strive to stay active and feel strong? This is definitely the best solution for you. With so many hiking paths, vegetarian restaurants, and fresh market food Ashville will be a heaven-like place for you. The strong sense of youth present in one of the best places to retire in the US would force you to strive for the best. What’s more, if you are fond of art and music,  you would be surprised by the artistic freedom this place has to offer. So? What are you waiting for? Pack your stuff, hire a moving company, and let’s go to Ashville!

There is a woman in a red coat, going down a hiking path among trees.
Long walks and physical activity will keep your body healthy.

Safety is your priority- choose Lancaster, Pennsylvania

You are sick of watchfulness and dangerous crowds? And you crave for a safe and secure place to live in when you finally reach the retirement? Lancaster, Pennsylvania is your destination. The residents of this nice place point out how happy and safe they feel in their surroundings. Furthermore, if your budget limits your options, you may relax since the home prices In Lancaster are pretty much affordable. So, make a good calculation of all the potential expenses, and enjoy your retirement days fully.

You want a cheap life and to be still active in retirement- Sarasota, FL is a place for you

You are a senior? But you’re still full of energy and life. The best place to retire in the US for you is Sarasota, FL. Residents inhere praise their good and supportive community in which they are welcomed to do part-time jobs and increase their retirement savings. And guess what? There is no state income tax! Moreover, you may enjoy beautiful beaches, various attractions and above all have a decent home and all that on your retirement savings. Isn’t that great? And, remember, for your relocation made easy in Miramar or anywhere else in Florida, moving agencies are the top solution.

Two elderly people are sitting on a bench near the beach, enjoying the sun and the beautiful weather.
Retirement is the best time to enjoy your life fully.


Many people work hard all their lives. In many cases, they barely have enough time to enjoy the things they really like. And maybe that is the real reason why almost all of them can’t wait to reach the beauties of retirement. They hope to finally make and live their freedom dreams. Free from work, free from obligations, free from deadlines. Just free to do anything they want and whenever they want. And when that time comes, finding the best place to live a life fully limit must be an important and difficult task to do. Remember your inner joys, remember things you really like, and make your decision. We tried to help you a bit. Take another look at our list of best places to retire in the US, and choose your retirement destination. Hope you’ll enjoy it! Good luck!

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