Best cities in Massachusetts for young adults

Finding the best city in Massachusetts isn't easy

Young adults? That’s us millenials, thirty-somethings searching and fighting for our spot under the sun. It might surprise you to hear that WalletHub has ranked The Pilgrim State at the top for its livability. Considering the high costs of housing and living and commute time (especially in the Boston area), one would certainly doubt these results. And yet, 36 different metrics and young Bay Staters do not lie. They point out that the economic and employment opportunities they get are worth it. We have followed their lead and selected the best cities in Massachusetts for millenials. Maybe this helps you decide to sprout under the Bay State sun.

Best cities in Massachusetts 

If Massachusetts isn’t too complicated to pronounce try saying “pad kid poured curd pulled cod” ten times in a row. Once you spur your brain with the world’s most challenging tongue twister created by MIT psychologists, finding an affordable home there won’t seem as difficult. Speaking of twisters, Massachusetts is vulnerable to hurricanes just like other eastern seaboard countries averaging one per year. The good news is, we’ve already told you the worst about MA. Here comes the best.

Waltham, MA

Waltham is a suburb of Boston and due to its vicinity to the capital, there’s something for almost everyone there. It is very close to the country’s most famous historical and educational districts. Thanks to Brandeis University and Bentley University at the center of the city, you can rely on the vibrant nightlife. Regis and Harvard College are not too far.

Massachusetts lake in the fall
The beauty of Massachusetts lies in its captivating nature

Proximity and good transit system to Boston offer even more entertainment opportunities. If you are a fan of restaurants and shops, stroll down the Moody Street. On the other hand, if you like to walk but shopping is not your thing, you will enjoy the Riverwalk Trail along the Charles River. There you’ll find the Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation, a museum of the American Industrial Revolution.

If you’re a fellow millennial and you opt for Waltham, you’ll certainly consider an eco-friendly relocation. It will please you to know that Waltham’s community is a welcoming and supportive one. Hopefully, the abundance of amenities, low crime rates, and employment opportunities will prevail over higher than the average cost of living.

Cambridge, MA

Most young professionals and academics hire professional help when moving to Massachusetts, as it only makes sense to invest in a hustle-free relocation. If an average rent price of 1,754$ in Cambridge doesn’t put you off, you will certainly enjoy everything it has to offer. Cambridge is complementing nearby cities with a notable number of bookstores. They don’t offer just academic texts, but also foreign volumes and rare books you will find fascinating. It is not surprising though, considering that Cambridge is home to both Harvard University and MIT. 

Harvard college building in one of the best cities in Massachusetts.
Cambridge, MA is the home to the Harvard University, the oldest college in the USA

One of the best cities in Massachusetts for young adults has its share of restaurants, especially ethnic ones. If you get hungry after visiting the Peabody Museum or Harvard Art Museum, stop by for an exotic Ethiopian meal. A walk along the Charles River will refresh you even in the humid summer, so typical for this part of the country. To get the best of the magical but cold, snowy winters, wrap yourself up with a book in one of the many cozy coffee shops.

Newton, MA

While it can’t compete with Waltham and Cambridge and their historical and educational venues, Newton will enchant you with its green streets and parks. What Newton has in common with these cities is the cost of living, easily cushioned with high incomes its residents enjoy. The thriving job market and a short distance from Boston compensate for the relative lack of nightlife in Newton.

It comprises of 13 villages filling farmer’s market and local restaurants with fresh groceries. You will enjoy the local menu if you’re a fan of clam chowder – seafood is quite common here. Newton offers lovely walking trails. Bird watching, canoeing, and kayaking on Crystal Lake and Bulloughs Pond are perfect for nature lovers. If your preferred movers are and you prefer to give Newton a chance, rest assured that the Garden City will not disappoint.

Provincetown, MA

Further away from Boston, at the tip of Cape Code and on the site of the Mayflower’s landing in 1620, lies Provincetown. It is its specific location that we have to thank for attractive beaches such as Herring Cove Beach and Race Point Beach. All year round, it attracts tourists as well as young professionals seeking jobs in the tourism industry around cheerful and busy Commercial Street.

Cape Cod beach with lightning house
The Bay state’s scenic beachfront is well worth a visit.

Provincetown is not only known for its beaches but as a hub for artists, and the LGBTQ community. It is home to The Atlantic House, the oldest gay bar in the US. Job and entertainment opportunities in this little town can be found in numerous craft stores, art galleries, nightclubs, cabarets, and restaurants. If visual arts float your boat, calculate your moving budget and set sail to P-town.

After much thoughtful consideration, Salem, MA hasn’t made it to our list of best cities in Massachusetts for young adults. In the past, life in this authentic little town was far too costly for a part of its population even for modern-day standards of the Old Colony State.

Your perfect spot in the Bay State

It is clear, there is nothing cheap about Massachusetts. Since its beginnings, it has played an important economic and cultural role in the history of the USA. Nowadays, it offers academic and job opportunities in the best schools, hospitals, and universities. Alluring coastline, lakes and hiking trails are only a part of its inviting features. Art hubs, and the best education and medical centers in the country will continue to pull young adults to the best cities in Massachusetts. Its taxes and living costs are high; real estate too. Its residents are high on life, and that doesn’t have a price.


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