Most common house bugs and how to get rid of them

spray bottle with pesticides used to kill common house bugs

The darker side of homeownership is definitely a bug problem that everyone faces eventually. If these uninvited guests have set up camp in your humble abode, we know it’s annoying, but don’t worry. Nowadays, there are many proven ways you can get rid of common house bugs, so continue reading. We’ve written a short guide on the subject to help you debug your living space!

Recognize the most common house bugs

Before we delve deeper into different solutions for this issue, let’s first see what you’re dealing with. Whether you’re moving house or simply cleaning your home, you might as well go all in. Remember, not all of them are visible, and some of them are even helpful. Here’s a list of common house bugs and the seasons they are most active:

  • Cockroaches – Expect them in spring and summer months, especially at night
  • Fleas – They can easily become a problem if you have a pet. Like cockroaches, they are usually dormant during winter months and appear with warmer temperatures
  • Spiders – Another type of summer invaders, with the peak season around September
  • Termites – Unfortunately for all of us, they tend to be active all year round and can do serious damage to your home
  • Bed bugs – Yet another year-round pest, with the peak season from June to September
  • Ants – You can usually expect them during spring and summer
a cocker spaniel scratching
Make sure you clean your dog of fleas regularly, as they can infest your home

Turning to homemade solutions

So, let’s say you’ve scheduled your move with a reputable company like, yet the home is still not bug-free. The natural instinct will be to use pesticides, and although they are effective, they are quite harmful to the environment. Thankfully, there are other DIY alternatives with ingredients you have on hand which can be a solution. For example, you can get rid of roaches by mixing baking soda and sugar. For an ant-free home, use vinegar as a natural ant deterrent. Spiders, on the other hand, will flee from onions placed in a bowl of water. These remedies may sound funny, but actually, yield results. For more solutions, you’re just a Google search away from home-made bug sprays you can try as well.

Hiring professional service

While DIY solutions may be cheap, they also tend to be more time-consuming. Plus, they usually only work temporarily. On the other hand, a professional will also implement methods for preventing pests like creating barriers. So, for more serious problems it might be wiser to turn to pest control service providers..If you’re in the Big Apple, you can always contact NYC professionals to help you destroy bedbug colony. The same goes for any other city – as long as you find a reliable trustworthy company. Whether or not you’ll opt for professional service, in the end, comes to short term and long term perspective.

a spray bottle used for killing common house bugs
Professional pest control company can assist you in your fight against common house bugs

Prevention is key

The best way to keep common house bugs at bay is to keep your home clean. This means your kitchen should be spick and span but don’t forget other rooms as well. From cleaning and disinfecting your pet’s toys to blocking up cracks and crevices, every little action matters. Also, make sure to seal your food and vacuum regularly and you’ll definitely notice a difference.


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