Family-friendly neighborhoods in the New Orleans metropolitan area

A mother, a father, and a baby are holding their hands.

If the united state of Louisiana is the next moving destination for you and your family, we have something interesting here. Take a look at several family-friendly neighborhoods in the New Orleans metropolitan area that may fit all your criteria.

1. Mandeville – a place in St. Tammany Parish 

If you are looking for a place to raise your family, Mandeville is what you are looking for. A friendly and welcoming suburban community, where every newcomer will immediately feel at home. This is the type of city where everyone knows his neighbors and always relies on them.

Thanks to the pretty low crime rate, you won’t have any trouble taking an evening walk, or letting your kid play in the park. And, this neighborhood offers great education opportunities and highly rated public schools. So, waste your time no more, pack your bags and come to Mandeville right away.

A three-member family is sitting on the grass.
Let’s play in the part.

2. Metairie – one of the most family-friendly neighborhoods in the New Orleans metropolitan area

Here’s one nice combination of urban and suburban lifestyle. Metairie is your chance to settle down in a quiet yet active neighborhood. All around the city, there are many restaurants, playgrounds, parks, and libraries. Plus, several hospitals nearby- and that’s good to know.

You simply won’t have trouble raising your kids in Metairie, since its residents like to point out it’s a nice and safe place to live in. What’s more, local services are excellent, especially when it comes to relocation matters. So, if you decide to come to live in Metairie, just turn to experts nearby, and everything will be done in no time.

3. Covington – a seat of St. Tammany Parish 

This is one town with a strong sense of community. Covington is a family-friendly neighborhood in the New Orleans metropolitan area, with residents who are always ready to give you a helping hand. If you decide to save some money and move there you’ll have a safe and relaxing life.

What’s more, you and your family will never be bored, thanks to so many outdoor activities, especially for kids and teenagers. And, when it comes to education, you should know that their schooling system is high above the average.

A boy is solving a math problem on the green board in one of the great schools in one of the best family-friendly neighborhoods in the New Orleans metropolitan area.
Take care of their education.

4. Slidell – The Camellia City

A diverse community whose population is growing. Still, families who live there say it is very clean and that they feel pretty comfortable living there since there is little crime on the streets. It is easy to commute within the city, and everything is practically around the corner. Apart from the picnic and sports areas, Slidell offers various water activities, that can be interesting for the whole family.

You definitely won’t regret moving there. And in case you haven’t found any moving services yet, Zippy Shell Louisiana has everything you may need.

Final words

Relocating your family home is always a big deal for everyone. But, maybe some of these family-friendly neighborhoods in the New Orleans metropolitan area are a perfect choice. Just give them a chance!

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