Guide to cleaning and disinfecting your pet’s toys

Disinfecting your pet's toys is not an easy task.

Nothing is better and more fun than playing with our pets. Many pets have their favorite toys, and they get very excited when they see it, many of them are even sleeping with their toys. However, this can also be a problem. Pets tend to move their toys from one place to another all the time, putting them in all kinds of dirty places. This is not only unhygienic, but it can also be dangerous since there is a chance that your pet will get something like a parasite or bacterial infection. This is why it is so important to clean our pet’s toys regularly. And this is why we have written this guide to cleaning and disinfecting your pet’s toys. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

How to disinfect soft synthetic and rubber toys?

Disinfecting your pet's toys in a washing machine.
Washing those kinds of toys in a washing machine is not recommendable.

You mustn’t put your pet’s soft plastic toys, like dental health toys and chew toys in the dishwasher. Often, those kinds of plastic and synthetic toys can melt under the extreme heat of the dishwasher. That can ruin your pet’s toys, and can also ruin your dishwasher. Disinfecting your pet’s toys should be done differently. It is much better to hand wash those kinds of toys. So, take those toys and wash them under warm but not hot water. This should be enough to remove dirt and germs. Do this after you move too to avoid any troubles with your pets.

How to wash stuffed animals?

Both people and pets love stuffed toys. They are soft and can provide a sense of safety and love. Dogs especially love stuffed animals, although often they tend to rip them apart. If you have a pet that loves to rip stuffed animals apart, don’t buy new ones. In that case, it can be dangerous to give your pet that kind of toy.

Stuffed toy.
When disinfecting your pet’s toys you have to know how to clean different types of toys. Not all toys can be cleaned the same way.

However, not every pet likes to tear apart stuffed animals, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t clean them. Like blankets, stuffed animals can go int a washing machine. You should put your pet’s stuffed animals into pillowcases when washing them. That way you’ll be protecting them, and you’ll be protecting your washing machine in case something goes wrong. Once your pet’s stuffed animal has been washed and dried, you can give it back to your pet. That way you can even move with your small pet without worrying about having to go to a vet.

How to wash rope toys?

Rope toys can be one of the most problematic toys. They have the same problems as stuffed animals. Both rope toys and stuffed animals are full of your pet’s slobber and germs, and if left unwashed, those toys can be a potential danger to your pet’s health. Like stuffed animals, you can put rope toys into a washing machine. Also, you can wet those toys and put them into a microwave. The microwave will kill the mold, yeast, germs. But we recommend washing your pet’s rope toys into a washing machine.

Your pet’s toys should be washed regularly. Toys that your pet loves more need to be washed more often.


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